AEIMonday, August 17, 2009

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Walter E. Washington Convention Center -- Hall D, Sci-Mix
Academic Employment Initiative
Organizers:Jerry A. Bell
Corrie Kuniyoshi
 No droplet left behind: Toward efficient gas-phase ion production in mass spectrometry
Kaveh Jorabchi
 Structural characterization of N-glycosylation from human plasma using ion trap mass spectrometry
Katherine A Stumpo, Vernon N. Reinhold
 Can molecular simulations be really useful?
Tai-Sung Lee
 Molecular recognition in bioprocessing, biosensing, and disease research
Caryn L Heldt
 Design, synthesis, and evaluation of modified acyl-ACP substrates for P. aeruginosa LasI AHL synthase
Rajesh Nagarajan, Thad W. Vickery, Edward T Wilson, Saranya Soundararajan, Andrew R Larsen
 Discovery of new peptides epitopes derived from collagen I and II processing by metalloproteases associated with human dendritic cells
Cristina C. Clement
 Trans-cyclooctyne containing isoprenoid diphosphate substrates suitable for transfer to "CAAX Box" containing proteins and peptides.
James W Wollack
 Mysteries of membrane protein mechanisms unraveled using nanotechnology
Aditi Das, Michael H. Hecht, Stephen G. Sligar
 A quantitative mass spectrometry platform for activity-based protein profiling
Eranthie Weerapana, Benjamin F. Cravatt
 Ru(II) diimine labeled single cysteine mutants of P450 BM3
Lionel E. Cheruzel, Jay R. Winkler, Harry B. Gray
 Whey protein isolate sol-gel as a scaffold for bone tissue regeneration
Mia Dvora, James E Henry
 Studying galactosyltransferases that are important for the viability of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Venkatachalam Raja Annamalai, John F. May, Rebecca Splain, Christine Brotschi, Laura L. Kiessling
 Chemical educator with biological and inorganic chemistry expertise
Claire J. Parker Siburt
 Educating undergraduates through authentic research: The critical role of research educators in bridging the gap between teaching and research
Katherine Marvin, Sarah L. Simmons, Keith J. Stevenson
 Elliot Ennis' research and teaching
Elliot G. Ennis
 Importance of research and develement project in employment with respect to chemistry education
Rajkishore Patel
 Characterization, reactivity, and decomposition of solid-supported organoiridium complexes
Ryan J. Trovitch, Neng Guo, Hongbo Li, Alfred P. Sattelberger, Kevin D. John, R. Tom Baker
 Efficient charge separation on interfaces of photovoltaic nanomaterials: Ab initio results
Dmitri Kilin
 Finding renewable energy materials one screensaver at a time
Roel S. Sánchez-Carrera, Leslie Vogt, Roberto Olivares-Amaya, Alán Aspuru-Guzik
 QM method development for structure based drug design
Victor M. Anisimov, Claudio N. Cavasotto
 Modeling macromolecular structure, dynamics, and energetics
Jennifer L. Knight, Charles L. Brooks III
 Solving problems of biomedical relevance through multiscale computational methods and high performance computing
Karunesh Arora, Charles L. Brooks III
 Nanostructured, micromachined ceramic gas sensor platform
Brent J Lutz, Debra J Deininger, Clayton J Kostelecky, Dmitri Routkevitch
 Transition metal oxide nanomaterials for emerging catalytic applications
Shanthakumar Sithambaram, Steven L Suib
 Thermodynamics and kinetics of mixtures resulting from energy generation processes and their environmental implications
Jillian L. Goldfarb
 Bottom-up synthesis and patterning of technologically-relevant nanomaterials
Mary E. Anderson
 Synthesis of platinum catalyst precursors bearing chiral phospholanes with different Pt-R groups
Marites A Guino-o, David S Glueck, Arnold L. Rheingold
 Targeting polymetallic reaction sites for multielectron redox chemistry
Qinliang Zhao, Emily V. Eames, Theodore A. Betley
 Investigation of photoreactive ferric siderophore complexes
Roslyn M. Theisen
 Electrochemical principle-enabled and template-assisted nanostructure synthesis and assembly for catalysts, energy, and biosensor applications
Qingzhou Cui
 Homogenous electrocatalysts and activation of small molecules with the relevance to energy research
Aaron D. Wilson
 Synthetic and mechanistic analysis of asymmetric small molecule activation with bifunctional and "frustrated Lewis pair" complexes
Zachariah M. Heiden, Douglas W. Stephan, Thomas B. Rauchfuss
 Biologically responsive molecules for drug therapy and molecular imaging
Jody L. Major Jourden
 Promising direction in the development of anticancer titanium(IV) complexes
Arthur D. Tinoco, Ann M. Valentine
 Metallacrown ethers containing a bis(phosphite) ligand derived from 1,2-bis(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzene: Syntheses, characterization, and use of a Rh(I) metallacrown ether as a catalyst for the hydroformylation of styrene
Abha A. Kaisare, Samuel B. Owens Jr., Edward J. Valente, Gary M. Gray
 Design of a catalytic Ca2+ sensor
Ivan Korendovych, Daniel W. Kulp, William F DeGrado
 Bioinorganic chemistry in teaching and research: Coordination chemistry of transition metals
James M. Harrington
 Synthetic approaches to fundamental and practical problems in organometallic and materials chemistry
Adam S. Hock
