CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Organic Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
ω-Azidoalkyl-, ω-alkynyl- and ω-phthalimido-alkyl substituents at the methylene bridge position of calix[4]arenes
Jordan L. Fantini, Michael J. Hardman
1-Alkyl-2,3-dihydro-4(1H)-quinolinones by a tandem Michael-SNAr annulation reaction
Takahiro Nago, Richard A. Bunce
3-(Hydroxymethyl)hexahydro-1H-pyrrolizine-1,2,6,7-tetraol synthesis from D-glucose
Natalie Dogal, Louis J Liotta
Acid promoted tert-butylation of thiols under pressure
Kendall B. Seward, Anna C. J. Coffey, Mylaka A. Clinedinst, Mary E. Cox, Richard W. Fitch
Additional Knoevenagel coupling reactions of aldehydes and ketones
Casey J. McCormick, Daniel J. Swartling
Analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in Onosmodium helleri
Nicholas Root, Whitney R. Parker, Blaine I. Turner, Jake A Cox, Cale M. Flesher, Rosanna K. Kyniston, Ronald B. Kelley
Analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in Rainiera stricta
Ashley A. Julian, Jason D. Brown, Danielle S. Kelley, Ronald B. Kelley
Analysis of the long-range coupling in the 19F NMR spectra of some fluoroalkyl triflates
Megan M Nunes, Thomas B. Malloy Jr.
Analysis of [FeII(2,2'-bipyridine)2] derivatives as dye sensitizers on nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells
Matthew D. Graaf, Jeffrey E. Elbert
Approaches to anthracene-substituted cyclopropenium ions
Thomas J. Sisto, Dasan M. Thamattoor
Approaches to the preparation of 2-substituted bis-indenylidene dications with phenyl spacers
Thomas Dailey, Florisa Lubrin, Blair Shackleton, Nancy S. Mills
Asymmetric conjugate addition: Synthesis of (+)-kalkitoxin
Everett W. Merling, Nina R. Collins, Richard J. Mullins
Asymmetric conjugate addition: Synthesis of (+)-pilosine
Michael J. Beauchamp, Reid M. Faylor, Richard J. Mullins
Asymmetric conjugate addition: Synthesis of lasiol
Emily E. Wilding, John J. Gregg, Richard J. Mullins
Attempted determination of pKa values for substituted acetic acids using carbon-13 chemical shifts
Samantha Hoyhtya, Ross Kuchta, Robert Eliason
Attempted synthesis of polyphosphonium salts
Thomas W. Nalli, Desiree Bates, Colby Skar, Saluja Mahabamunuge
Bridged analogs of two-twist [10]annulene
Phuong T. Nguyen, Claire Castro, William L. Karney
Chemical reactivity of 6-oxoverdazyl free radicals
David J R Brook, Thanh-Ngoc T. Le
Chemical signals of musth in male elephant urine
Laura J. Broederdorf, Blake Burkert, John Christie, Ben L. Davis, Zach Waldrip, Thomas E. Goodwin, Elizabeth Freeman, Julie Hollister-Smith, Bruce A. Schulte
Effects of aging on the volatile organic chemicals in male elephant urine
Blake Burkert, Laura J. Broederdorf, John Christie, Zach Waldrip, Thomas E. Goodwin, Bruce A. Schulte
Chiral ionic liquids as resolving agents in chromatography
Julio Calixto, William Eichert, William Scherzinger, Dale E Vitale
Chiral lithium carbanions: An exercise in organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, solution kinetics, and chemical thermodynamics
Andrew Ward
Chromium-tetrone complexes as novel magnetic materials
Elizabeth A. Reznikov, Vanessa P. McCaffrey
Collagen as a target for multivalent recognition by self-assembled receptors
Lauren Gann, Lesley Russell, Jeffrey Hartgerink, Adam R. Urbach
Comparative study of defensive chemicals and warning color pigments in Jadera haematoloma and Oncopeltus fasiatus
