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What will my abstract look like in print?

One of the benefits of having all abstracts submitted electronically is the opportunity to standardize the appearance of the printed books of abstracts. For the San Francisco meeting, the overall dimensions of the printed books will change from the familiar 6 x 9 inches to a larger 8 1/2 x 11 inch page size. There will be two columns of abstracts per page, each approximately 3 3/4 inches wide. Use of a consistent family of type faces (Helvetica Bold for the title, Helvetica Bold and condensed for the authors, and Helvetica Condensed for the abstract text) will increase the attractiveness and readability of the individual abstracts. In the old, paper-based system, an author typed his or her text in 12-point type into bounding box of known dimensions and ACS then photo-reduced each abstract to 66 percent of the size submitted. The new system will produce output of the same dimensions, but the many varieties of typeface and density will be standardized. In the future, ACS may decide to implement other changes in format to make the book easier to handle.

Sample abstract showing data from form

Kinds of changes ACS might make

Because ACS will be applying standard formatting to whatever you submit before printing, what you see when you submit and review your abstract online may differ from the final printed version in terms of dimensions, type face, type size, and position of graphics.

ACS recognizes that you, the author, are the subject-matter expert, just as ACS is with respect to publishing. Therefore, ACS reserves the right to make reasonable and necessary changes to your abstract in order to ensure compatibility with its overall publication philosophy and style. In particular, ACS will standardize size and formatting and will ensure that paper titles, author names, affiliations, and data you submit conform to ACS publication style in print.

Paper Titles

  1. Do not use ALL CAPS, and do not capitalize any words in the title except the first word, proper nouns and names, and acronyms.
  2. ACS may edit paper titles if necessary to render them in "sentence" style (i.e., only the first word is capitalized, except for proper nouns, acronyms, scientific terms and notation, and the like). Please use your best efforts to ensure that what you submit is in that style.
  3. Do not use the word "The" to begin a paper title.
  4. Do not use a period at the end of the title.

Author Names -- In the printed abstract book, ACS will display the author names that you submit. For example, if you typed the full name John Q. Public when submitting your abstract, the name would appear that way in the abstract book.

ACS will, however, correct capitalization so that first and middle names (if not initials) and last names will not appear as all capital letters.

For the technical program published in Chemical & Engineering News, the onsite program booklet, and author indexes, ACS will reduce first and middle names to initials. For example, if you typed the full name John Q. Public when submitting your abstract, the name would appear as J. Q. Public in the technical program, the onsite program booklet, and author indexes.

Author Roles -- The first author in your list will be considered to be the Principal Author. If no Presenting Author is indicated, the Principal Author will also be considered to be the Presenting Author, and will appear in bold face type in the technical program. A Presenting Author may appear anywhere in the list, instead. The Presenting Author will always appear in bold face type.

Author Affiliations -- All organization and address information submitted on the Author Information form will be printed in the abstract book and on the Web. In the technical program and program booklet, no affiliations are displayed.