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8:00 PM-10:00 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- Hall D, Poster
New Reactions and Methodology, Physical Organic Chemistry, Molecular Recognition/Self Assembly and Proteins, Peptides and Amino Acids
Organizer:Ahmed F. Abdel-Magid
Application of microwave-assisted direct biaryl coupling reaction for the synthesis of aporphine alkaloids
Sandeep Chaudhary, Wayne W. Harding
Synthesis of optically active anti-β-substituted γ,δ-unsaturated amino acids via asymmetric thio-Claisen rearrangement
Zhihua Liu, Hongchang Qu, Xuyuan Gu, Kwang-Soo Lee, Bryan Grossman, Victor J. Hruby, Vlad K. Kumirov
O-Acyl isopeptide method: Toward effective preparation of difficult peptides on solid support
Taku Yoshiya, Atsuhiko Taniguchi, Naoko Abe, Nui Ito, Yuka Hasegawa, Youhei Sohma, Tooru Kimura, Yoshiaki Kiso
A DFT study of the reaction pathway and conformational preference in a model Chichibabin reaction
Aleksandra Rudnitskaya, Bela Torok, Timothy J. Dransfield Jr.
Green chemistry: Indium-promoted practical method for the synthesis of quinoxalines
Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Erica Cuate, Bimal K. Banik
Microwave-assisted ruthenium trichloride-catalyzed synthesis of pyrrole fused with indole system in water
Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Antara Banik, Sahil Bhatta, Bimal K. Banik
A new acyclic congener of cucurbituril
Da Ma, Lyle Isaacs
A new route to γ,δ-unsaturated nitro compounds via [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of O-allyl nitronic esters
Alma Pipic, Peter A. Wade
Paper Withdrawn
Activation of Fmoc-protected N,O-acetals using trimethylsilyl halides: Mechanistic and synthetic studies
Timothy J. Peelen, Nathaniel C. Bair, Nicholas C. Boaz
Adhesive lipid phase-separation enhances the formation of vesicle-vesicle and vesicle-nanoparticle assemblies
Kwan Ping Liem, Simon J. Webb
Advances in microwave flash pyrolysis
Aida Ajaz, Hee Yeon Cho, Alicia C. Voukides, Richard P. Johnson
Rationally designed cyclic sulfopeptides for inhibition of HIV-1 entry
Jonathan G. Rudick, Meg M. Laakso, Robert W. Doms, William F. DeGrado
An improved synthesis for phenoxyacetyl-lactivicin
Daniel P. Flaherty, Yuxiang Dong, Jonathan L Vennerstrom
Anion coordination under halogen bonding control
Giuseppe Resnati, Pierangelo Metrangolo, Tullio Pilati, Serena Biella, Giancarlo Terraneo
Application of polymer-bound salicyl alcohol for the synthesis of nucleoside mono-, di-, and triphosphoramidates
Yousef Ahmadibeni, Rakesh Tiwari, Keykavous Parang
Applications of a multimole-scale batch microwave reactor in organic synthesis
Chad M. Kormos, Jason R. Schmink, William G. Devine, Nicholas E. Leadbeater
Benzoin as a photoremovable chiral auxiliary
Viju B. Kammath, Peter Sebej, Tomas Slanina, Petr Klan
Benzotriazole-assisted syntheses of azole-based amino acids and peptides
Danniebelle N. Haase, Claudia El Nachef
Bi(III)-mediated expoxide rearrangement and intramolecular silyl-modified Sakurai reaction (ISMS) to dihydropyrans
Robert J. Hinkle, Yajing Lian, Lee C. Speight, Jia Liu, Stephen Ammann, Frederick Lambert
Boric acid-catalyzed n-acylation of sulfoximines
Michael Harmata, Aswin K. Garimallaprabhakaran
Carbon-rich nanostructures from molecular precursors
Holger Frauenrath, Tobias N. Hoheisel, Stephen Schrettl, Roman Marty
CASSCF molecular orbital calculations reveal the first fully pseudopericyclic mechanism for a [3,3] sigmatropic rearrangement
James A. Duncan, Lila Forte, Marie C. Lafortune
Synthesis of 3-amino β-lactams derived from polyaromatic compounds
R. Christopher Gonzalez, Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Bimal K. Banik
Click peptide: In situ production of Alzheimer's disease-related amyloid β peptide from water-soluble precursor analogs
Atsuhiko Taniguchi, Youhei Sohma, Mariusz Skwarczynski, Yuta Hirayama, Takuma Okada, Keisuke Ikeda, Halan Prakash, Hidehito Mukai, Tooru Kimura, Yoshio Hayashi, Shun Hirota, Katsumi Matsuzaki, Yoshiaki Kiso
Enantioselective organocatalytic Mannich reactions on ferrocenecarbaldehyde
Guillem Valero, Andrea-Nekane Alba, Albert Moyano, Ramon Rios
First enantioselective anthrones addition to α,β-unsaturated aldehydes
Andrea-Nekane Alba, Natalia Bravo, Albert Moyano, Ramon Rios
Highly enantioselective oxindole addition to aliphatic a,b-unsaturated aldehydes
Xavier Companyó, Ignacio Mon, Natalia Bravo, Andrea-Nekane Alba, Albert Moyano, Ramon Rios
Hydrogen bond donors as additive in aldol reaction.
