CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Physical Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
Acid-base reactions in 2-D: A scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of an acid terminated self-assembled monolayer
Ryan E. Matsuda, Kevin E. Johnson
Analyzing the binding of nevirapine and rilpivirine to HIV-1 reverse transcriptase through computationally derived charge optimization
Mona Minkara, Mala Radhakrishnan
Bioelectrochemistry of Venus flytrap
Holly Carrell, Alexander George Volkov
ß-Amino acid conformational energies and solvent effect
Anthony Vida, Felix Ngassa, Jie Song
Bulk chirality: The influence of molecular asymmetry on the phase behaviors of the mesomorphic 2,7-diacyl fluorenes
Aurora A. Pribram-Jones, Gerald R. Van Hecke
Cellular electron transport in the mitochondrial inner membrane: Pathways of initial electron transfer
CHI PHUONG HO, Mai Hoang, Xuehe Zheng
Paper Withdrawn
Characterization of solvent effects in Triton X-100 molecules
Ryan H. Lo, Daniel J. Aschaffenburg
Comparison of rules of additivity and DFT in predicting 13C NMR shifts of anisole derivatives
Emily C. Despeaux, Amanda J. Stambaugh, James B. Foresman, Kathleen M. Halligan
Computational investigation of the leucine transport mechanism in LeuTAa
Bonnie A. Merchant, Thomas J. Dick, Jeffry D. Madura
Paper Withdrawn
Computational study of TiH5+ and CH5+
Melissa A. E. Joyce, Joseph M. Brom
Contact electrification of liquid electrets
Garrett A. Bernard, George K. Kaufman
Creatine and beta-alanine stability and kinetics analyzed using NMR and HPLC
Kiyana Edwards, Tony Wallner
Determining the binary phase diagram of n-dodecyl-b-D-glucopyranoside in water
Chiara H. Giammanco, Kerry K. Karukstis
Paper Withdrawn
DFT study of hydration in the neutral and zwitterionic fluoroquinolone antibiotic flumequine
Craig Anthony Casillas, R. C. Binning, Daniel Bacelo
DFT study of the ferrocene redox potential
M. Graham Guthrie, Lindsay E Roy, Enrique R. Batista
Dicyanoamide: Its role in energetic ionic liquids
Caleb M. Carlin, Mark S. Gordon
Direct imaging of the photodissociation of OBrO
Deirdre C. Manion-Fischer, Kristin S. Dooley, Wayne Harshbarger, Simon W. North
Economical differential scanning calorimeter
Caleb M. Hill, Jan Gryko
Effects of ion and water channels blockers and uncouplers on the Dionaea muscipula Ellis trap closure
Kendall J. Coopwood, Alexander George Volkov
Electrochemical, spectroscopic, and theoretical studies of commonly used pyridine-based ligands
Elana Stennett, Annett Klostermann
Enthalpy change for the chemiluminescent oxidation of luminol
Joshua Beri, Carl Salter
Excess thermodynamic functions of n-hexan-1-ol or cyclohexan-1-ol + n-alkane mixtures using viscometry, dilatometry, refractometry, and laser light scattering
Mark P Cyffka, Minseok Jang, Christine L. Kalcic, Gerald R. Van Hecke
Excited state coupling of adjacent thymine nucleobases
Christopher Kozak, Spiridoula Matsika
Factors that control the surface orientation of polymers
Sarah B. Moxley, Alexander D. Curtis, Bradley J. Nielson, James E. Patterson
Finding an equation for Λ° to describe hydrochloric acid solutions to 579 K and 100 MPa
Dmitriy Mayorov, Gregory H Zimmerman
Fluorescence of ozone-sulfur dioxide van der Waals complexes
Jill A. Thomas, Dustin Albrecht, Michael S. Elioff
Ground and excited state conformational analysis of methyl salicylate and other substituted phenols
Anthony Gilmore, Nicholas Richards, Jason W. Ribblett
Formation and metastable fragmentation of hydrogen sulfide cluster ions
Holly A. Hargrove, William J. Porter, David A. Hales
Photofragmentation of hydrogen sulfide cluster ions
William J. Porter, Holly A. Hargrove, David A. Hales
Ground and low-lying excited states of C2O4
Alexander Findlater, Jie Song
Paper Withdrawn
High resolution spectra of the AuF D1Σ+X1Σ+ and C1Π–X1Σ+ transitions
Benjamin J. Knurr, Elissa K. Butler, Thomas D. Varberg
High resolution spectroscopy of the EX system of TaO
Thomas K. Mahle, Zachary W. Morrow, Benjamin J. Knurr, Thomas D. Varberg
High-resolution IR spectroscopy of nitromethane: An explosive study
Jasen M. Stephany, Michael D. Schuder
High-resolution single-crystal X-ray structure and electron density determination of 6-aza-uracil
Gabrielle Fontenot, Edwin D. Stevens
Hydrolysis of parathion in a liquid-liquid biphasic system
Benjamin A. Parker, Julia M. Coppola, Henry A. Charlier Jr., Michael W. Hill
Identification of enantiomeric interactions in zeolites by solid state NMR
Tram Duong, Jill Ruiz Carreon, Erika Martinez, Jasmine Rios, Cindy Son, Deniz Cizmeciyan
Immobilization of polyoxometalates on functionalized silica
Andrea Tremaine, Michael A. Everest