Alexandra E. Jenkins, Alexandria L. Lister, Joseph Macedonia, Eric Kjellmark, Michelle Leslie
Comparing the alkenyl group with the presence of a bulky group on the α-carbon of chloroformate esters
Shannon E. Carter, Malcolm J. D'Souza, Dennis N. Kevill
Comparison of intramolecular-intermolecular hydrogen bonding competition in alcohols and diols
Laura Gonzalez, Adriana Pavia, Amanda Riojas, J. D. Lewis
Concise, biomimetic synthesis of (+)-davanone
Jonathan P. Litz, Karen C. Brown, Kathryn P. Scherpelz, Paul D. Dossa, David A. Vosburg
Convergent approach to the preparation of 1,2-dihydroquinolines via a tandem Michael-aldol reaction
Anna Wagner
Conversion of dihydrooctalene to [14]annulene
Tobechi Okoronkwo, Claire Castro, William L. Karney
Correlation of the rates of solvolysis of isopropyl chloroformate
Brian P. Mahon, Darneisha N. Reed, Malcolm J. D'Souza, Dennis N. Kevill
Cyclization of vinylogous acylcarbenes to furans
John B. Goods, Dasan M. Thamattoor
Cyclopropane fragmentation approaches to the synthesis of piperidines and azepines
Brandon Vara, Matthew Troum, Kevin P. C. Minbiole
Dehydrogenation of indoline and some derivatives with potassium permanganate supported on montmorillonite K – 10 as oxidizing material
Lizbeth N. Ruiz, Ivy Troche, Rene S. Vieta
Design and synthesis of structural analogs of the natural product angelmarin to target pancreatic cancer
Claire B. Reddy, Adina Badea, Dora Carrico-Moniz
Development of a catalytic reaction for the phosphorylation of alcohols
Owen S. Fenton, Elizabeth M. Morris, Bianca R. Sculimbrene
Development of Raman spectroscopy as a tool for monitoring organic reactions
Kelvin Frazier, Jason R. Schmink, Nicholas E. Leadbeater
Distribution of para-nitrophenol in a model biphasic system by single pulse slice-selective spatially resolved excitation (SPS3RE) NMR spectroscopy
Bryan Martin, Owen M. McDougal, Michael W. Hill
Dramatic heavy atom effect in the quenching of chloro-substituted lucigenin
Alicia M. Jones, Chelsea A. Ragland, Eamonn F. Healy, Jeffrey S. T. Gorman
Efficient synthesis and characterization of biodiesel for small scale production
Shane E. Smith, Josh Gesford, Gregory P. Foy, Kathleen M. Halligan, Gary Sigel
Efficient synthesis of cyclopropyl peptidomimetics of D-ala-D-ala
Norma Dunlap, Kent Griffin, Phillip Singer
Formation of peptide isosteres via olefin cross metathesis
Jennifer A. Beaudoin, Bianca R. Sculimbrene
Efficient synthesis of phosphates from alcohols using phosphoramidites
Elizabeth M. Morris, Owen S. Fenton, Bianca R. Sculimbrene
Efforts toward the synthesis of iridium pincer complexes of saturated NHC ligands
Philip L. Osburn, Andrew J. Schmidt
Paper Withdrawn
Employing azaferrocene catalysts in the ketene-Claisen condensation of beta-ketoesters
Andy E. Osborn, Mary Robert Nahm Garrett
Encapsulation of an aryl azide in a hemicarcerand
Gozel A Berkeliyeva, James S. Poole
Evaluation of the chiral relay concept using pyrazolidinone ring systems
Kathryn M. Morrison, Craig P Jasperse
Examination of regioselectivity and stereoselectivity of intramolecular silyl nitronate cycloaddition of an alkenyne nitroether
Katie Hassebroek, Shik-Ki Li
Expanding the scope of polyhydroxylated pyrrolizidine synthesis by starting with D–galactose
Nicholas J. Pace, Louis J Liotta
Extraction and isolation of capsaicin from various peppers.
