Density functional theoretical study on the pKa values of bipyridines

COMP 228

Sungu Hwang,, Department of Nanomedical Engineering, Pusan National University, College of Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Miryang, 627-706, South Korea, Sang Woo Joo,, Department of Chemistry, Soongsil University, Seoul, 156-743, South Korea, and Yun Hee Jang,, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, 500-712, South Korea.
Polypyridines and their derivatives have widely been used as ligands for transition metal complexes. One of the properties that defines the characteristics of a ligand is its acid dissociation constant (or pKa). This value can be regarded as a solution phase property that is essential for novel photosensitizer designs and for other applications. The pKa values of bipyridines in aqueous solution were calculated using a density functional theoretical method in combination with the Poisson-Boltzmann continuum solvation model. Calculated pKa values correlates well with experimental results.

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