Microwave-assisted multicomponent cyclization: An efficient synthesis of substituted quinolines

ORGN 727

Aditya M. Kulkarni, adikulki@gmail.com, Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 100 Morrissey Blvd, Department of Chemistry, Boston, MA 02125 and Béla Török, Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts at Boston, 100 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125.
Quinolines are ubiquitous in a large number of biologically active compounds and are also important as functional materials. Herein we report a facile synthesis of quinolines by using simple and commercially available starting materials. Substituted quinolines are synthesized by a Montmorillonite K-10 catalyzed, one-pot domino reaction of aldehydes, anilines and terminal phenylacetylenes. The microwave-assisted pathway leads to the products in excellent yields and selectivities in short reaction times. The use of economic and commercially available K-10 catalyst makes approach environmentally benign.