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Metal Mediated Reactions and Syntheses, Biologically-Related Molecules and Processes and Material, Devices and Switches
Organizer:Ahmed F. Abdel-Magid
Preparation of pyridine-2-boronic esters, pyrimidine-4-boronic esters, pyrazine-2-boronic esters, and thiazole-4-boronic esters through palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions
George Y. Li, Shilong Zheng, Bin Tao, Ao Yang, Maoying Song, Mengtan Zhang
Paper Withdrawn
Bismuth salts-induced alkylation of active methylene compounds with benzylic alcohols: A remarkable, simple, and efficient procedure
Jerome Escano, Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Bimal K. Banik
Microwave-assisted indium-catalyzed synthesis of pyrrole fused with indole system: An eco-friendly approach
Debasish Bandyopadhyay, Dina Abrego, Bimal K. Banik
An approach to the deuterated PAMAM dendrimers
Jun Yang, Kunlun Hong, Peter V. Bonnesen
Easy organocatalytic synthesis of alpha-alkoxy-alpha-aminoacids
Xavier Companyó, Andrea-Nekane Alba, Albert Moyano, Ramon Rios
O6-(Benzotriazol-1-yl)guanosine analogs: New tools for nucleoside modification
Josh Frank, Mahesh K Lakshman
A class of perfluoro-tert-butanol based 19F MRI agents
ZhongXing Jiang, Y. Bruce Yu
A facile reaction of (Z)-1-bromo-1-alkenylboronate esters with isopropenylmagnesium bromide and oxidation to alpha, beta-unsaturated ketones
Narayan G. Bhat, Alana Rodriguez
A new fluorescent probe excitable with a violet laser (405 nm) for the detection of intracellular thiols
Hee Chol Kang, Yexin Wu, Yih-Tai Chen, Robert Aggeler, Jolene Bradford, Michael Janes, Iain Johnson, Kyle Gee
A simple procedure for the preparation of (Z)-1-trimethylsilyl-1-alkenes
Narayan G. Bhat, Yesenia Munoz
Kinetics of the aza-aldol reaction and solution structures of O-Li species
Timothy S. De Vries, Anandarup Goswami, David B. Collum
Rate studies of silylation of lithium enolates: The underlying complexity of a commonly used reaction
Jocelyn M. Gruver, Lara R. Liou, David B. Collum
An asymmetric intramolecular hydrosilylation approach to silanediol protease inhibitors
Hoan Quoc Duong, Swapnil Singh, Scott McN. Sieburth
Application of an ionic liquid catalyst toward the synthesis of meridianins
Jeanne L. Kuhler, Robey T. Brooks, Alisha Hardy, Monica E. Hodge, Krystal D. Holley, Rimpal R Patel, Tiffany R. Shorter
Bisubstrate analog inhibitors of protein farnesyltransferase
Musa M. Musa, Mark D. Distefano
Carbonylative cross-coupling of ortho-disubstituted aryl iodides: Convenient synthesis of sterically hindered aryl ketones.
