CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Polymer Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
Anionic synthesis of multiblock copolymer compatibilizers
Kurtis C. Fairley, Dean A. Waldow
Atomic force microscopy of low molecular weight polystyrene/polybutadiene thin film polymer blends with added copolymers
Luke N. Latimer, Dean A. Waldow
Cloud point analysis of critical compositions and temperatures for a polystyrene/polybutadiene blend with added diblock copolymers of varying composition
Mike V. Barich, Dean A. Waldow
Dye-encapsulation and characterization of well-ordered poly(methyl methacrylate) photonic crystals formed on high density organic liquid substrates
Jeremy S. Wignall, Cheryl J. Campo
Development of quantitative structure-activity relationships for predictive modeling of dental biomaterials
Joedd Biggs, Jason A. Morrill, Christopher N. Bowman, Jeffrey W Stansbury
Environmentally friendly replacements for phenol-formaldehyde in phenolic urethane foundry binders
Mitchell A. Patterson, Shoshanna R. Coon, Gerard Thiel
Integration of polymers and organometallic compounds for use as sensor materials
Sunshine Peterson, Megan L Nagel
Ion concentrations at the surfaces of poly(ethylene oxide) films related to the casting substrate's surface free energy
Dan Kordonowy, Christopher Smith, Dale Teeters
Paper Withdrawn
Lowering cost and increasing the efficiency of ethanol production: Polymer-supported aquaporin Z water-selective membranes
Nicole A. Earnshaw, Jason P. Irish, Wayne Yunghans, Cheryl J. Campo
Microwave-assisted suspension polymerization of polystyrene beads
Amanda M. Applegate, Jennifer A. Tripp
New bis-urea building blocks for the preparation of supramolecular polymers
Kyle Clarence Doty, Bruno Andrioletti, Mihaela Roman
Observation of block copolymer self-assembly in solution by NMR relaxation
Gregg M. Wilmes, Vanessa R. Porter
Relating reaction conditions to regioregularity in the polymerization of carbodiimides
Vanessa R. Porter, Justin G. Kennemur, Bruce M. Novak
Quasi-living synthesis of semiconducting polymers
NoŽl M Lewis, Christine K. Luscombe
Structure and morphology of virus-composite fibers fabricated via electrospinning method
Vaughn G. Braxton, Qian Wang, Zhongwei Niu
Synthesis of phenol based polymers
Danielle M. Raymond, Vincent M. Carroll, Ronny Priefer
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of poly (aryl) ethers using a difluoromethyl activated monomer
Samantha J Klein, Robert W. Kopitzke
Utilizing polymer coatings for armor protection
Andrew J. Knudson, Maria J. Schroeder

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