Christopher Busch, Nicholas Chubatyi, Francis C Mayville
Fluorescence assay for molecular recognition of peptides by cucurbit[8]uril
David Stuck, Nicole D. Bouley, Adam R. Urbach
Formation of proximal ß-amino silyl enol ethers from 2-acylaziridines using silyllithium reagents
Laura A. Augustine, Aaron M. Hartel
Free energy relationships in nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions of substituted pyridines in an ionic liquid
Sara A. Brown, Marcus W. Thomsen
Free radical iodination of alkanes
Chelsey Hall, Melvyn W. Mosher
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Green microscale organic chemistry: Solventless synthesis of sulfa drug derivatives
Rebecca Callahan, Blake Burkert, Linda Desrochers, Danny Fuller, Shauna Gibbons, Donald Turner, Yvette Wanchia, Chelsea A. Washington, Thomas E. Goodwin
Grignard based epoxide coupling methodology: Application to polypropionate synthesis
Kellymar Rosa-Pérez, Elizabeth M. Valentín-Nevárez, Jose A. Prieto
Highly conjugated arenediynes: Synthesis, structure and reactivity of 1,2-bis(2-(anthracen-10-yl)ethynyl)benzene
Joseph R. Renner, John D. Spence
Hydrogen-bonding in ortho-substituted benzoates I
Jan Dui Kim, Charles M. Baldwin
Initial investigations into the synthesis and electrochemical polymerization of thiophene-based molecular imprinted polymers for use as benzene sensor electrodes
Lisa J. Young, Matt K. Haga, Don L. Warner
Investigation of temperature and solvent effects of 4-methyl-1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-dione (MTAD) reacted with Z,Z-1,4-dicyclopropyl-1,3-butadiene
Leng Leng Young, Christopher Gomez, Kevin O'Shea
Investigation of the C10 electrophilic site in DNA interstrand cross-linking by synthetic aziridinomitosenes
Emma L. McInturff, Katherine M. McHail, Don L. Warner
Paper Withdrawn
Investigation of the intermolecular association between cucurbit[7]uril and monosaccharides
Bethany C. Collins, Steven C. Haefner
Investigations of stereoselectivity in the formation of peptidyl vinyl and allyl sulfones
Andrew B. Arend, Marion G. Götz
Ionic liquid diesters and diols
Katie M. Ausburn, Aaron T. Smith, Martin J. Campbell
Improving the yield of polyhydroxylated pyrrolizidines
Ashley E. Lajoie, Louis Liotta
Iron-catalyzed Oppenauer-type oxidation of alcohols
Alec N Brown, Hairong Guan, Michael G. Coleman
Isolation and characterization of organic compounds from Momordica charantia "Cundeamor" infusion used for type II diabetes in Puerto Rico
Jessica Torres Kolbus, Elba D. Reyes
Isolation and extraction of metabolites from Maquira calophylla
Hunter J. Bodle, Kathleen M. Halligan
Isolation of limonene in citrus and its quantification using gas chromatography
Leslie Revoredo, Jessica Murillo, Jose Torres, Daniel Ruizcalderon, Mayra Exposito
Paper Withdrawn
Mechanistic comparison of organocatalytic ring-opening polymerizations of L-lactide
Andrew Hollenbeck, Hans W. Horn, Julia E. Rice, William C. Swope, James L. Hedrick
Mechanistic investigation of the photochemical rearrangements of cinnamyl acetate
Katie Comstock, Steven A. Fleming, Nathan Bennett
Metal triflate catalyzed Friedel-Crafts reactions in room temperature ionic liquids
Kaitlin M. Traister, Marcus W. Thomsen
Method development for synthesis of 1,4-benzodioxanes
Erich C Bowman, Jinsong Zhang
Methylation of a doubly-linked cyclopentadiene ligand
Jared Criswell, Robert Martin Chin
Michael addition of nitromethane to Knoevenagel adducts of Meldrum's acid
Daniel J. Roubik, Daniel J. Swartling
Paper Withdrawn
Microwave-assisted Clauson-Kaas synthesis: A green approach to substituted pyrroles
Kelsey C. Miles, Daniel M. Ketcha
Mild method for the rapid reduction of alkenes and alkynes using acetic acid, sodium borohydride and palladium
Sara Whitney, Emily Friz, Anthony Tran, Vincent Hunyh, David B. Cordes
Modification of methylene-bridge substituted p-tert-butylcalix[4]arenes
Jordan L. Fantini, Ashley M. Thomas
Modular synthesis of mono(THF) acetogenins
Brendan L. Mackinson, Kevin J. Quinn
N-Acyl nitrones en route to isoxazolidines
Christopher C. Williams, Hannah C. Neubauer, Stephen R. Sieck
Paper Withdrawn