B. Michael O'Keefe, Nicholas Simmons, Stephen F. Martin
Catalysis of 7-keto-Ä5-steroids by a novel Cu(II) 2-quinoxalinol salen complex
Yuancheng Li, Anne E. V. Gorden
Catalysts for cross-coupling reactions of heteroatom-substituted heteroaryl substrates
Anil Guram, Xiang Wang
Catalytic carbon-carbon sigma bond activation: A substrate directed intramolecular carbo-acylation methodology
Ashley M. Dreis, Christopher J. Douglas
Chemical approach to understanding bacterial polysaccharide biosynthesis
Robert L Woodward Jr., Lei Li, Wen Yi, Hironobu Eguchi, Ramu Perali, Peng George Wang
Concise synthesis of a non-isosteric a-C-galactosylceramide analog
Zheng Liu, Hoe-Sup Byun, Robert Bittman
Conformational study of N-methyl aromatic amides bearing pyridines and pyrimidines
Iwao Okamoto, Mayumi Nabeta, Kaori Ono, Yuichi Sugiki, Nobuyoshi Morita, Osamu Tamura
Design and synthesis of a triple molecular rotor
Braulio V Rodríguez-Molina, Norberto Farfán, Rosa Santillan, Miguel Garcia-Garibay
Design and synthesis of structurally novel heterocycle-containing vinyl sulfone cysteine protease inhibitors targeting trypanosomiasis
Huikai Sun, William R. Roush
Design and synthesis of "activatable" Gd(III) based magnetic resonance (MR) contrast probes
Sudeep Das, Bahram Moasser
Design and synthesis of "activatable" Gd(III) based magnetic resonance (MR) contrast probes: Library generation and characterization
Arrey Besong Enyong, Bahram Moasser
Development and preparation of a new fluorogenic IP3 bioprobe
Jiaojie Li, Fujio Sekiya, P. Boon Chock, William C. Trenkle
Development of a photocleavable probe for the isolation of azide labeled biomolecules and their subsequent analysis by MALDI mass spectrometry
Justin Kocent, Cassandra Barnes, Ross Falotico, Francis M Rossi
Development of metal-catalyzed arylation route to 5-aryl-2-aminothiazolones
Anil Guram, Qingyian Liu
Development of new hybrid materials for iron selective electrodes
P. Rouge, A. Dassonville-Klimpt, M. Benazza, C. Guery, E. Baudrin, P. Sonnet
Diarylmethane pharmacophores through the ortho-benzyl rearrangement
Frederick A. Luzzio, Juan Chen
Direct construction of bicyclic heterocycles by Pd(0)-catalyzed domino cyclization of propargyl bromides
Akinori Okano, Hiroaki Ohno, Shohei Kosaka, Miyo Ohata, Kotaro Ishihara, Koji Tsukamoto, Hatsuo Maeda, Tetsuaki Tanaka, Nobutaka Fujii
Diverse reactions of Pt-carbene intermediates formed from [3+2] cyclization of Pt-pyrylliums with alkenes
Sung Min Lee, Chang Ho Oh, Kyu Hwan Lee
DNA sequence selective recognition by the pyrrole(H)/N-methylpyrrole and pyrrole(H)/N-methylimidazole: Design, synthesis, and biophysical characteristics
Keith Mulder, Laura Westrate, Toni Brown, Hilary Mackay, Sameer Chavda, Balaji Babu, David Wilson, John A. Hartley, Moses Lee
Electronic-control reactions of primary benzyl alcohols with TiCl4/TBHP
Kuangsen Sung, Hao-lun Chien
Environmental effects on glass fiber reinforced
Robert D. Mathieu
Environmentally safe catalyst for the synthesis of push-pull chromophores
Jeanne L. Kuhler, Robey T. Brooks, Alisha Hardy, Monica E. Hodge, Krystal D. Holley, Brandi Inman, Rimpal R Patel, Candace Phillips, Adrain Robinson, Tiffany R. Shorter
Exploring flexible nucleoside analogs and enzyme inhibition
Orrette R. Wauchope, Melvin Velasquez, Katherine Radtke
Extended pyrimidine nucleoside analogs
Kartik W Temburnikar, Katherine L Seley-Radtke
Fluorescent pH sensors based on a modular approach using the 7-amino-1-methyl-quinolinium luminophore
