INORTuesday, March 24, 2009

2:30 PM-4:50 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Combo Rooms 253 A-B, Oral
Coordination Chemistry: Applications
Organizer:William A. Howard
Presiding:Robert P. Houser
2:30 PMAqueous fluorometric and colorimetric sensing of phosphate ions by a fluorescent dinuclear zinc complex of a lysine-based ligand
Snehadrinarayan Khatua, Shin Hei Choi, Junseong Lee, David G. Churchill
2:50 PMMetal ion sensing, s-oxidation and stepwise bromination in meso-thienyl dipyrrin systems
Shin Hei Choi, kibong kim, David G. Churchill
3:10 PMNew bimetallic zinc catalyst for the copolymerization of carbon dioxide and cyclohexene oxide at 1 atm
Michael R. Kember, Paul D. Knight, Charlotte K. Williams
3:30 PMOxidation state and electronic properties of ferrocenyl porphyrins
Padmaja Kisari, Gilbert M. Brown
Paper Withdrawn
4:10 PMSpin-dependent delocalization-promoted nanoscopic electron correlation
Robert D. Schmidt, David A. Shultz, Martin L. Kirk, Hyoyoung Lee
4:30 PMTATP detection by fluorescence turn-on of Zn(salen)
Michael J. Knapp, Meaghan E. Germain

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The 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009