Chemistry and Global Security

(AGRO) Application of Natural Products in Organic Farming Cosponsored by GLOBALA    
(AGRO) Organic Phosphate Transport, Fate, and Impact on the Chesapeake Bay Cosponsored by GLOBALA    
(ANYL) Advance Analytical Techniques and Technologies for the Characterization of Biotherapeutics Cosponsored by BIOL, BIOT, and GLOBALA    
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Stem Cell Engineering Cosponsored by GLOBALA    
(CHED) Civic Engagement and Chemistry Education Cosponsored by GLOBALA    
(FLUO) Fluorine-related Nanoscience with Energy Applications Cosponsored by COMSCI, POLY, and GLOBALA    
(COLL) Nanorods and Microparticles in Homeland Security Cosponsored by GLOBALDDA  
(FUEL) Fuel Cell Chemistry and Operation Cosponsored by GLOBALDDD  
(FUEL) Fuel Processing for Fuel Cells Cosponsored by GLOBALDPP  
(NUCL) Recent Advances and Future Directions in Modern Nuclear Science: Graduate Student Research Cosponsored by GLOBALD    
(CINF) Copyright and Author Rights Cosponsored by CHAL and GLOBALD    
(FUEL) Advances in CO2 Conversion and Utilization Cosponsored by GLOBALD    
(BIOT) Upstream Processes: Advances in Cell Culture Process Development Cosponsored by ANYL and GLOBALD    
(CATL) Catalyst Characterization Cosponsored by COLL, PHYS, and GLOBALD    
(CHED) Enhancing Diversity at the Graduate and Postdoctoral Levels Cosponsored by WCC, YCC, CMA, and GLOBALD    
(PETR) Renewable Alternatives to Petroleum Cosponsored by GLOBALD    
(PETR) Symposium Honoring Roel Prins Cosponsored by GLOBALD    
(PRES) Chemical Education at a Crossroads Cosponsored by CHEDD    
(FUEL) Heavy Hydrocarbon Resources: Characterization, Upgrading and Utilization Cosponsored by PETR and GLOBALDE    
(SCHB) The Best Practices of Starting a Chemical Business that were Valuable Years Ago and that Remain Valuable Today Cosponsored by HIST, PROF, and GLOBALP    
(AGRO) Agrochemical Residue and Metabolism Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBALP    
(AGRO) Biotechnology Risk Assessment: Minding and Managing the Threats Around Us Cosponsored by GLOBALP    
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Design and Engineering of Novel Therapeutic Strategies Cosponsored by GLOBALP    
(BIOL) Frontiers in Chemical Biology Cosponsored by GLOBALP    
(BIOL) Seeing Inside Cells Cosponsored by PHYS and GLOBALP    
(CHED) Visualization in Chemical Education Cosponsored by GLOBALP    
(CHAS) Ask Dr. Safety Cosponsored by CCS and GLOBALP    
(MEDI) Joint Chinese and American Symposium on Hot Topics in Medicinal Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL Financially supported by PfizerP    
(PRES) Presidential Plenary Symposium on Chemistry and Global Security: Challenges and Opportunities Cosponsored by GLOBALP    
(FUEL) General Papers in Fuel and Energy Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBALE    
(ORGN) Green Chemistry: Research Advances and Funding Opportunities Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(CHAS) Division of Chemical Health and Safety Awards Symposium Cosponsored by CCS and GLOBAL A   
(FUEL) Energy and Globalization Cosponsored by PETR and GLOBAL A   
(SCHB) Chemical and Technology Import-Export Regulations, Issues, and Security Challenges Cosponsored by BMGT, PROF, and GLOBAL A   
(CEPA) Detection and Interdiction of Illicit Radioactive Materials Cosponsored by NUCL and GLOBAL A   
(AGRO) Insect Management in Medical, Veterinary, and Urban Settings Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Synthetic Biology Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(BMGT) The Effect of Globalization on the Worldwide Chemical Enterprise Cosponsored by PROF, IAC, and GLOBAL A   
(CHED) ACS Exams 75th Anniversary and the State of Assessment in the 21st Century Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(CHED) Chemistry as a Second Language: Chemical Education in a Globalized Society Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(PROF) Chemistry, Sustainability, and Diversity: Global Imperatives Cosponsored by CMA, CWD, WCC, YCC, PRES, CTA, JSD, and GLOBAL A   
