ORGNSunday, August 16, 2009

8:00 AM-12:20 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- 206, Oral
Material, Devices and Switches
Presiding:Amar H Flood
8:00 AMMolecular structures of pentacen and rubrene single crystals investigated by frequency modulation atomic force microscopes
Taketoshi Minato, Hiroto Aoki, Thorsten Wagner, Kingo Itaya
8:20 AMStereochemical control in molecular machine prototypes driven by ligand reduction
Amar H Flood
8:40 AMSynthesis, characterization, and device properties of novel solution-processable graphitic materials
Wallace W. H. Wong, Chang-Qi Ma, David J. Jones, Peter Baeuerle, Andrew B. Holmes
9:00 AMWell-defined liquid crystal thin films for self-organizing organic photovoltaics
Quan Li, Xiaoli Zhou
9:20 AMAmidinium dithiocarbamates: Thermally stable, room-temperature ionic liquids
Tao Yu, Richard G. Weiss
9:40 AMConjugated polymer sensors built with borasiloxane cage molecules: Reversible control of optoelectronic properties through Lewis acid-base interactions
Wenjun Liu, Maren Pink, Dongwhan Lee
10:00 AMEthylene-bridged poly(pyridinium phenylene)s: Synthesis, electron-accepting properties, and bilayer heterojunctions
Daisuke Izuhara, Timothy M. Swager
10:20 AMFluorescent ratiometric chemosensors based on surface-immobilized conjugated oligomers
Jiba R Acharya, Evgueni E. Nesterov
10:40 AMFluorous phase soluble electronic polymers
Jeewoo Lim, Timothy M. Swager
11:00 AMInsight into the electronic properties of organic semiconductors
Olga Lobanova Griffith, Nadine E. Gruhn, John E. Anthony, Adolphus G. Jones, Dennis L. Lichtenberger
11:20 AMIonic perylene-3,4-dicarboximides as chromonic mesogens and fluorescent probes
Suk-Wah Tam-Chang, Liming Huang
11:40 AMMechanically interlocked molecular switches in polymer scaffolds and on nanoparticles
Lei Fang, J. Fraser Stoddart
12:00 PMMolecular actuators designed with redox S...N hemibonds
Miklos Kertesz, Yonghui Tian

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009