Wolter F. Jager, Tessel S. Hammink, Otto van den Berg
Griseofulvin analogs as inhibitors of centrosomal clustering in cancer cells
Mads H. Ronnest, Blanka Rebacz, Kasper Worm-Leonhard, Alwin Krämer, Thomas O. Larsen, Mads H. Clausen
Heck reaction
Alexey Khokhlov
Highly diastereoselective synthesis of (E)-1-phenyl-1-alkenes via organoboranes
Narayan G. Bhat, Percal lopez
Homologous synthesis of end-differentiated oligo(p-phenylene-vinylene)s
Benjamin N. Norris, Tianqi Pan, Tara Y. Meyer
Hydrogen-bonded oligothiophenes processable from polar solvents
Holger Frauenrath, Jan Gebers, Kurt P. Pernstich, Dean M. DeLongchamp, Lee J. Richter, Daniel A. Fischer
Identification of Griseofulvin analogs as inhibitors of centrosomal clustering and development of biochemical tools for binding studies
Kasper Worm-Leonhard, Blanka Rebacz, Mads H. Ronnest, Alwin Krämer, Simon Anderhub, Thomas O. Larsen, Mads H. Clausen
Improved synthesis of a dimethylfuran-containing macrolide
Richard J. Petroski, Robert J. Bartelt, Karl E. Vermillion
Inhibition of the serine protease chymotrypsin by silanediol-based structures
Swapnil Singh, Scott McN. Sieburth
Mechanistic insights into palladium-catalyzed carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions with diaryl iodonium salts
Nicholas R. Deprez, Melanie S. Sanford
Mesophase behavior and electric conductivity of symmetric p-phenylene and 2,5-thiophene pentamers
Stefan Kuiper, Wolter F. Jager, Wojciech J. Grzegorczyk, Tom J. Savenije, Laurens DA. Siebbeles, Stephen J. Picken
New macrocycles from diversity-oriented synthesis
Charlotte M. Madsen, Martin Hansen, Marie V. Thrane, Mads H. Clausen
Paper Withdrawn
Novel diastereoselective synthesis of (E)-disubstituted alkenes containing a (1,3-dioxan-2-ylethyl) moiety
Narayan G. Bhat, Jessica M. Vela
Observation of inhibitory activity of DSB(EEX)3 to amyloid-beta aggregation and fibrillation by TEM and SPM
Hideharu Suzuki, Masamichi Nakakoshi, Masashi Kondoh, Hiroaki Okuno
Olefin cross metathesis as an efficient route toward functionalized glycoconjugates
Matthew T. Hurley, Philip DeShong
One-pot synthesis of dihydroquinolinones via rhodium-catalyzed tandem conjugate addition-cyclization reaction
So Won Youn, Ja Ok Park, Su Kyung Ock, Joon Hyung Bihn
Palladium catalyzed multicomponent coupling reactions: Direct syntheses of imidazoles and imidazole-containing pi-conjugated materials
Ali R. Siamaki, Bruce A. Arndtsen
Palladium nanoparticles supported on poly(N-vinylimidazole) grafted onto silica, as a new recyclable catalyst for carbon-carbon cross-coupling reactions
Bahman Tamami II, Hamed Allahyari
Palladium particles supported on modified crosslinked polyacrylamide containing phosphinite ligands: A new heterogeneous catalyst for carbon-carbon cross-coupling reactions
Bahman Tamami II, Soheila Ghasemi
Palladium-catalyzed homocoupling of aryl bromides under aerobic conditions
Jihane C. Khalifeh, Samer A. AbiAkl, Brigitte Wex
Palladium-phosphinous acid catalyzed carbon-carbon bond formation
Hanhui Xu, Kekeli Ekoue-kovi, Christian Wolf
Pd-Catalyzed C-N bond formation: Applications to the synthesis of a drug candidate
Jinkun Huang, Ying Chen, Anthony O King, Xin Wang, Xiang Wang, Emilio Bunel, Robert D. Larsen, Margaret M. Faul
Phenol-assisted highly enantioselective hydrogenation of unfunctionalized olefins
Xiang Wang, Anil Guram, Shawn Walker, Anthony O King, Margaret M. Faul
