CHEDMonday, August 17, 2009

2:30 PM-4:30 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- Hall D, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Inorganic Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
Biomimetic coordination chemistry with TtzPh,Me: A water-soluble ligand of intermediate steric bulk
Shannon N. Oseback, Sarah W. Shim, Elizabeth T. Papish, Matthias Zeller
Complexations studies of cobalt (II) and tetraphenylporphyrins
Madelane Teran, Carmen Valdez Gauthier
Coordination of 1,6-hexanediol in triosmium carbonyl clusters
Mary-Ann Pearsall, Ann E. Mularz
Energy transfer and luminescence studies on rare earth compounds
Nicholas James Robinson, Milorad Stojanovic, Philip A. Smith Jr., Richard E. Sykora
First principles investigation of ruthenium metal complexes used as catalysts in water oxidation
Rachel E. Shirron, Emily A. A. Jarvis
Integrating green chemistry methods into the inorganic chemistry laboratory
Anne E Stock, Edward P Zovinka, Rose Ann Clark
Paper Withdrawn
Intracavity laser absorption spectroscopy of platinum fluoride and nickel fluoride in the near infrared
Rachel A. Harris, Leah C. O’Brien, James J. O’Brien
Measuring potassium in muscle tissue through atomic emission
Anthony R Horner, Edward P Zovinka, Rose Ann Clark, Stephen LoRusso
Metal complexes of hinokitiol and their amine adducts
A Verano, J Montano, Georgia M. Arvanitis
Microwave metallation of porphyrins
Anne Marie Wolfel, Brittany M Walters, Edward P Zovinka
Modeling the effect of coordination on Fenton-type chemistry of copper(I)
Mindy Riahi, Joshua Pothen, Craig A. Bayse
Modification of the binol skeleton: Application to enantioselective catalysis
Bruno Andrioletti, Jorge L. Santiago-Ortiz
Synthesis of chiral mulitdentate aminosulfoxide ligands and investigation of their coordination properties
Tim J. Brunker, Janelle Delacruz, Krista Taylor, Moshe Topas
Synthesis of Fe4O4-core dendrimers
Emily Robles, Idaliz Rodriguez-Escudero, Raphael Raptis
Synthesis of protonated bis(imino)acenaphthene cations
Katherine M. Edes, Elizabeth A. Neuhardt, Jacob A. Meier, Kalyan V. Vasudevan, Alan H Cowley, Colin D. Abernethy
Synthesis of Re(CO)3+ complexes of pyridyl imines and diamines
Hira Qayyum, Richard S. Herrick, Christopher J. Ziegler
Synthesis, structural characterization, and emission properties of lanthanoid (III) tetracyanoplatinates
Philip A. Smith Jr., Milorad Stojanovic, Nicholas James Robinson, Nuquie Beedoe, Carlos Crawford, Zerihun Assefa, Richard E. Sykora

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009