Nickel oxide hydroxide: A potential oxidizing agent
Sonia De la Torre, Ingrid Montes
Novel additivity scheme for predicting and interpreting alkane stability
Anderw Beaven, Eric D. Glendening
Novel biocompatible phosphorylcholine polymers from norbornene derivatives
Nicholas A Lesmeister, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Novel cyclopentadienone dimer
Christopher D Huelsman, William A. Feld
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Novel synthesis of a multidimensional isoflavone: Genistein
James S. Gordon, Jeffrey D. St. Denis, Ronny Priefer
Novel synthesis of isoflavone library
Kyle F. Biegasiewicz, Jeffrey D. St. Denis, Ronny Priefer
Optimization of the synthetic methodology toward the formation of a novel antibiotic
Ashley L. Patraw, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Organic reactions at polymer-coating interfaces
Dave Jenkins, H. Neil Gray
Oxaziridine-mediated intramolecular amination of sp3-hybridized C–H bonds
Tehshik P. Yoon, Charles P. Allen, Amanda Turek
Oxidation of asymmetric oligothiophenes and comparisons of physical and theoretical properties to the parent oligomer
Victor N. Melnichuk, Lauren M. Hunker, Ashli M. Tucker, Aurora J. Turgeon, Ted M. Pappenfus
Oxygen-18 labeling studies of beta-acetoxycarbene
Jonathan C. Guerrette, Dasan M. Thamattoor
Ozonolysis of cyclopentene investigated by infrared spectroscopy at cryogenic temperatures
Katherine N. Gillett
Pathways to lyngbyatoxin: Development of a synthetic sequence to an asymmetric quaternary carbon center
David B. Ball, Karl Voigtritter
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Phosphorus containing proline derivatives for asymmetric organocatalysis
Andy R. Mastay, David M. Bartley
Paper Withdrawn
Photoinduced DNA cleavage by radicals from aryl sulfoxides
Amanda L. Crowder, John N. Richardson, Allison H. Predecki
Photoreduction-dimerization of imines to make vic-diamines
Caitlin Heuberger, Jacqueline Bennett
Polymerization of ethynylpyridines with electrophilic carbohydrate reagents
Henry B Kells, Daniel Sandman, Alexandre Blumstein
Preparation of aryl and alkyl proximal β-hydroxy silyl enol ethers from α,β-epoxyketones using silyllithium reagents
Heather K. Baker, Aaron M. Hartel
Preparation of asymmetric allyl alcohols
Ryne Johnston, Martin J. Campbell
Preparation of C2 symmetric transition metal complexes as potential chiral catalysts
Laura M. Castellano, Joseph M. Tanski, Laurie A. Tyler, J. Gregory Reid
Preparation of Mannich bases from 2-acylaziridines using silyllithium reagents
Amanda L. Davis, Aaron M. Hartel
Preparation of pseudotripeptides from amino acid (ester-protected) thiophosphorinates
Jon Cook, Susan M. Schelble, James King IV, Jason Lathrop, Walter Vizcaino
Probing the electronic influence of bystander substituents on the 1,2-H shift in carbenes (carbenoids)
Tatenda Mahlokozera, Dasan M. Thamattoor
Production of biogas on a small scale
Trevor Feagin, Spencer Bremer, Neil Bastian, Peter J Iles, Luther Giddings, Sesh Seshadri, Ron Valcarce
Progress in greener synthesis of aziridines
Brandon Walker, Jacqueline Bennett
Progress to the racemic synthesis of gallicynoic acids
David B. Ball, Christina McCulley
Progress toward the development of a Wittig olefination catalytic in triphenylarsine
Alayna L. Linde, Neal A. Yakelis
Progress toward a total synthesis of the endiandric acids
Rachel T. Nishimura, Andrew H. Chung, Ken Loh, David A. Vosburg
Progress toward the synthesis and chemistry of novel 1-aryl-1H-diazirino[1,2-b]phthalazine-3,8-diones
Steven M. Bonser, Laura A Ruiz
Progress toward the synthesis and chemistry of some 1,2-diacyldiaziridines
Steven M. Bonser, Rachel T. Dao
Progress toward the synthesis and chemistry of some novel diaziridines
Steven M. Bonser, Hudson T. VanOrmer
Progress toward the synthesis of 1,2-dibenzenesulfonyldiaziridines
Steven M. Bonser, Boon C. Lor
Progress toward the synthesis of a novel series of hepatitis C NS3/4A protease inhibitors
Nayna A. Lodhia, Dora Carrico-Moniz
Progress toward the total dynthesis of (±) angelmarin and structural analogs as potential anticancer agents
