BIOTTuesday, August 18, 2009

8:30 AM-11:10 AM Ronald Reagan Bldg. -- Horizon A/B, Oral
Downstream Processes: Advances in Purification Technology
Organizers:Robert Van Reis
Mark R. Etzel
8:30 AMUsing cationic polyelectrolytes to precipitate host cell impurities in monoclonal antibody purification
Thanmaya Peram, Paul McDonald, Robert Fahrner
8:50 AMDirect capture of monoclonal antibodies
Asif Ladiwala, Julie Chung, John Pieracci, Lynn Conley, Jorg Thommes, Rob Noel, Inga Vaast, Allan Lihme
9:10 AMRecent advances in tentacle technology for biochromatography resins
Mathias Joehnck, Heiner Graalfs, Bernd Stanislawski, Sven Andrecht, Michael Schulte, Rob Hendriks
9:30 AMIntermission
9:50 AMFundamental studies of protein binding in multimodal chromatography using protein libraries and NMR
Wai Keen Chung, Melissa A. Holstein, Alexander S. Freed, Scott A. McCallum, Steven M. Cramer
10:10 AMZonal rate model of dispersion and band broadening in stacked membrane chromatography
Patrick Francis, Eric von Lieres, Charles A. Haynes
10:30 AMUltrasmall membrane adsorbers for process development
Nathalie M. Fraud, Rene Faber, Wolfgang Demmer, Timothy Tully, Brian Kluck, Amit Mehta
10:50 AMPurification of PEGylated proteins using ion exchange membrane chromatography
Raja Ghosh, Deqiang Yu

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009