Microwave assisted synthesis of cationic naphthalene diimides

ORGN 726

Massimiliano Lamberto, mlambert@monmouth.edu, Elizabeth Rastede, s0683125@monmouth.edu, Hekla Alite, s0616816@monmouth.edu, and Michael J. Karney, s0636350@monmouth.edu. Department of Chemistry, Medical Technology and Physics, Monmouth University, 400 Cedar Avenue, West Long Branch, NJ 07764
Naphthalene diimides (NDI) are well known organic molecules that have found a variety of applications in recent years in areas like supramolecular and medicinal chemistry. Some NDI derivatives have recently shown to have in vivo anti-cancer activity. Their synthesis is straightforward but often suffers from long and low yielding reactions. In this work microwave irradiation was used to gain easy access to water soluble cationic NDI derivatives that could potentially lead to the development of novel anticancer therapeutics. The synthesis, solvent, temperature, concentration effects on reaction yields and DNA binding studies will be presented.