CHEDSunday, August 16, 2009

7:30 PM-9:30 PM Grand Hyatt -- Independence A, Poster
General Posters
Organizer, Presiding:Richard W. Schwenz
BCCE 2010: The CaNe Roundup
G. Robert Shelton, Diana Mason
Paper Withdrawn
Teaching chemistry to a blind student in a liberal arts chemistry laboratory course using Vernier software and probes
David Wohlers, Jessica Michael
Assessing Chemists Celebrate Earth Day outreach events
Lynn Hogue
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day: Report for 2009 and preview for 2010
Grace Baysinger, Andy Jorgensen, Frederico Colon, Ludy Avila
National Chemistry Week 2009: Chemistry – it's elemental!
Tracy A. Halmi, Anne K. Taylor, Ingrid C. Montes
Promoting volunteer engagement in National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day events through recognition
Christine H. Jaworek-Lopes, Carmen Valdez Gauthier, Ingrid Montes, Frederico Colon
"The Science of Terrorism": A case-based course for non-science majors
Laura P. Eisen
What's really in an organic chemistry textbook?
Elliot G. Ennis, Scott T Handy, Amy J. Phelps
A nationwide competition for engaging undergraduates in the creation of chemistry videos
James Bondi, Raymond E. Schaak
Chemical education from student-generated animations
Bernadette S. Harkness, Brian L Aldrich
Exploring interactivity, dimensionality, and assessment in an animation prototype for visualizing molecular geometry and polarity
Matthew R. Radcliff, Barbara L. Gonzalez, Elizabeth M. Dorland, Robin Heyden
Are affective aspects influencing the students' achievement in the organic chemistry course?
Johanna Fajardo, Ingrid Montes, Víctor Bonilla
Chemistry, art, and archaeology: An engaging combination for a vibrant and relevant seminar
Esther M. Tristani, Claire J. Parker Siburt, Graham M. West, Sarah E. Crider
Chemistry in the golden age of arabic science
Benjamin P. Huddle
Introducing Encyclopedia of Earth: An online resource for teaching environmental chemistry.
Andy Jorgensen, Cynthia Barakatt
Continuing education in chemistry for the nonchemist: Development of a mass spectrometry tutorial series for biomedical researchers
James A. Kelley, Josip Blonder, Terry L. Sumpter, Timothy D Veenstra, Lawrence R. Phillips
Origami: An interactive method of exploring the significance of molecular shape in everyday life
Laura A. A. Newton, Ray Leslie, Peter Slater, James Davis
Description of an alternative freshman-sophomore chemistry sequence and an analysis of student performance
Richard J. Kashmar
Project CSI (Career information in Science at Iona College): A catalyst for motivating students through career exploration
Sunghee Lee, Jerome Levkov
Reach-out programs on chemistry education in Korea
Choon Ho Do
Effects of different pedagogical approaches on general chemistry students' self report of boredom in lecture
Elizabeth A Flens, Kelly Y Neiles, Diane M Bunce, Michael Ferguson
Studio chemistry improves student learning at a community college
Charles B Abrams
Effects of relevance and prior knowledge on student learning in a conductivity experiment
James C. Rieben Jr., Daniel B. King
Reaction to Ike: Use more collaborative learning and technology
Melanie J. Lesko
Ongoing investigation of the effectiveness of POGIL on student achievement and process skills in general chemistry
Kelly Y. Neiles, Elizabeth A. Flens, Diane M Bunce, Jessica R. VandenPlas
The POGIL-IC project: Building problem solving skills
David M. Hanson, John A. Goodwin, Darlene L. Slusher, Thomas R. Gilbert
VIPEr: Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic resource
Barbara A. Reisner, Ethan Benatan, Jezmynne Dene, Hilary J. Eppley, Margret J. Geselbracht, Elizabeth R Jamieson, Adam R. Johnson, Joanne L. Stewart, Lori A. Watson, Burke Scott Williams
Enhancing and assessing students' scale perception and atomic unitizing with inquiry-based activities using live or remote-access instrumentation
Karrie Anderson, Peter Geissinger, Kristen Murphy
A case study in green technology valuation: Cyclohexanone oxime syntheses
Kevin C. Cannon, Maureen P. Breen
How a complementary mentoring program influences the freshmen students in their general chemistry course
Juan Carlos Aponte-Santini, Ingrid Montes, Victor E Bonilla
Partnership-model to launch biomedical research at a small liberal arts college
Malcolm J. D'Souza, Jeanette L. Miller
Rapid knowledge assessment: Correlating student reported immediate first steps and problem solving efficiency
Erin M. O'Connell, Christie L. Beck, Kristen Murphy
Verification of Zaitsev's rule: A multiweek organic laboratory project
Larry D. Pedersen
Seeing is believing: Using digital cameras in the laboratory to assist students
Stephen M. Budy, Steven Brown, Douglas A. Loy
Undergraduate biochemistry laboratory exercise: A novel approach to demonstrate free radical production and inhibition
CF. Saladino Jr., Kristopher Pfirman
Technology enabled skill gateways: Insuring success of General Chemistry students
David A. Carter
Tablet PC use for scientific writing and laboratory notebooks in biochemistry
Shari U. Dunham, Stephen U. Dunham
Synthesis of unknown esters and structure identification by 1D and 2D NMR
Laura J. Anna
Stirling engine construction using standard hardware store components
Charles A. Smith
Sulfonamides: A very interdisciplinary class of molecules!
Kimberly A. Haley, Kevin W. Glaeske, Jarrod L. Erbe, Andrew A. Mundt
Making biofuel in the teaching lab: Ethanol from grass
Jessica L. Epstein
Integration of guided inquiry laboratory experiments and Vernier technology at Georgetown University
Milena Shahu
Hands-on explorations for second-semester general chemistry
Joshua P. Frederick, Jose E. Mendez, Rosio De Leon, Isaac Campos-Flores, Lela M. Ruck, James E. Becvar
Design, synthesis, and evaluation of tyrosinase inhibitors: A project for the organic chemistry laboratory
Valerie Burke, Stephanie Nguyen, Sara Nownes, Winifred Scott, Adele Panasci
Collaborative inquiry-based laboratory experiment for analytical and organic chemistry
Marta K. Maurer, Mary D. Menachery

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The 238th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, August 16-20, 2009