ENVRMonday, March 23, 2009

8:30 AM-11:25 AM Hilton -- Alpine Ballroom West, Oral
New Energy Technology
Tritium, Neutron Production and Bubble Fusion
Organizer, Presiding:Jan Marwan
8:30 AMCharacterization of neutrons emitted during Pd/D co-deposition
P. A. Mosier-Boss, Stanislaw Szpak, Frank E. Gordon, Lawrence Forsley
8:55 AMField–assisted electroplating
Julie A. Yurkovic, Stefanie J. Zakskorn, Neil D. Robertson, Hiroaki Saito
9:20 AMAnomalous tritium production in CMNS
Xing Z. Li
9:45 AMAdvances in acoustic inertial confinement bubble nuclear fusion
Robert C Block, Richard T Lahey, Robert I Nigmatulin, Rusi P Taleyarkhan
10:10 AMWhen bubble cavitation becomes sonofusion
Roger S. Stringham
10:35 AMObservation of high multiplicity neutron emission events from deuterated Pd and Ti samples at BARC: A review
Mahadeva Srinivasan
11:00 AMObservation of neutrons and tritium in a wide variety of LENR configurations: BARC results revisited
Mahadeva Srinivasan
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