Xavier Companyó, Guillem Valero, Albert Moyano, Ramon Rios
Chemical conversion of cellulose biomass to biofuels
Kyle C. Pereira, Jessica Hegner, Brenton DeBoef, Brett L. Lucht
Chemoenzymatic elaboration of monosaccharides using highly selective engineered cytochrome P450BM3 demethylases
Jared C. Lewis, Sabine Bastian, Clay S. Bennett, Yu Fu, Mike M. Chen, Yuuichi Mitsuda, William A. Greenburg, Chi-Huey Wong, Frances H. Arnold
Chiral discrimination in amide association with dirhodium(II) carboxamidates
Yang Zhao, Michael P. Doyle
Competition between substitution and elimination in the reactions of dianions with substituted and cyclic alkyl halides
Keyanna M Conner
Computational study on the selectivity of donor/acceptor rhodium carbenoids
Jørn Hansen, Jochen Autschbach, Huw M. L. Davies
Controlled coupling of peptides at their C-termini utilizing two different reaction handles introduced by Carboxypeptidase Y
Bernd Peschke, Sonja Bak
Controlling the formation of beta-substituted gamma-keto esters via amino acid derived precursors
Jennifer Mazzone, Charles K. Zercher
Coumarin based fluorescent chemosensors for metal ions and pyrophosphate.
Min Jung Kim, KMK. Swamy, Kyung Mi Lee, Juyoung Yoon
Cyclic tetrapeptide synthesis via auxiliary mediated two-step ring contraction
David D Dixson, Robert Patrick Doyle, Christopher N Boddy, John L Offer
DBU-catalyzed amidation of cyanoacetates
Brett M Lillie, Kristin E. Price, Claude Larrivée-Aboussafy, Robert W. McLaughlin, Jason Mustakis, Kevin W. Hettenbach, Joel M. Hawkins, Rajappa Vaidyanathan
Design and development of a large scale EDCI-mediated amide bond forming reaction
Joseph R Martinelli, David L Varie, Christopher L. Burcham, Mark A. LaPack, Amanda R. Parrish, Adam G. Schneider, JoAnna Yoder, Coleen N. Robbins
Design and development of molecularly imprinted chiral stationary phases
Jason LeJeune, David A Spivak
Designed hydrogen bonding for organocatalysis
Brian R. Linton, Kevin T. Halloran
Determinants of collagen triple-helix stability in the Xaa position
Matthew D. Shoulders, Frank W. Kotch, Ronald T. Raines
Development of encoded cyclic peptoid libraries and microarrays
Yong-Uk Kwon, Suekyung Cho, Thomas Kodadek
Diels-Alder reactions of acyclic alpha-cyano alpha,beta-alkenones: New approach to highly substituted cyclohexene system
I-Chia Chen, K. Amancha Prashanth, Yi-Chun Lai, Jia-Liang Zhu, HJ. Liu
Direct observation of odd-even effect for supramolecular complex of chiral epoxy alcohols in solution via exciton coupled circular dichroism
Xiaoyong Li, Babak Borhan
Distributed drug discovery: Unnatural amino acid amides
William L. Scott, Stephen P. Brown, Cornelius Audu, J. Geno Samaritoni, Peter J. Sempsrott, Andrew T. Strong, Ziniu Zhou, Martin J. O'Donnell
Effect of multivalent binding on the lateral phase separation of mannosylated and biotinylated lipids
Gavin T. Noble, Kwan Ping Liem, Simon J. Webb, Sabine L. Flitsch
Efficient and library friendly synthesis of furo-, thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-amine and imine derivatives by microwave irradiation
Ying Han, Katalin Ebinger, Lauren E. Vandevier, Jennifer W. Maloney, David S. Nirschl, Harold N. Weller
Enolization rates of strained and unstrained cyclic ketones and 3-pentanone: Trends and predicted pKa's
