Novel synthesis of vinyl ethers

WCC 15

Katherine R Davis, and David A Hunt, Department of Chemistry, The College of New Jersey, 2000 Pennington Rd, Ewing, NJ 08628
A straightforward method for the synthesis of 2-arylvinyl methyl ethers has been developed which avoids the use of the Wittig reaction and the removal of the corresponding phosphorous by-products. The first reaction step converts an aryl ketone to a glycidic ester via a Darzen's condensation. The ester is then hydrolyzed to form a carboxylate salt which, upon acidification, provides the penultimate aryl alkyl-substituted acetalaldehyde. An acid-catalyzed reaction with methanol with concomitant in situ removal of methanol affords the vinyl ether in good yields. These compounds are key intermediates in the preparation of biologically active compounds.

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