Polyisobutylene as a soluble polymer support for salen ligands
Christopher E. Hobbs, Chayanant Hongfa, David E Bergbreiter
Polyisobutylene-anchored N-heterocyclic carbene-ligated catalysts
Haw-Lih Su, Chayanant Hongfa, Hisao Koizmui, Jianhua Tian, Hassan S. Bazzi, David E Bergbreiter
Variable temperature NMR study of polyisobutylene-supported phosphine-silver complexes
Yun-Chin Yang, David E Bergbreiter
Porphyrin carbocations as near infrared dyes
Karl J Thorley, Joel M Hales, Harry L. Anderson, Joseph W. Perry
Practical chiral synthesis of 2-(4-fluorophenyl)-pyrrolidine
Yoon T. Jeon, Ling Li, Xuebao Wang, Miguel Rosingana, Karnail Atwal, John Lloyd
Practical synthesis of new fluorinated amines and their calculated physiochemical properties
Sara J Esposite, Angela D Kerekes, Ronald Doll
Preparation and characterization of reversibly thermochromic polydiacetylenes
Nathan A. Furr, Michael P. Akers, Robert E. Minto
Reactions of a dimeric cyclopalladated complex with lithium diphenylphosphide
Valeria A Stepanova, Valery V. Dunina, Irina P. Smoliakova
Reactivity and properties of dihapto-coordinated phenols
Victor E Zottig, Michael A. Todd, Michal Sabat, William H. Myers, W Dean Harman
Redox-induced conformational alteration of aromatic amides bearing quinone-hydroquinone system
Yusuke Takahashi, Iwao Okamoto, Mika Sawamura, Nobuyoshi Morita, Osamu Tamura, Hyuma Masu, Isao Azumaya, Hiroyuki Kagechika, Aya Tanatani
Regioselectivity in the oxidative arylation of N-alkyl indoles
Shathaverdhan Potavathri, Brenton DeBoef
Regiospecific aromatic substitutions in hydrocarbon solvents
D. W. Slocum, Christopher B. White, Begum Fouzia, Paul E. Whitley
Rh(I)-catalyzed [2+2+2+1] and [2+2+2] cycloaddition reaction: Formation of 5-7-5 and 5-6-5 tricyclic ring systems
Joseph J. Kaloko, Yu-Han Gary Teng, Iwao Ojima
Rhodium-catalyzed tandem conjugate addition-Mannich cyclization reaction: Straightforward access to fully substituted tetrahydroquinolines
So Won Youn, Su Kyung Ock, Ja Ok Park, Joon Hyung Bihn
Ring opening reaction of epoxide using iron oxide-pillared clay catalyst
Piyarat Trikittiwong, Nipaka Sukpirom, Warinthorn Chavasiri
Selective delivery of a quinone methide precursor by peptide nucleic acids
Yang Liu, Steve E. Rokita
Si-Thiol supported palladium catalyst for Suzuki coupling reaction
Zuo-Gang Huang, Rui Liu, Li Zhang, Chaoying Ni, Harry Li
SiliaCat® S-Pd and SiliaCat® DPP-Pd: Highly reactive and recyclable heterogeneous silica-based palladium catalysts
Lynda Tremblay, Nathalie Huther, Valerica Pandarus, Mathieu Simard, François Béland
Studies toward the total synthesis of trocheliophorolide A
Christina G. Collison, Stephanie Dorn, Jennifer L Swartzenberg, William T. Spencer III, Jessica Smith, Moni Agusto
Surface modification using a unique spirooxazine dimer
Davita L. Watkins, Satish Kumar, Tomoko Fujiwara
Synthesis and antiproliferative effect of new iron (III) chelators calix[4]arenes
P. Rouge, V. Silva Pires, F. Gaboriau, A. Dassonville-Klimpt, P. Sonnet
Synthesis and application of probes in the mechanistic studies of desaturases
Palash Bhar, Peter H. Buist
Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel compounds for prostate cancer chemotherapy
Mikhail Y. Krasavin, Ruben N. Karapetyan, Andrei A. Gakh, Andrey V. Sosnov, Igor Konstantinov, Yuri Gezentsvey, Konstantin Bukhryakov, Konstantin Rufanov, Elena Godovykh, Olga Soldatkina
Synthesis and biological evaluation of resveratrol, its derivatives and related compounds for prostate cancer chemotherapy and prophylactics
