ORGNMonday, August 17, 2009

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- Hall D, Sci-Mix
Organizer:Ahmed F. Abdel-Magid
 Activation of Fmoc-protected N,O-acetals using trimethylsilyl halides: Mechanistic and synthetic studies
Timothy J. Peelen, Nathaniel C. Bair, Nicholas C. Boaz
 Applications of a multimole-scale batch microwave reactor in organic synthesis
Chad M. Kormos, Jason R. Schmink, William G. Devine, Nicholas E. Leadbeater
 Controlling the formation of beta-substituted gamma-keto esters via amino acid derived precursors
Jennifer Mazzone, Charles K. Zercher
 Distributed drug discovery: Unnatural amino acid amides
William L. Scott, Stephen P. Brown, Cornelius Audu, J. Geno Samaritoni, Peter J. Sempsrott, Andrew T. Strong, Ziniu Zhou, Martin J. O'Donnell
 Effect of multivalent binding on the lateral phase separation of mannosylated and biotinylated lipids
Gavin T. Noble, Kwan Ping Liem, Simon J. Webb, Sabine L. Flitsch
 Paper Withdrawn
 First total synthesis of (+)-schweinfurthins B and E
Joseph J. Topczewski, David F. Wiemer
 Fluorous environment toward catalyst recovery in phase transfer catalysis
Debaprasad Mandal, John A. Gladysz
 Oxidation of ethers, alcohols, and unfunctionalized hydrocarbons by the methyltrioxorhenium/H2O2 system: A computational study on catalytic CH bond activation
Erik A. Karlsson, Timofei Privalov
 Oxidative cyclization of ω-unsaturated O-alkyl hydroxamates: Studies toward the total asymmetric synthesis of alkaloid 235C
Duncan J. Wardrop, Maria V. Yermolina, Sarwat Chowdhury
 Reactions of a dimeric cyclopalladated complex with lithium diphenylphosphide
Valeria A Stepanova, Valery V. Dunina, Irina P. Smoliakova
 Rh(I)-catalyzed [2+2+2+1] and [2+2+2] cycloaddition reaction: Formation of 5-7-5 and 5-6-5 tricyclic ring systems
Joseph J. Kaloko, Yu-Han Gary Teng, Iwao Ojima
 Surface modification using a unique spirooxazine dimer
Davita L. Watkins, Satish Kumar, Tomoko Fujiwara
 Synthesis of (S)-nicotine derivatives through metal-mediated reactions
Pauline W. Ondachi, Daniel L. Comins
 Synthesis of ganoderma lanostane terpenoids with delta-7, 9(11)-diene cores
Erin M. Kennedy, Steven J. P'Pool, Daniel Sliva, Robert E. Minto
 Synthesis of highly functionalized diazoacetoacetates via catalytic one-pot Mukaiyama aldol reactions of methyl diazoacetoacetate
Lei Zhou, Michael P. Doyle
 Synthesis of monomers containing benzene, naphthalene, or anthracene cores disubstituted with heteroaromatic systems: Their electrochemical polymerization and characterization
Alicia M. Fraind, John D. Tovar
 Synthesis of novel peptide linkers: Simultaneous cyclization and labeling
Gajanan K. Dewkar, Pedro B. Carneiro, Matthew C. T. Hartman
 Synthesis of resveratrol using Pd-catalyzed bond formation
Michael J. Panigot, Xijing Zhu, Catherine Hancock, Amy Ward, Holly McGuire, Britton Strain, Sierra Anderson, Joshua D. Green, Sarah Hargrave
 Synthesis, characterization, and photochemical study of the influence of solvents on excited state of diazo compounds and carbenes
Lacey Behe, Huo Lei Peng, Matthew Platz, Manisha Nigam
 Toward the total synthesis of (-)-uprolide D
Cline A Griot, James A. Marshall
 Unique electronic characteristics of pentacene derivatives with triisopropylsilylethynyl functional groups for organic electronic devices
Olga Lobanova Griffith, Nadine E. Gruhn, John E. Anthony, Paul A Lane, Adolphus G. Jones, Dennis L. Lichtenberger
 Water-soluble/self-assembled porphyrin-fullerene nanorods via host-guest chemistry
Maher Fathalla, Shao-Chun Li, Ulrike Diebold, Janarthanan Jayawickramarajah
 K-10 catalyzed highly diastereoselective aziridination of imines
Alena Carlson, Dmitry Borkin, Bela Torok
 Non-amino acid approach to 2-thiazolines
Valerie Ann Cwynar, Edwin Vedejs
 Novel and efficient synthesis of 4-sulfonyl-2-pyridones
Martha L. Minich, Isa D Watson, Kevin Filipski, Jeffrey A. Pfefferkorn
 Stereoselective and efficient strategy to synthesize the furanic steroid derivatives
Siham Farhane, Donald Poirier
 Synthesis of 2-amino-3-cyano-4H-chromenes
Robert E. Sammelson, Ryan W. McClurg
 Water-soluble porphyrins with long wavelength absorption: The cyclic sulfone bridge
Dabney W. Dixon, Yu Cao
 Development and preparation of a new fluorogenic IP3 bioprobe
Jiaojie Li, Fujio Sekiya, P. Boon Chock, William C. Trenkle
 Synthesis and biological evaluation of resveratrol, its derivatives and related compounds for prostate cancer chemotherapy and prophylactics
Andrey V. Sosnov, Andrei A. Gakh, Natalya Y. Anisimova, Mikhail V. Kiselevsky, Sergey V. Sadovnikov, Ivan N. Stankov, Mikhail Y. Krasavin, Pavel A. Shatunov, Ruben N. Karapetyan
 Synthesis and NMR studies of 1,8-naphthyridine-2,7-diamine derivatives as the AT base pair reader
Feng Liang, Stuart Lindsay, Peiming Zhang
 Paper Withdrawn
 Synthesis of enantioenriched fluorolittorines: Exploring the mechanism of the rearrangement of littorine to hyoscyamine
Pitak Nasomjai, David O'Hagan, Patrick S Covello, Darwin W. Reed, David J Tozer
 Asymmetric assembly of α-alkyl-α-aminosilanes using the Davis sulfinimine
Yingjian Bo, Scott McN. Sieburth
 Asymmetric cobalt-catalyzed aziridination with azides as nitrene source
Joshua V. Ruppel, Velusamy Subbarayan, Jess E. Jones, X. Peter Zhang
 Asymmetric synthesis of substituted tropinones using the intramolecular Mannich cyclization reaction and acyclic N-sulfinyl -amino ketone ketals
Franklin A. Davis, Naresh Theddu, Paul M. Gaspari
 De novo synthesis of the trisaccharide subunit of landomycin A and E
Ehesan U Sharif, George A. O'Doherty
 Enantioselective CC bond formation by rhodium-catalyzed [2,3] sigmatropic rearrangement between donor/acceptor carbenoids and allylic alcohols
Zhanjie Li, Huw M. L. Davies
 Highly efficient Pd-catalyzed intramolecular asymmetric double allylic substitution reaction toward the synthesis of Huperzine-A
Stephen J. Chaterpaul, Iwao Ojima
 Paper Withdrawn
 Stereoselective solid-state cycloadditions controlled by substrate-template preorganization
Marwan William Ghosn, Xuefeng Mei, Shuanglong Liu, Christian Wolf

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009