CHEDMonday, August 17, 2009

1:30 PM-4:55 PM Grand Hyatt -- Independence F, Oral
Using Technology to Enhance Learning in Organic Chemistry
Organizer:Jay Wackerly
Organizer, Presiding:Philip A Janowicz
1:30 PMUsing tablet computers in organic chemistry: Implementation and assessment of teaching and learning
Andrew N. French, Kyle D. Shanton, Guy Cox
1:50 PMAdapting to student learning styles: Using cell phones in organic chemistry instruction
David P. Pursell, Deborah G. Sauder, Candace Timpte, Richard L. Pennington, Mai Yin Tsoi, Julia B. Paredes
2:10 PMClassroom response systems catalyze interactive engagement and facilitate learning in sophomore organic chemistry
Margaret R. Asirvatham
2:30 PMIntermission
2:40 PMIncreased scope of ACE organic, a web-based organic chemistry homework program
Robert B. Grossman
Paper Withdrawn
3:40 PMIntermission
3:50 PMDistributing NMR spectra using Google groups
David Soulsby
4:10 PMApplication of the implementation of Vernier labquests for the organic chemistry laboratory
Kenneth J. O'Connor
4:30 PMThe Spectral Game: Learning spectroscopy using open data
Jean-Claude Bradley, Andrew Lang, A. Williams
4:50 PMConcluding Remarks

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