Dishant Tailor, Richard W. Nagorski
Fluorous environment toward catalyst recovery in phase transfer catalysis
Debaprasad Mandal, John A. Gladysz
General route to α-fluorovinyl Weinreb amides, enones, and allyl amines
Shaibal Banerjee, Arun K Ghosh, Saikat Sinha, Soon Bang Kang, Barbara Zajc
Gold catalyzed transannular [4+3] cycloaddition reactions
Derek T Craft, Lauren Bailey, Benjamin W. Gung
Paper Withdrawn
Hexabromoacetone: A new and efficient brominating agent for synthesis of alkyl and acyl bromides
Warinthorn Chavasiri, Pratoomrat Tongkate
High exo/endo selectivity in the selective monohydrolysis of symmetric diesters
Hanjoung Cho, Satomi Niwayama
Highly active thiol ligated Cu-catalyst: Easy access to stereo- and regiospecific vinyl ethers
M. Shahjahan Kabir, Michael L. Van Linn, James M Cook
Interpenetrated networks sustained by halogen bonding-based tectons
Pierangelo Metrangolo, Giuseppe Resnati, Tullio Pilati, Serena Biella, Giancarlo Terraneo
Iron (III) tosylate: A versatile catalyst for the deprotection of acetals and tert-butyldimethylsilyl ethers under mild conditions
Veronica V. Angeles, Jason M. Bothwell, Margaret E. Olson, Ram S. Mohan
Green chemistry using bismuth compounds: Bismuth(III) salts catalyzed allylation of tetrahydropyranyl and tetrahydrofuranyl ethers, dioxanes, and dithianes followed by in situ derivatization to generate highly functionalized esters
Scott W. Krabbe, Matthew J. Spafford, Ram S. Mohan
Isomerization of a glutamyl-vinyl sulfone to the corresponding allyl sulfone
Amy J. Campbell, Patricia Legler, Charles Millard, Arthur M. Friedlander
Mechanistic studies on the asymmetric Pictet-Spengler reaction
Michael L. Van Linn, James M. Cook
Metal-free green solvent reductive amination by using novel triazole-borane complex as reductant
Wenyan Liao, Tao Liao, Yuxiu Liu, Haifeng Duan
Molecular recognition of an apoptotic agent by cyclodextrins in aqueous solution
Robert J Mishur, Matthew E Griffin, Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah
New approaches to α,α-difluorinated alkenes and alkynes from a common difluoro ester building block
Matthew L. Barchok, Alexander J. Seed, Paul Sampson
New bisamide dicationic receptors for recognition of anions and neutral molecules
Alejandro Dorazco-González, Herbert Höpfl, Anatoly K. Yatsimirsky
New method for the synthesis of unsymmetrical bis-styrylbenzenes
Daniel P. Flaherty, Yuxiang Dong, Jonathan L Vennerstrom
New synthesis of (±)-cis-trikentrin A via tandem indole aryne cycloaddition/Negishi reaction: Applications to library development
Neil Brown, Diheng Luo, Keith R. Buszek
Novel combined reagent of Cl3CCONH2/PPh3 for the synthesis of bioactive esters
Oraphin Chantarasriwong, Warinthorn Chavasiri
Paper Withdrawn
Optimizing catalytic activity by rational design of penta-coordinated analog heme binding membrane protein
Sandip Shinde, Jeanine Cordova, Giovanna Ghirlanda
Oxa-Michael and Baylis-Hillman strategies to the synthesis of sultam libraries
Christopher A. Knudtson, Aihua Zhou, Paul VanderVelde, Hetal Shah, Nick Allen
Oxidation of ethers, alcohols, and unfunctionalized hydrocarbons by the methyltrioxorhenium/H2O2 system: A computational study on catalytic C–H bond activation
