CHEDMonday, August 17, 2009

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- Hall D, Sci-Mix
Organizer:Julianne M. Smist
 A nationwide competition for engaging undergraduates in the creation of chemistry videos
James Bondi, Raymond E. Schaak
 Assessing Chemists Celebrate Earth Day outreach events
Lynn Hogue
 ChemEd DL WikiHyperGlossary
Robert E. Belford, J. W. Moore, Daniel Berleant, Michael Bauer, Jon L Holmes, Kyle E. Yancey
 Chemistry, art, and archaeology: An engaging combination for a vibrant and relevant seminar
Esther M. Tristani, Claire J. Parker Siburt, Graham M. West, Sarah E. Crider
 Continuing education in chemistry for the nonchemist: Development of a mass spectrometry tutorial series for biomedical researchers
James A. Kelley, Josip Blonder, Terry L. Sumpter, Timothy D Veenstra, Lawrence R. Phillips
 Design, synthesis, and evaluation of tyrosinase inhibitors: A project for the organic chemistry laboratory
Valerie Burke, Stephanie Nguyen, Sara Nownes, Winifred Scott, Adele Panasci
 Exploration of the role of teaching assistants in the expository and research-based laboratory
Kellie F Green, Gabriela Szteinberg, Gabriela C. Weaver
 First-semester organic chemistry students' understandings and explanations of acidity: A study of heuristics
LaKeisha M McClary, Vicente Talanquer
 Implementation of an electronic grading system to allow the use of guided inquiry methods in large classes
Jeffrey R. Pribyl, M. Hadley, John A. Kaliski
 Introducing Encyclopedia of Earth: An online resource for teaching environmental chemistry.
Andy Jorgensen, Cynthia Barakatt
 Partnership-model to launch biomedical research at a small liberal arts college
Malcolm J. D'Souza, Jeanette L. Miller
 Promoting volunteer engagement in National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day events through recognition
Christine H. Jaworek-Lopes, Carmen Valdez Gauthier, Ingrid Montes, Frederico Colon
 Seeing is believing: Using digital cameras in the laboratory to assist students
Stephen M. Budy, Steven Brown, Douglas A. Loy
 Students' understanding of nanoscience and the development of a nanoscience concept inventory
Alan K. Szeto, Gerardo X. Ortiz
 Survey study investigating the significance of conference participation to undergraduate research students
Patricia Ann Mabrouk
 Tablet PC use for scientific writing and laboratory notebooks in biochemistry
Shari U. Dunham, Stephen U. Dunham
 Teaching chemistry to a blind student in a liberal arts chemistry laboratory course using Vernier software and probes
David Wohlers, Jessica Michael
 The POGIL-IC project: Building problem solving skills
David M. Hanson, John A. Goodwin, Darlene L. Slusher, Thomas R. Gilbert
 Toward grading organic reaction mechanisms online
John H. Penn
 Using knowledge transformations in the teaching and learning of organic chemistry
Steven M. Graham, Debra A. Swoboda
 VIPEr: Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic resource
Barbara A. Reisner, Ethan Benatan, Jezmynne Dene, Hilary J. Eppley, Margret J. Geselbracht, Elizabeth R Jamieson, Adam R. Johnson, Joanne L. Stewart, Lori A. Watson, Burke Scott Williams
 Visualizing molecular kinetic theory using interactive, real-time computer simulations
Randall B. Shirts

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009