ORGNMonday, August 17, 2009

1:00 PM-5:07 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- Ballroom B, Oral
Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry
Constructing Complex Molecules: New Approaches and Methodologies
Organizers:Diddel Francissen
Stan S. Hall
Presiding:Stephen F. Martin
1:00 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:05 PMCyclizations and rearrangements of oxocarbenium ions
Scott Rychnovsky
2:00 PMGuanidinium toxins: Unique natural products in both form and function
Justin Du Bois
2:55 PMNew catalysis concepts
David W. C. MacMillan
3:50 PMIntermission
3:55 PMAward Presentation. H. Waldmann, D. Francissen
4:05 PMAward Address (Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry, sponsored by Elsevier). Molecular rearrangements in the construction of complex molecules
Larry E. Overman
5:05 PMConcluding Remarks. S. F. Martin

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009