Facile one-pot method for the synthesis of novel glycosylidene-based quinolines

ORGN 709

Peter Dobbelaar, dobbelpe@shu.edu and Cecilia H. Marzabadi, marzabce@shu.edu. Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Seton Hall University, 400 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079
Carbohydrates and their derivatives are involved in a wide array of biological processes and are therefore crucial for the survival of living entities. Heterocyclic compounds that contain a carbohydrate scaffold have the potential to possess biological activity. Recently, our interest has been focused on using exo-glycals to access glycosylidene-based dihydroquinolines and quinolines. We surmised that these unusual structural motifs could be accessed through a variation of the Povarov Reaction. In this report, we herein demonstrate that this facile procedure has enabled us to access novel structures.