ORGNMonday, August 17, 2009

8:00 AM-11:40 AM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- 209A/B, Oral
Asymmetric Reactions and Syntheses
Presiding:Norito Takenaka
8:00 AMApproach to (-)-lepadiformine A via an intramolecular oxidative amidation of a phenol
Huan Liang, Marco A. Ciufolini
8:20 AMComputational design of chiral Lewis acids for stereocontrol of the Nazarov cyclization
Rebecca L. Davis, Dean J. Tantillo
8:40 AMEnantioselective synthesis of (+)-chamaecypanone C and analogs using a tandem retro-Diels-Alder/Diels-Alder cascade
Suwei Dong, Ernest Hamel, John A. Beutler, John A. Porco Jr.
9:00 AMPhotoreactive crystalline quasiracemates
Kraig A. Wheeler, Rebecca C. Grove, Sarah A. Reeb
9:20 AMFrom highly cis- to highly trans- by a simple change: An efficient trans- selective catalytic asymmetric aziridination from imines and diazoacetamides by chiral borate catalysts derived from vaulted biaryl ligands
Aman A. Desai, William D. Wulff
9:40 AMAll-carbon chiral quaternary centers via asymmetric hydrovinylation: Enantioselective synthesis of ()-desoxyeseroline and related compounds
T. V. RajanBabu, Hwan Jung Lim
10:00 AMApplication of chiral pincer complexes in asymmetric catalysis
Kalman J. Szabo
10:20 AMAsymmetric α-arylation of carbonyl compounds with chiral diaryliodonium salts
Nazli Jalalian, Berit Olofsson
10:40 AMAsymmetric α-allylation of ketones using organo-singly occupied molecular orbital catalysis
Alexander A. Warkentin, Anthony Mastracchio, David W. C. MacMillan
11:00 AMAsymmetric cobalt-catalyzed cyclopropanation with succinimidyl diazoacetate and acceptor/acceptor-substituted diazo reagents as carbene sources
Joshua V. Ruppel, Shifa Zhu, Ted J. Gauthier, Nicole L. Snyder, X. Peter Zhang
11:20 AMOrganic syntheses in ionic liquids: A comparative study with green chemistry protocol
Anjali M. Rahatgaonkar, Mukund S. Chorghade, Niharika Mahore, B. D. Saraf

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