PETRMonday, August 17, 2009

8:30 AM-11:50 AM Westin Washington -- National Ballroom C, Oral
5th International Symposium on Hydrotreating/Hydrocracking Technologies
Organizers:Omer Refa Koseoglu
Shigeki Nagamatsu
Slavik Kasztelan
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:50 AMHydrodesulfurization mechanisms and new catalysts
Roel Prins, Huamin Wang, Yinyong Sun
9:30 AMUnprecendented high selectivity to the direct desulfurization pathway in a highly active FeNi bimetallic phosphide catalyst
S. Ted Oyama, Haiyan Zhao
9:50 AMPhosphorus effect in Co//Mo and Ni//Mo synergism in hydrodesulphurization catalysts
Villarroel Mirza, Baeza Patricio, Gracia Francisco, Escalona Nestor, Avila Pedro, Rasmussene Soren, Gil-Llambías Francisco Javier Sr.
10:10 AMIntermission
10:30 AMRole of sulfur in hydrodesulfurization catalysis over metal phosphides
Anjie Wang, Yang Teng, Xinping Duan, Xiang Li, Yao Wang, Yongkang Hu
10:50 AMOptimal promoter-edge decoration of HDT NiMoS vs. CoMoS catalysts: A combined theoretical and experimental study
Karin Marchand, Christelle Legens, Denis Guillaume, Pascal Raybaud
Paper Withdrawn
11:30 AMCatalytic performance of P-containing CoMo/Ti-HMS catalysts in the HDS of DBT
T. A. Zepeda, J. A. de los Reyes

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