Microwave-induced stereocontrol of β-lactam formation with dihydrophenanthrenyl imine via Staudinger reaction

ORGN 649

Debasish Bandyopadhyay, bandyopad@utpa.edu, Department of Chemistry, University of Texas-Pan American, 1201 W. University Drive, Edinburg, TX 78539 and Bimal K. Banik, banik@panam.edu, Department of Chemistry, The University of Texas-Pan American, 1201 West University Drive, Edinburg, TX 78541.
Cycloaddition reaction of an imine derived from dihydrophenanthrenyl amine has been performed using automated microwave oven. Different aspects of -lactam formation following Staudinger reaction have been studied. The presence of the polyaromatic group on nitrogen of the imine has significant role in controlling the stereochemistry of the -lactam.