Education & Careers

(CHED) Civic Engagement and Chemistry Education Cosponsored by GLOBALA    
(POLY) Polymer Science of Everyday Things Cosponsored by CHED, PMSE, and PRES Financially supported by Royal Society of Chemistry and Intersociety Polymer Education CouncilD    
(CINF) Copyright and Author Rights Cosponsored by CHAL and GLOBALD    
(CHED) Enhancing Diversity at the Graduate and Postdoctoral Levels Cosponsored by WCC, YCC, CMA, and GLOBALD    
(PRES) Chemical Education at a Crossroads Cosponsored by CHEDD    
(CHED) Visualization in Chemical Education Cosponsored by GLOBALP    
(SCHB) The Best Practices of Starting a Chemical Business that were Valuable Years Ago and that Remain Valuable Today Cosponsored by HIST, PROF, and GLOBALP    
(CHAS) Division of Chemical Health and Safety Awards Symposium Cosponsored by CCS and GLOBAL A   
(CHED) Chemistry as a Second Language: Chemical Education in a Globalized Society Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(CHAL) Patents and Innovation for a Diverse Chemistry Community Cosponsored by CMA and PRES A   
(CHED) ACS Exams 75th Anniversary and the State of Assessment in the 21st Century Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(PROF) Professionalism in the Twenty-First Century: Poster Session and Town Hall Forum Cosponsored by GLOBAL A   
(CHED) Using Technology to Enhance Learning in Organic Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL D   
(SCHB) Leveraging the Internet to Advance your Position in the Market Cosponsored by BMGT, CINF, PROF, and GLOBAL P   
(PRES) Revitalizing Chemistry Education to Increase Competitiveness and Diversity Cosponsored by CMA, CPT, and SOCED P   
(SCHB) Best Practices for Entrepreneurs Cosponsored by WCC, PROF, and GLOBAL  A  
(SCHB) Public Office Campaign Strategy Cosponsored by CPT, PROF, and CCPA  A  
(PHYS) Postdoctoral Research Highlights  D  
(CHED) The Use of Technology in Chemistry Education Research Cosponsored by GLOBAL  D  
(SCHB) True Stories from Chemical Entrepreneurs Cosponsored by WCC, PROF, and GLOBAL  P  
(CHED) Alternate Routes to the Teaching of Chemistry: There Are Jobs Open Now, Help Others as You Help Yourself Cosponsored by CEPA, CPT, PROF, and GLOBAL  P  
(YCC) The Art of Collaborations Cosponsored by PROF and GLOBAL   A 
(CHED) Research in Chemical Education Cosponsored by GLOBAL   DA
(NUCL) Nuclear Chemistry's Academic Infrastructure Cosponsored by CHED   PD
(CHED) Using Social Networking Tools to Teach Chemistry Cosponsored by GLOBAL   P 
(CHED) Volunteers and Their Impact on K-12 Science Education Cosponsored by GLOBAL   P 
(SCHB) Chemical Health, Safety, and Security Practices for Small Businesses Cosponsored by CHAS, PROF, and GLOBAL   P 
(CINF) IP to IP: Intellectual Property for Information Professionals Cosponsored by CHAL, CHED, SOCED, YCC, and GLOBAL   P 
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
Indicates a cooperative cosponsorship.