CHEDMonday, August 17, 2009

2:30 PM-4:30 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- Hall D, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Physical Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
Arrhenius kinetics of catalyzed polyurethane formation using a novel adiabatic calorimeter
Timothy P. Vinciguerra, Derek P. Royer, Mitchell R. White
Charge transfer studies on simple molecular adducts of water and ammonia
Francesco Tarantelli, Leonardo Belpassi, Michael Reca
Comparing the efficacy of peptide-based inhibitors against the earliest oligomers of amyloid-β peptide
Lyndsey R. Powell, Kyle D. Dukes, Cyrus K. Bett, Marcus A. Etienne, Robert P Hammer, Robin K. Lammi
Computation of hard-sphere grain boundary free energies using lattice switch Monte Carlo
Brian B. Laird, Marian Breuer
Computational study of the effects of the hydrogen bonding protein environment on the enzymatic mechanism of eubacterial peptide deformylase
Anthony E. Zamora, Benjamin F. Gherman
Conformers of asparagine and aspartic acid: A theoretical investigation
Daniel Sangobanwo, Mihaela D. Bojin
Conformation of Raoult's law in mixtures of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Katelyn Thomas, Jillian L. Goldfarb, Eric M. Suuberg
Conformational preferences in confined spaces inside carbon nanotubes
Paul Horn, Miklos Kertesz
Designing drugs in silico for dihydrofolate reductase
Francesca Bardinelli, Jennifer L. Knight, Charles L. Brooks III
Expediting effects of ice particle size on propane clathrate formation
Joel J. Rivera, Elizabeth Y. Klueger, Kenneth Janda
Functionalized nanoparticles as new tools for bioanalysis
Jacob Berger, Duncan Graham
Hydrated peptide nanocalorimetery: Determining the effects of solvent on biomolecular reactivity
M. Jeannette Aiken, Ryan D. Leib, William A. Donald, Maria Demireva, Evan R. Williams
Investigating structural heterogeneity in dimers of amyloid-β peptide
Chelsea Russell, Lyndsey R. Powell, Robin K. Lammi
Investigating the heating mechanisms of microwave irradiated multiphase systems
Sarah A Addae, Alvin P. Kennedy
Investigation of the medium effect on photoisomerization reactions.
Loredana Latterini, Claire Parker
Lysozyme crystallization on siloxane monolayers
Lindsey E. Roeker, Ilana G. Goldberg, Jennifer A. Swift
Model studies on the electrooxidation of small organic molecules
Johannes Schnaidt, R. Juergen Behm, Holly Norwick
Modeling the Fe-hydrogenase enzyme using QM/MM methodology
Thomas Morrell, Tell Tuttle
Molecular dynamics simulation of conformational changes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis PyrR induced by UMP analogs
Xiao Dong, Katherine A. Kantardjieff, Brenda Chang, Esther Shin, Shawn Hsu
Proton chemical shifts for alcohols in the vapor phase and dilute solutions
Thomas C. DeVore, Curtis C. White
Paper Withdrawn
Spectroscopic investigation of halogen bonding between perfluoroalkyliodides and pyridine
Jeffrey K. Eliason, Jason L. Olson, Diane Moliva, Daniel D. Green, Dr. Darin J. Ulness, Dr. Haiyan Fan, Dr. Mark W. Gealy
Studies on Si-H bond activation in silanes and siloxanes
Daniel Sangobanwo, Eunchul Kim, Gurpreet Singh, Moni Chauhan, Mihaela D. Bojin
Synthesis of linear, halogen capped polyynes by laser ablation of graphite
Samantha J. Brannick, Bruce D. Anderson
Thermal hysteresis activities of novel antifreeze protein constructs
Haider Malik, Ali Ghoorchian, Özge Can, Nolan B. Holland

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009