ENVRSunday, March 22, 2009

8:30 AM-11:25 AM Hilton -- Alpine Ballroom West, Oral
New Energy Technology
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions: Introduction and Overview
Organizer, Presiding:Jan Marwan
8:30 AMIntroducing low energy nuclear reactions
Jan Marwan
8:55 AMLow-energy nuclear reaction research: 2009 ACS update
Steven B. Krivit
9:20 AMCondensed matter nuclear science discoveries
Scott R Chubb Sr., Talbot A. Chubb
9:45 AMFrom cold fusion to condensed matter nuclear science: 20 years of research
Michael Charles Harold McKubre
10:10 AMTwenty year history of LENR research using Pd/D codeposition
Frank E. Gordon, Stanislaw Szpak, P. A. Mosier-Boss, Melvin H. Miles, Lawrence Forsley
10:35 AMFrom the proof of principle to a working prototype
Antonella De Ninno
11:00 AMPractical use of nuclear quadrupole and internal magnetic field augmented LENR
Dennis Cravens, Rod Gimpel, Vince Golubic

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The 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009