(PROF) Professionalism in the Twenty-First Century: Poster Session and Town Hall Forum Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(SOCED) Eminent Scientist Lecture: Ozone Depletion: The Story of a Successful International Agreement and Its Relevance for Climate Change Cosponsored by GLOBAL and CEI A   
(INOR) Interacting with the U.S. National Science Foundation Cosponsored by ANYL, BIOL, CATL, CHED, COMP, ENVR, FLUO, FUEL, GEOC, ORGN, YCC, CARB, and GLOBAL A   
(AGRO) International Award for Research in Agrochemicals: Don Wauchope and Friends: Reflections on the Future of Pesticide Environmental Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL DDA 
(NUCL) Nuclear Energy and the Environment Cosponsored by IEC and GLOBAL DDD 
(PETR) 5th International Symposium on Hydrotreating/Hydrocracking Technologies Cosponsored by GLOBAL DDD 
(FUEL) Advances in Experimental and Computational Studies of Materials for Hydrogen Storage Cosponsored by GLOBAL DPDA
(ENVR) Environmental Science and Technology: A Tribute to William “Bill” Glaze Cosponsored by GLOBAL D E 
(FUEL) Biofuels for Transportation Cosponsored by GLOBAL D   
(COMSCI) Alternative Energy Sources: Perspectives and Opportunities Cosponsored by POLY, CEI, AGFD, FLUO, and GLOBAL D   
(AGRO) Government Collaborations in Scientific Research, Regulations, and Communications Cosponsored by COMSCI and GLOBAL D   
(CHED) Using Technology to Enhance Learning in Organic Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL D   
(PETR) 8th International Symposium on FCC Cosponsored by GLOBAL D   
(POLY) Federally Funded Polymer Research Cosponsored by GLOBAL PA  
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Nanobiotechnology Cosponsored by GLOBAL PP  
(AGRO) Lawrence A. Burns Memorial Symposium on Advances in Environmental Modeling of Pesticides Cosponsored by ENVR and GLOBAL P   
(AGRO) Solvents in Aquatic Toxicology Testing Cosponsored by GLOBAL P   
(ANYL) Global Challenges in Food Analysis Cosponsored by AGFD and GLOBAL P   
(BIOT) Upstream Processes: Advances in Microbial Fermentation Process Development Cosponsored by GLOBAL P   
(BIOL) Novel Enzymatic Cofactors and Function Cosponsored by GLOBAL P   
(COMP) Emerging Technologies Cosponsored by GLOBAL Financially supported by Schrodinger, Inc P   
(SCHB) Leveraging the Internet to Advance your Position in the Market Cosponsored by BMGT, CINF, PROF, and GLOBAL P   
(PRES) Revitalizing Chemistry Education to Increase Competitiveness and Diversity Cosponsored by CMA, CPT, and SOCED P   
(YCC) The Science of War: Ammunition, Homeland Security, and Forensics Cosponsored by GLOBAL P   
(CHAS) Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign (SC3) Cosponsored by CHED, SCHB, CCS, and GLOBAL  A  
(FUEL) Storch Award Cosponsored by GLOBAL  A  
(AGRO) Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lectureship Cosponsored by USDA Agricultural Research Service, AGFD, and GLOBAL  A  
(BIOT) Biotechnological Solutions to Global Security: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering for Advancing Regenerative Medicines Cosponsored by GLOBAL  A  
(BIOT) Downstream Processes: Advances in Purification Technology Cosponsored by GLOBAL  A  
(CHAS) Hazardous Waste Regulatory Relief for Academic Institutions Cosponsored by CCS and GLOBAL  A  
(ENVR) International Environmental Issues: Perspectives and Concerns Cosponsored by CEI and GLOBAL  A  
(SCHB) Best Practices for Entrepreneurs Cosponsored by WCC, PROF, and GLOBAL  A  
(CHAL) Hot Topics in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Patent Law Cosponsored by GLOBAL  A  
(INOR) Sensing and Destroying Chemical Warfare Agents and Pesticides Cosponsored by GLOBAL  DD 
(AGRO) Advances in Biofuels and Bioproducts: Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability Cosponsored by GLOBAL  D  
(AGRO) Agricultural Research in Australia: Critical Issues Leading up to the 12th IUPAC International Congress on Pesticide Chemistry in Melbourne Cosponsored by GLOBAL  D  
(AGRO) Challenges and Initiatives in Harmonizing Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) Across the World Cosponsored by GLOBAL  D  
(BIOT) Upstream Processes: Advances in Metabolic Engineering Cosponsored by GLOBAL  D  