Andrey V. Sosnov, Andrei A. Gakh, Natalya Y. Anisimova, Mikhail V. Kiselevsky, Sergey V. Sadovnikov, Ivan N. Stankov, Mikhail Y. Krasavin, Pavel A. Shatunov, Ruben N. Karapetyan
Synthesis and characterization of novel disubstituted cyclobutanone derivatives
Nick Armoush
Synthesis and characterization of repeating sequence copolymers of alkylidene-fluorene and methylene monomers
Xiao Jin, Tara Y. Meyer
Synthesis and electroluminescence properties of novel deep blue emitting 6,12-dihydro-diindeno[1,2-b;1',2'-e]pyrazine derivatives
YoungIL Park, Ji-Hee Son, Ji-Soung Kang, Soo-Kang Kim, Ji-Hoon Lee, Jong-Wook Park
Synthesis and inhibitory activities of tri-substituted triurea compounds as inhibitors of p53-binding to HDM2 and HDMX
Ryo Hayashi, Deyun Wang, Toshiaki Hara, Stewart R. Durell, Lisa Miller Jenkins, Daniel H. Appella
Synthesis and NMR studies of 1,8-naphthyridine-2,7-diamine derivatives as the AT base pair reader
Feng Liang, Stuart Lindsay, Peiming Zhang
Synthesis and spectral properties of a novel long-wavelength turn-on fluorescent probe for site-specific bioorthogonal protein labeling
Jeffrey A Kohn, Aaron M Konopko, Susan Bane
Synthesis and spectroscopy of several 5-cyclic amine-3-arylsulfonylindazoles
James F. Mattes, Heedong Yun, Patrick M. Andrae, Simon N. Haydar, Albert J. Robichaud
Synthesis of (S)-nicotine derivatives through metal-mediated reactions
Pauline W. Ondachi, Daniel L. Comins
Synthesis of a novel fluorogenic substrate for ß-lactamase detection
Aleksey Rukavishnikov, Hee Chol Kang, Kyle Gee, Schuyler Corry
Synthesis of amphiphilic fluoroalkyl-substituted pentacenes
Rakesh Nambiar, David M Collard
Synthesis of an enediynone with DNA cleaving properties
Joseph Greene III, Tefsit Bekele, Mark A. Lipton
Synthesis of benzoxazoles by copper-catalyzed regioselective C-H functionalization/C-O bond formation
Satoshi Ueda, Hideko Nagasawa
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of enantioenriched fluorolittorines: Exploring the mechanism of the rearrangement of littorine to hyoscyamine
Pitak Nasomjai, David O'Hagan, Patrick S Covello, Darwin W. Reed, David J Tozer
Synthesis of indole-fused 1,4-diazepines through domino three-component coupling–cyclization–N-arylation by copper catalysis under microwave irradiation
Yusuke Ohta, Shinya Oishi, Nobutaka Fujii, Hiroaki Ohno
Synthesis of monomers containing benzene, naphthalene, or anthracene cores disubstituted with heteroaromatic systems: Their electrochemical polymerization and characterization
Alicia M. Fraind, John D. Tovar
Synthesis of resveratrol using Pd-catalyzed bond formation
Michael J. Panigot, Xijing Zhu, Catherine Hancock, Amy Ward, Holly McGuire, Britton Strain, Sierra Anderson, Joshua D. Green, Sarah Hargrave
Targeting the Holliday junction: Design and synthesis of acridine-3/4-carboxamide analogs using click chemistry
Lesley A Howell, Mark Searcey
Titanium-mediated olefination reactions for the synthesis of allenes and cumulenes
Nicos A. Petasis, Charles Arden
Unique electronic characteristics of pentacene derivatives with triisopropylsilylethynyl functional groups for organic electronic devices
Olga Lobanova Griffith, Nadine E. Gruhn, John E. Anthony, Paul A Lane, Adolphus G. Jones, Dennis L. Lichtenberger
Using enzyme promiscuity in the biocatalysis of second generation taxanes
Mark Evans Ondari, Kevin W. Walker

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