In search of X: EXAFS characterization and computational structural models of RNR intermediate X
Derrick N. Ashong, Eduardo M. Sproviero, Victor S. Batista
Innovative method for measuring particle motion in a spouted fluidized bed
Emily Elizabeth Patterson, Jack Halow
Investigating para-hydrogen induced polarization (PHIP) in hydrogenation reactions
Daniel C. Bailey, Susan J. Kohler
Paper Withdrawn
Investigation of liquid crystal binary phase diagrams exhibiting reentrance calculated by the equal Gibbs energy method
Trevor A. McQueen, Gerald R. Van Hecke
Kinetic study of self-assembled monolayer deposition via Sonogashira coupling reactions under microwave heating conditions
Charles B. Hall, Clifford B. Murphy
Paper Withdrawn
Methane-to-methanol conversion on first-row transition metal oxide cations
Christopher Hauger, Joshua Brown, William J. Jackson, Eric D. Glendening, Tyler M. Fromm
Modification of diblock copolymer thin-film morphologies by the addition of a fullerene derivative
Eric Nasca, Hsiang-Wei Lu, Shenda M. Baker
Molecular dynamics simulations of methane motion in clathrate hydrate cages
Laura L. Pollum, Jacob Goldsmith, Lisa B. Lewis, Craig R. Bieler, Craig C. Martens
Molecular electronics: Tunneling devices with semiconducting leads
Amy J. LeVee, Emil V. Prodan
Monitoring the effects of irradiation of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid over titanium dioxide thin films using attenuated total reflectance infrared spectroscopy
Jonathan M. Shafer, Cleo B. Vidican, Emily D. Rames, Antonella M. Conflitti, Patricia M. Walworth, Katherine C. Lanigan
Networks of correlated amino acids with a role in the mechanical response of fibrinogen to tension
Kelly E. Haines, Ruxandra I. Dima
Nighttime measurements of NO3 and N2O5 in equilibrium with NOx and O3
Anna Molina, Simon W North, Katie Perkins, Justine N. Geidosch
NMR and molecular modeling studies of 2,3-diaminophenazine
Ericka J Malow, James Locker
Nonideality in the binary phase diagrams of homologous 4'-n-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyls
Joshua M. Cobb, Gerald R. Van Hecke
Photodegradation of chlorophenol with dye-sensitized titania
John C Kuruc, Mary C. Sherman, Steven Gravelle
Pseudo rate law determination of FD&C Green No. 3
Spencer Gabriel Rohrbacher, Martha R. Joseph
Paper Withdrawn
Quantum dynamics simulations in MADNESS
Taylor Arnold Barnes, Robert J. Harrison
Sequence-dependent changes in PNA•DNA duplex conformations
Jennifer-Lynn Demers, Tricia D Shepherd
[Ru(bpy)(dmbpy)(phen)]2+ as a luminescence probe for phase transitions in glycerol - water mixtures
Tien N. Van, Valerie A. Schram, Bratoljub H. Milosavljevic
Sequence-dependent structural differences in RNA•DNA hybrids
Danyal Floisand, Tricia D Shepherd
SERS measurements with a miniature Raman spectrometer
Michael Sullivan, Liangmin Zhang, William A. Burns, Scott W. Reeve
Size controlled growth of sexithiophene islands on silicon oxide: Toward spatially resolved interfacial charge transfer studies in organic solar cells
Leah L Kelly, Oliver L. A. Monti
Spectroscopic characterization of prodan encapsulated within the nanocavities of cyclodextrins
Alison R. Lee, Kerry K. Karukstis
Spontaneous 2-D nanostructures formed from mixtures of diblocks and triblocks
Taylor Neiman, Shenda M. Baker
Stopped-flow enzyme-kinetics of the oxidation of o-phenylenediamine by hydrogen peroxide
Kristin Birscsak, James Locker
Structural characterization of ligand-bound glucose/galactose binding protein
Jessica L. Garza, Troy C. Messina
Study of bioelectrochemical effects of thermal shock in higher plants using high speed data acquisition
Ryan D. Lang, Alexander George Volkov
Surface adsorption effect on alcohol denaturation of cytochrome c
Robert A. Davidson, Meng-Chih Su
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of 4-mercaptobenzoic acid-functionalized silver-gold sol-gels
Katie E Sours, Brian Gilbert
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of p-(dimethyl)amino-cinnamaldehyde: Theory and experiment
Diane Morgan, Brian D. Gilbert
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of p-aminothiophenol on Ag100-xAux alloy nanoparticles
Victoria A. Treadaway, Brian D. Gilbert
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Theoretical studies of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) monomers
Hyeonjin Cho, Trisiani Affandi, Rajeev R. Pandey, Jie Song
Theoretical study of the vibrational and electronic structure of magnesium and calcium silicate clusters
Patrick Blachly, Hernandez-Soto Heriberto
Using coumarin 337 as an infrared probe
Daniel J. Aschaffenburg, Richard S. Moog
Paper Withdrawn

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