Erik A. Karlsson, Timofei Privalov
Oxidation of natural amino acids by a ferryl complex: Mechanistic and reactivity studies
Ashley A. Campanali, Jeremy J Kodanko
Oxoammonium salt oxidations of aldehydes in the presence of pyridine
Ashley L Bartelson, James M. Bobbitt, William F. Bailey
Palladium catalyzed N-arylation of hydroxylamines
Achim Porzelle, Nicholas C O Tomkinson
Palladium catalyzed synthesis of diarylmethanes: Exploitation of carbanionic leaving groups
Jason R. Schmink, Nicholas E. Leadbeater
Palladium on charcoal-catalyzed ligand free Stille coupling
Yuki Yabe, Yuki Fujita, Tomohiro Maegawa, Yasunari Monguchi, Hironao Sajiki
Potassium vinyltrifluoroborate: Studies toward its unique reactivity as a 1,2-dianion equivalent
Deidre L Sandrock, Gary A. Molander
Properties of bis(N-alkylimidazolium) salts
Minjae Lee, Daniel Schoonover, Zhenbin Niu, Harry W. Gibson
Protic solvents in iminium ion catalysis
John B Brazier, Jamie A Platts, Nicholas C O Tomkinson
Regioselective catenation of diazapyrenium-based dinuclear palladium metallocycles induced by π-π interactions
Victor Blanco, Gerardo Blanco-Díaz, Carlos Peinador, José M. Quintela
Revisit of mechanism for NEt3-catalyzed intramolecular aminolysis of carbamates through analysis of Hammett linear free-energy relationship
Bo-Ren Zhuang, Kuangsen Sung
ROMP-based oligomeric reagents and synthetic methodologies
Toby R. Long, Dinesh K. Rayabarapu, Josh Wewel, Sarra Klimberg, Daniel L. Flynn, Paul R. Hanson
Selective functionalization of peptides and protein by Mukaiyama aldol condensation in aqueous solution
Jenefer Alam, Thomas Hugo Keller, Teck-Peng Loh
Self-assembly of new polinuclear palladium metallocycles
Gerardo Blanco-Díaz, Víctor Blanco, Carlos Peinador, José. M. Quintela
Sequential one-pot cyclizations: Concise access to the ABCE tetracyclic framework of Strychnos alkaloids
Gopal Sirasani, Rodrigo B. Andrade
Simple microwave-assisted synthesis of naphtho-fused hydrofurans and dihydropyrans via the intramolecular [4+2] cycloaddition of conjugated arenynes and alkynes
Javier E. Horta, Sarah J. Ludy
Solvent effects for monohydrolysis of symmetric diesters
Hezhen Wang, Satomi Niwayama
Sp2-sp3-Hybridized mixed diboron reagent: Synthesis, characterization, and copper-catalyzed beta-boration of alpha, beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds
Ming Gao, Brandon Thorpe, Webster Santos
Stabilized alkali metals for safer dissolving metal reductions
Paul F. Vogt
Study on the selective rearrangements of formyl [2.2.1]bicyclic carbinols in methanol
Te-Fang Yang, Chien-Hung Shen
Substrates of a Passerini reaction yield products of an Ugi reaction
Babajide O. Okandeji, Jason K. Sello
Sustainable nanocatalysis
Vivek Polshettiwar, Babita Baruwati, Mallikarjuna N. Nadagouda, Rajender S. Varma
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis and characterization of novel derivative of [1,1']binaphthalene containing dihydro-pyrene ring
Fang Wang, Ying Zhou, Minjung Jou, Raju Nandhakumar, Juyoung Yoon
Synthesis of 1-carboxyl-4-amino-2-aza-3-oxo-[2.2.2]bicyclooctane, a novel amino acid
Rentsenmyadag Dashzeveg, Carolina Wilson, William Peters, Derek Strasser, Douglas F. Dyckes
