Design and synthesis of azide-based nucleoside analogs for photochemical study

ORGN 632

Biswajit Saha,, Huolei Peng, and Matthew S. Platz, Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University, 100 West 18th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210
Azide based reagents are used extensively in photoaffinity labeling and cross-linking studies to discover points of contact between macromolecules and to map out binding domains. Historically, commercially available azide reagents have been used in these studies despite the fact that model studies in organic media indicate that they do not undergo the desired photochemical pathways. For this reason new azide reagents with favorable properties need to be synthesized and their photochemistry in water medium needs to be evaluated. We are involved in designing and synthesizing new azide analogs of nucleosides. The photochemistry of these new modified nucleosides will be studied in aqueous medium to gain knowledge about the lifetime of light generated reactive intermediates using time resolved (fs-ms) spectroscopic techniques. The details of their synthesis and photochemistry will be discussed.