Synthesis and physical evaluation of 2- and 5-alkoxy-1,3-thiazole-based liquid crystals

ORGN 764

Alan M. Grubb,, Sana Hasan, Andre A. Kiryanov, Paul Sampson,, and Alexander J. Seed, Department of Chemistry, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242

Herein we report the synthesis and mesomorphic properties of the first series of 5-alkoxy-and 2-alkoxy-1,3-thiazole-based liquid crystals.  The 5-alkoxy mesogens 1 were synthesized through a Lawesson's reagent-mediated cyclization of the corresponding α-benzamido esters, which is not a well explored entry to 5-alkoxythiazoles.  The analogous 2-alkoxy-1,3-thiazole-based liquid crystals 2 have been targeted via an SNAr approach, which has not previously been employed in the synthesis of long chain alkoxythiazoles