Synthesis of a 15-membered macrocyclic ketone and its transannular [4+3] cycloaddition reaction
Ryan C Conyers, Benjamin W. Gung
Synthesis of artificial light harvesting antennas for the study of excess energy dissipation in photosynthesis
Smitha T Pillai, Rudi Berera, John Kennis, Devens Gust, Thomas A. Moore, Ana L. Moore
Synthesis of both E and Z isomers of methyl 2-(methoxyimino)-2-phenylacetate
Yong-Jin Wu, xiaohua Huang, Alicia T. Ng, Qi Gao
Synthesis of fatty acid amides, fatty acid esters, and their derivatives using halogenating agents and triphenylphosphine
Paweena Pongpipatt, Warinthorn Chavasiri
Synthesis of highly functionalized diazoacetoacetates via catalytic one-pot Mukaiyama aldol reactions of methyl diazoacetoacetate
Lei Zhou, Michael P. Doyle
Synthesis of novel peptide linkers: Simultaneous cyclization and labeling
Gajanan K. Dewkar, Pedro B. Carneiro, Matthew C. T. Hartman
Synthesis of pyranoindoles via gold catalysis: A comparison of methods
George N. Karageorge, John E. Macor
Synthesis, characterization, and photochemical study of the influence of solvents on excited state of diazo compounds and carbenes
Lacey Behe, Huo Lei Peng, Matthew Platz, Manisha Nigam
Synthesis, characterization, and some applications of ferrocenyl chalcones from acetylferrocene and 1,1'- diacetylferrocene
Myrna R. Otaño-Vega, Ingrid Montes-González, Ana R. Guadalupe
Tellurium-triggered anionic oxy-Cope rearrangement from tosylates of oxirane-2 methanol derivatives
Venkata S. Kandula, Arthur S. Carminucci, Donald C. Dittmer
The conformational analysis of symmetric diesters by ab initio calculations
Hanjoung Cho, Satomi Niwayama
The photophysics of halogenated and metallated porphyrins
Fotis Nifiatis, Yashuda Gurung
Theory study of the gauche effect in fluoroethanes
David Y. Buissonneaud, David O'Hagan
Toward a one-pot heteroconjugate addition-oxidation-Diels–Alder reaction
Smaranda Craciun, Stephanie Corsi, Brian C. Southall, C. Wade Downey
Toward short constrained alpha-helical peptides
Russell W Driver
Triserine lactone receptors for anion recognition
Eric R. Marinez, Nabilah Ali, Hector Mendoza, David Nacionales, Andrew Newman, Martha Ramirez, Christopher Walowski
Ultrafast time resolved infrared spectroscopy study on the photochemistry of N,N-diethyldiazoacetamide
Yunlong Zhang, Gotard Burdzinski, Jacek Kubicki, Matthew Platz
Use of the extended Grunwald-Winstein equation in the correlation of the specific rates of solvolysis of multisubstituted benzoyl chlorides
Kyoung-Ho Park, Dennis N. Kevill, Jin Burm Kyong, Han Joong Koh
Using polymer-bound bi(cycloSaligenyl) phosphitylating reagents for the synthesis of nucleoside mono-, di-, and triphosphates
Yousef Ahmadibeni, Rakesh Tiwari, Keykavous Parang
Water-soluble/self-assembled porphyrin-fullerene nanorods via host-guest chemistry
Maher Fathalla, Shao-Chun Li, Ulrike Diebold, Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah
X-ray and TEM studies of pyrogallol[4]arenes obtained from branched aldehydes: "Bilayer" motif and the hexameric capsule formation
Oleg V. Kulikov, Nigam Rath, George W. Gokel
Insight into the self-assembly of supramolecular metal-ligand assemblies
Virginia M. Cangelosi, Lev N. Zakharov, Darren W. Johnson

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009