 Main group chemistry — applications and fundamentals: Part I Group 13 chelates in phosphate dealkylation and Part II Synthesis and chemistry of low-valent organosilicon compounds
Amitabha Mitra, David A. Atwood, Robert West
 Covalently functionalizing metal-organic framework materials for the applications of hydrogen storage and carbon dioxide capture
Zhenqiang Wang, Seth M. Cohen
 Teaching-first: Enriching undergraduate education in the classroom, laboratory, and beyond as an analytical bioinorganic educator
Jared J. Heymann
 C-Reactive protein recognition by phosphatidylcholine-stabilized gold nanoparticles
Marilyn R. Mackiewicz, Scott M. Reed
 Discovery of the ionic network important for the structural integrity of the oligomerization domain in tumor suppressor p53
Thu-Zar W. Lwin, Charles Galea, Limin Xiao, Richard W. Kriwacki, Donald Bashford
 Using controversial topics to foster learning: Creating a teachable unit on stem cells for an introductory course
Uzma I Zakai, Stephen L Barclay, Sarah Miller, Robert West
 New research opportunities in chiral supramolecular chemistry
Mindy Levine, Timothy M. Swager
 Carbon nanotubes, bioorganic DNA derivatives, and heterocyclic amines of phamaceutical interest: Using organic chemistry research with undergraduates to recruit nontraditionally scientifically inclined students into chemistry and the sciences
Juliet Hahn
 Kinetics of the aza-aldol reaction and solution structures of O-Li species
Timothy S. De Vries, Anandarup Goswami, David B. Collum
 Design and development of rhodium(I)-catalyzed cycloadditions and synthesis of designed Amphotericin B analogs
Mitchell P. Croatt, Paul A. Wender, Erick M. Carreira
 Functionalization and Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of potassium organotrifluoroborates
Belgin Canturk, Gary A. Molander
 Concise total synthesis of cribrostatin 6
Daniel Knueppel, Stephen F. Martin
 Functional nanosystems for molecular electronics, biodiagnostics, and biomimetic catalysis
Adam Braunschweig, Xiaodong Chen, Pirmin A. Ulmann, MIchael J. Wiester, Andrew J. Senesi, Chad A Mirkin
 Clinical enzymology and tandem mass spectrometry for the neonatal diagnosis of Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome using dried bloodspots
Trisha A. Duffey, Michael H. Gelb, C. Ronald Scott, Frantisek Turecek
 Bismuth aryloxide reactivity and resulting organic oxidation products
Tracy A. Hanna, Kimberly A. Brien
 Strategies for efficient natural product synthesis: Ketalization/ring-closing metathesis and progress toward the citrinadins
Christopher C. Marvin, Stephen F. Martin, Steven D. Burke
 Rate studies of silylation of lithium enolates: The underlying complexity of a commonly used reaction
Jocelyn M. Gruver, Lara R. Liou, David B. Collum
 Expanding the utility of the scientific microwave apparatus in organic synthesis: Reaction monitoring, scale-up, and new methodology development
Jason R. Schmink
 Progress toward the stabilization of fused polycyclic nucleophilic carbenes
Anthony J. Arduengo III, Luigi I. Iconaru
 Cyclization of unsaturated hydroperoxides utilizing Pd(II)-catalyzed cyclization
Shelli R. Waetzig, Jason R. Harris, K. A. Woerpel
 Rationally designed cyclic sulfopeptides for inhibition of HIV-1 entry
Jonathan G. Rudick, Meg M. Laakso, Robert W. Doms, William F. DeGrado
 Spectral dynamics in nanoscience
Dmitri S. Kilin
 Far field and near field properties of noble metal nanocrystals
Shuzhou Li
 Exciton-phonon interaction in nanoscience
Svetlana Kilina
 Steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence of length separated single-walled carbon nanotube aqueous suspensions
John-David R. Rocha, Xiaomin Tu, Robert C. Tenent, Wyatt K. Metzger, Wei Zhao, Michael J. Heben, Jeffrey L. Blackburn
 Research and teaching rooted in solid fundamental understanding
Leonid Sheps
 Chemically derived graphene nanoribbons and large-scale high quality graphene sheets: Synthesis, assembly, and devices
Xiaolin Li, Hongjie Dai
 Structure and dynamics of DNA-PAMAM dendrimer complexes
Lisa E. Prevette, Evgenia N Nikolova, Hashim Al-Hashimi, Mark M. Banaszak Holl
 Computational chemistry studies of some chemical and biological systems
Shijun Zhong
 Methanol oxidation on ceria-supported catalysts
Heather L. Abbott, Yu Lei, Alexander Uhl, Shamil K. Shaikhutdinov, Hajo Freund
 Computational studies of transition metal catalysts
Raluca Craciun, Rebecca Long, Desiree Picone, Daniel Marion, David A Dixon
 Design and fabrication of surface functionalized, imprinted polymeric materials for targeted molecular applications
Anika A. Odukale
 Rod-coil block copolymers in field-effect transistors
Anna E. Javier, Richard D. McCullough
 Polymer field effect transistors: N-alkyl dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]pyrrole-based copolymers with high charge carrier mobilities
Junying Liu, Rui Zhang, Richard D. McCullough
 Inflammation-induced changes in the serum metabolome
Erin G. Prestwich, I. Ramesh Babu, Koli Taghizadeh, Peter C. Dedon
 Chemoenzymatic elaboration of monosaccharides using highly selective engineered cytochrome P450BM3 demethylases
Jared C. Lewis, Sabine Bastian, Clay S. Bennett, Yu Fu, Mike M. Chen, Yuuichi Mitsuda, William A. Greenburg, Chi-Huey Wong, Frances H. Arnold

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