Ka Yi Ngai, Christina Woo, Dora Carrico-Moniz
Quantitative evaluation of resonance forms using quantum mechanics
Fadekemi A Oba, Carl R. Kemnitz
Radical desulfonylation reactions in aqueous medium using tris(trimethylsilyl)silane and thiols
Jessica Zayas, Pablo R Sacasa, Stanislaw F. Wnuk
Radical intermediates in and additions to ruthenium polyene complexes
Jesse J. Keenan, Jeffrey H. Byers
Re-investigation of a geminal bis(nitroxide) diradical
David J R Brook, Nura I. Omer, Loan Lam, Bhumika Patel
Reaction of chlorosulfonyl isocyanate with fluorosubstituted alkenes
Kevyn J Davenport, Dale Shellhamer
Reactions of acylhydrazides and sulfonohydrazides
Tim Wheeler, David L. Dillon
Paper Withdrawn
Reductive alkylations of malononitrile and further manipulation to efficiently prepare substituted cyanoacetates
Chad Keyes, Robert E. Sammelson
Rethinking anion exchange with quaternary ammonium compounds
Robert J. Fick, Jeremy D. Erickson, Dr. Gary W. Earl, Dr. Duane E. Weisshaar
Scent properties of trans-cinnamaldehyde
Eva Csuhai, Megan M. O'Conner, Sydney J. Blevins, Chelsey M. McCoy
Soluble-polymer supported synthesis of triazole libraries under thermomorphic conditions
Philip L. Osburn, Dan Bertschman
Steric and electronic effects of substituents on the rate of allene cyclopropanation
Mark K. Farrugia, John R. Frost, Timothy M. Gregg
Structure activity relationship of a novel non-nucleoside epigenetic anticancer agent
Rachel A. Hickerson, Celinah Mwakwari, Adegboyega K Oyelere
Structure-activity studies in a well-defined oligovalent system
Marlies V. Hager, Adam R. Urbach
Structure-defining interactions involving the nitro group in crystalline "bridge-flipped" isomeric phenylhydrazones
Jeremy D. Leavell, William H. Ojala
Studies in the preparation of Grignard reagents from ortho, meta, and para substituted secondary benzylic chlorides and bromides
Peggy E. Williams, David A. Counce, Richard A. Kjonaas
Studies on sulfur-mediated oxidation of alcohols with chiral sulfides
Mylaka A. Clinedinst, Anna C. J. Coffey, Richard W. Fitch
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Study of linked ferrocene compounds in cyclic voltammetry and host-guest chemistry
David L. Sellers, Geoff Brueggen, Bruce W. Baldwin
Syntheses and reactivity of (naphthalen-2-yl)ethynyl and (phenanthren-9-yl)ethynyl arenediynes
Michael L. Chang, John D. Spence
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis and biochemical analysis of 1-(1,2,3-triazolyl)-D-glucopyranose
Peter Norris, Nick D. Mensah, Caitlin H. Lottie, Steven Knapp
Synthesis and characterization of dexoyglucose derived low molecular weight oragnogelators
Sherman Coleman, Sherwin Cheuk, Guijun Wang
Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent conjugated polymers with pendant cyclodextrin receptors for the detection of EDCs.
Jack M. Fuller, Clifford B. Murphy
Synthesis and characterization of new acetylpyrazine thiosemicarbazones
Michael Beck, Keith Steelman, Edward C. Lisic
Synthesis and characterization of new chromone semicarbazone and thiosemicarbazone compounds
Erica Stoner, Edward C. Lisic
Synthesis and characterization of nonathiophene oligomers and the effects of oxidation patterns
Zachary M. Boser, Ted M. Pappenfus, Lindsay M. Hinkle, Kari A. McGee, Kent R. Mann
Synthesis and cyclization of bis-(2-trimethylsilylethynyl)sulfide
Noelle Conneely, Dan Thomsen
Synthesis and evaluation of a salen-derived hypervalent iodine reagent
William D Andert, Matthew M Logan, Ryan Stowe, Laura M. Kirk, Andrew N. French
Synthesis and PET reactions of multifunctionalized O-alkyl oximes
Matthew M Logan, H. J. P. De Lijser
Synthesis and photophysical characterization of 2-hydroxynaphthalene-1-yl methylene hydrazine carboxamide as anion sensor
Oyebola Abiodun Oladeinde
Synthesis and reduction of alpha-haloketones
Rod Erfani, Robert E. Rosenberg
Synthesis and self-assembly of a guanine derivative in aqueous media
Aura L. Collazo-Ramos, Marilyn García-Arriaga, José M. Rivera
Synthesis and studies of 5-azido-2-methoxy-1,3-xylyl-18-crown-5
Christopher T. Dishinger, Jason R. Povilaitis, Bruce N Storhoff