(CHED) The Use of Technology in Chemistry Education Research Cosponsored by GLOBAL  D  
(GEOC) Biogeochemical Processes of Mercury in Natural and Contaminated Environments Cosponsored by ENVR and GLOBAL  D  
(FUEL) General Papers in Fuel and Energy Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL  PA 
(NUCL) Actinide Chemistry, Theory and Experiment  PDD
(GEOC) The Impact of NOM on the Biogeochemistry of Emerging Contaminants Cosponsored by GLOBAL  PD 
(ENVR) Emerging Environmental Technologies toward a Cleaner and Sustainable Society Cosponsored by GLOBAL  PDED
(CHAS) Emerging Trends in Laboratory Ventilation Cosponsored by GLOBAL and CCS  P  
(CHED) Alternate Routes to the Teaching of Chemistry: There Are Jobs Open Now, Help Others as You Help Yourself Cosponsored by CEPA, CPT, PROF, and GLOBAL  P  
(CHAL) Regulation at Extremes Cosponsored by ANYL and GLOBAL  P  
(SCHB) True Stories from Chemical Entrepreneurs Cosponsored by WCC, PROF, and GLOBAL  P  
(YCC) Science Policy Cosponsored by PROF and GLOBAL  P  
(NUCL) Nuclear Diagnostics in Fusion Energy Research Cosponsored by GLOBAL   AD
(BIOT) Biotechnological Solutions to Global Security: Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Cosponsored by GLOBAL   AD
(SCHB) Global Harmonization of Safety Challenges Facing the Chemical Industry Cosponsored by BMGT, CHAS, PROF, and GLOBAL   A 
(ANYL) Novel Stationary Phases for Liquid Chromatography Cosponsored by GLOBAL   A 
(YCC) The Art of Collaborations Cosponsored by PROF and GLOBAL   A 
(AGRO) Non-dietary Human Exposure and Risk Assessment Cosponsored by GLOBAL   DA
(CHED) Research in Chemical Education Cosponsored by GLOBAL   DA
(AGRO) Managing Agricultural Gas and Particle Emissions Cosponsored by GLOBAL   DD
(FUEL) Biological and Enzymatic Fuel Cells Cosponsored by GLOBAL   D 
(FUEL) Chemistry of Renewable Fuels and Chemicals Cosponsored by GLOBAL   D 
(AGRO) Exposure to Chemicals in Urban Aquatic Environments Cosponsored by GLOBAL   D 
(BIOT) Upstream Processes: Advances in Biocatalysis Cosponsored by GLOBAL   D 
(ENVR) Emerging Contaminants, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products, and Organohalogens in Wastewater and Municipal Biosolids Cosponsored by GLOBAL   DEA
(FUEL) Renewable Energy and Water Cosponsored by GLOBAL   PA
(PETR) Chemistry of Petroleum and Emerging Technologies Cosponsored by GLOBAL   PD
(SCHB) Chemical Health, Safety, and Security Practices for Small Businesses Cosponsored by CHAS, PROF, and GLOBAL   P 
(AGRO) Advancements in Geospatial Risk Assessment and Techniques Cosponsored by GLOBAL   P 
(BIOT) Biotechnological Solutions to Global Security: Antibiotics for Combating Infectious Diseases Cosponsored by BIOL and GLOBAL   P 
(BIOL) Frontiers in Protein Science and Enzymology Cosponsored by GLOBAL   P 
(CHED) Using Social Networking Tools to Teach Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL   P 
(CHED) Volunteers and Their Impact on K-12 Science Education Cosponsored by GLOBAL   P 
(CHAL) Strengthening Your Patent Rights in Light of Recent Federal Circuit Court Decisions Cosponsored by GLOBAL   P 
(CINF) IP to IP: Intellectual Property for Information Professionals Cosponsored by CHAL, CHED, SOCED, YCC, and GLOBAL   P 
(POLY) POLY/PMSE Plenary Lecture and Awards Reception Cosponsored by PMSE and PRES   E 
(FUEL) Computational Methods and Modeling in Fuel Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL    A
(FUEL) Thermal, Photochemical, and Photovoltaic Solar Energy Production Cosponsored by GLOBAL    A
(CHAL) The Many Faces of CHAL: Where Chemistry Meets the Law Cosponsored by GLOBAL    A
(AGRO) Catfish Aquaculture: Producing Safe, Delicious and Nutritious Food Cosponsored by AGFD and GLOBAL    D
(AGRO) Monitoring and Modeling Atrazine Ecological Exposure Potential Cosponsored by GLOBAL    D
(CHED) NSF Catalyzed Innovations in the Undergraduate Curriculum Cosponsored by GLOBAL    D
(AGRO) Soil Bound Residues and Relevance to Environmental Exposure Cosponsored by GLOBAL    P
(CHAL) The Many Faces of CHAL: Where Chemistry Meets the Law Cosponsored by GLOBAL    P
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
Indicates a cooperative cosponsorship.