Synthesis and structure of bis-(diphenylmethyl)imidazolium bromide

ORGN 765

John J Sczepanski, sczepanj@cua.edu1, Paul M Andrusyszyn, andrusyszyn.paul@comcast.net2, Sumitra Mukhopadhyay2, and Leopold May, may@cua.edu1. (1) Department of Chemistry, The Catholic University of America, 620 Michigan Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20064, (2) Department of Chemistry, Boston College, Merkert Chemistry Center, Chesnut Hill, MA 02167-3860
Bis-(diphenylmethyl)imidazolium bromide was prepared by reacting excess bromodiphenylmethane and imidazole. The product was characterized by NMR, IR, UV. X-ray crystal diffraction shows that aromaticity of the imidazole ring has been lost, the bromide is not centered in the structure, but rather it is located on one side of the imidazole ring. The structure was compared to similar crystal structures.