CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Sci-Mix
Organizer:Julianne M. Smist
 Cake or death: A peer-led team learning strategy
Allyssa M. Amaya, James E. Becvar
 Changes in conceptual understanding during a first semester general chemistry course
William R. Robinson
 Chemistry of wine: A January travel course to Australia for nonscience majors
April D. Hennis Marchetti, Serge Schreiner
 GoogleDocs: A convenient way to organize collaborative data in teaching and research
Jacqueline Bennett
 Green chemistry, a human issues project
Meshel Mork, James G. Goll
 Making chemistry real with natural dyes
Carol Ann Miderski, Blair E. Elder
 Modifying general chemistry experiments to encourage student interaction and engagement: Small changes that can transform the laboratory experience
Jeffrey J. Bodwin
 POGIL-IC: An ideal context for developing problem solving skills
John A. Goodwin, Darlene L. Slusher, Thomas R. Gilbert, David Hanson
 Potential to impact the entire chemistry teaching and learning pipeline: The undergraduate Learning Assistant model
Laurie S. Langdon, Thomas C. Pentecost, Robert Parson, Susan Hendrickson
 Predicting (non)success in general chemistry for first-year students.
HollyAnn Harris
 Preliminary results of an investigation of the effect of teaching POGIL on student achievement and process skills
Diane M. Bunce, Jessica R. VandenPlas, Kelly Neiles, Elizabeth Flens
 Students' perceptions of comprehensive chemistry examination questions
Brooks Williamson, Jerry P. Suits
 Summer enrichment programs to increase diversity in STEM fields
Jeanette Nappier, Sarah Preston
 Taking organic chemistry experiments one step farther to make them more relevant to the students' everyday lives
L. Liliana Garcia
 Teaching analytical biochemistry with a lab/classroom integrated approach
Mark B. Cannon, Daren N. Heaton
 Teaching quantum mechanics conceptually through situated writing
Samuel Pazicni, Anne V. Vázquez
 Technique based projects in the first semester organic chemistry lab
Daniel P. Predecki, Allison H. Predecki
 Use of forensic science to promote chemistry learning
Danielle LaVictoire, Rachel A. Morgan Theall, James W McGill
 Changes in students' spatial ability, content knowledge, and attitudes through the use of storyboards and student-constructed animation in college general chemistry
James T. Watkins, Vickie M. Williamson
 Costa Rica: An ideal natural laboratory for investigating climate change and sustainability issues
Keith E. Peterman
 Creating a portable biochemistry course with an active learning emphasis
Jennifer Loertscher, Vicky Minderhout, Jennifer E. Lewis, Sachel Villafane
 Effectiveness of iPods in the organic chemistry teaching laboratory
Gretchen L. Anderson, James R. Yocom
 Facilitation strategies of POGIL-based implementation in high school general chemistry classrooms
Jacqueline L. Hilsenbeck-Fajardo, Brooks Williamson, Corina Brown, Jerry P. Suits
 Free-radical and ionic bromination reactions: One apparatus, two mechanisms
Kaitlyn Charles, Michael Bartels, Jacqueline Bennett
 Green chemistry and the Human Issues Studies Program at Edgewood College
James G. Goll, Julie Haebig, Jerrid Dokey, Tyler Duellman, Daniel Oryall, Meshel Mork
 Impact of an educational strategy based on multiple intelligences theory (MIT) on satisfaction, attitude toward science, and academic achievement of undergraduate chemistry students
Sonia Rivera-González
 Low-cost electronic kits as instructional aids for introducing electroanalytical methods into the analytical and instrumental analysis courses
Dan G. Sykes, Rod Kreuter
 NMR Cards: Inquiry-based approach to teaching NMR spectroscopy
Jacqueline Bennett, Matthew R. Miner, Jared Urda
 Normal laboratory vs. the science writing heuristic
William A. Wallace
 Production of effective media for iPods in the organic chemistry teaching laboratory
James R. Yocom, Gretchen L. Anderson
 Project-based learning in a chemistry majors instrumental chemical analysis laboratory
Donald E. Mencer
 Saving time with POGIL grading
Jeffrey R. Pribyl, M. Hadley, Patricia L. Rambo, John A. Kaliski
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The 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009