CHEDThursday, March 26, 2009

8:00 AM-10:05 AM Marriott City Center -- Capitol C, Oral
Research in Chemical Education
Professional Development
Organizer:Gautam Bhattacharyya
Organizer, Presiding:Dawn I. Del Carlo
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:05 AMWomen graduate students' career choices in chemistry
Megan L. Grunert, George M. Bodner
8:25 AMProfessional identity in chemistry: Development and assessment
Tamara Fetters, Bethany Walls, Gautam Bhattacharyya
8:45 AMIntermission
9:05 AM"Maybe I choose to learn more: Findings from a research based laboratory case study
Kellie F Green, Laura J. Nikstad, Gabriela Szteinberg, Gabriela C. Weaver
9:25 AMEthics: Are my students prepared to make the right decision?
Provi M. Mayo
9:45 AMDiscussion

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