Synthesis and thermal study of cyclopropyl-substituted bicyclic vinylcyclobutane derivatives
Anthony J. Nocket, Phyllis A. Leber
Synthesis of β-fluoroamides and amines
Kathleen McLallen, Mel Druelinger
Synthesis of 1-N-substituted cyclised pyrazoline analogs of thiosemicarbazones as potential antiamebic drug
Keith B Austin, Monichan Phay, Dr. Avelina Espinosa, Daniel D. Von Riesen
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of a biphenyl-based phosphoric acid for chiral Brřnsted acid catalysis
Elisa G Gutierrez, Laura KG. Ackerman
Synthesis of a carbohydrate-modified analog of KRN7000
Kaddy Camara, Maryam Khalili, Amy R. Howell
Synthesis of a new class of possible antitumor drugs: 9-Hydroxylaminoacridines
Nathan S. Duncan, Josh Taylor, Melvyn W. Mosher
Synthesis of a new humic acid model and its reactions with monochloramine
Kristin E. Mitrovich
Synthesis of a novel cubane-based chiral ligand and its application in asymmetric reactions
Michelle L. Ingalsbe, Ronny Priefer
Synthesis of a novel oxazolidinone antimicrobial
Luyen Nguyen, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of an unexpected major product from the reaction of 2,2,4,4,6-pentachloro-5-cyclohexen-1,3-dione with ammonia
Luke A. Tatum
Synthesis of beta-ketoesters via reactions catalyzed by quinine derivatives
Cara E. Miccoli, Mary Robert Nahm Garrett
Synthesis of chiral crown ethers and their use as phase transfer catalysts
James R. Blanton, Robert Clark
Synthesis of copper (I) sensitive fluorescent compounds for use in imaging in living cellular systems
Andrew Callaghan, Mel Druelinger
Synthesis of derivatives of 3-aminoquinazolinone and 2'-deoxyguanosine as potential protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Kirk D. Wyatt, Felix N. Ngassa, Laurie A. Witucki
Synthesis of dihydropyranones by tandem metathesis
Kevin P. McGrath, Kevin J. Quinn
Synthesis of dihydroxyurea derivatives using dimethyldithiocarbonate
Mycah R. Uehling, Neal A. Yakelis
Synthesis of electron-rich dehydrobenzoannulenes for incorporation into multicomponent sensors
Christropher P. Miller, Jason Beck, Dominque Johnson, KC. Russell
Synthesis of enamines, a precursor to neolignans
Nicole Crouse, Jinsong Zhang
Synthesis of functionalized isoluminol derivatives
Andrew R Knoff, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthesis of heterocyclic salts as muscarinic agents for Alzheimer's disease application
Cristina Marrero, John Boulos
Synthesis of high molecular weight primary alcohols
Nicole Hasling, Elise Naughton, Robert E. Milofsky, Bruce Stevens
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of methane and propane gas hydrates with organic additives
John C Kuruc, Steven Gravelle
Synthesis of mono- and disubstituted malononitrile derivatives: Carbon alkylation selectivity
Breanna Ricketts, Ryan L. Miller, Robert E. Sammelson
Synthesis of soluble, photoluminescent bisoxidiazoles: Potential OLED materials
Manuel L Rodriguez, Carl R. Kemnitz
Synthesis of thiols with multiple amide groups for evaluation of phase separation in gold:thiol self-assembled monolayers
Kirstin Hoffmann, R. Carlisle Chambers
Synthesis of trihydroxylated pyrrolidines as glycosidases inhibitiors
Sara Roderiques, Louis J. Liotta
Synthesis of [RuII(bpy)2(NCS)2] derivatives and their use as dye-sensitizers in nanocrystalline solar cells
Joel T Kirner, Jeffrey E. Elbert
Synthesis, purification, and characterization of a new selenocysteine derivative
Alayne L. Schroll, Paul R. Jarvis
Synthesizing and reacting bromoalkenes to produce aziridine and heterocycles
Erin A Driscoll, Maria Lindsay, Craig P. Jasperse
Synthetic glycolipids as mimic cell surface receptors for shiga toxins 1 and 2
Tasha L Batts, Suri S Iyer, Ashish A. Kulkarni
Synthetic strategies toward tetrahydrofurans involving double diastereoselective nucleophile-promoted aldol-lactonizations and subsequent applications to bioactive natural product synthesis
Kevin M. Arendt, Kay A. Morris, Daniel Romo
Synthetic work toward ferrocene containing porphyrin-like macrocycles
Rachel M. OBrien, Andreas Gebauer
Template directed polymerization
Kari A. Schuett, Mitchell Maddox
Toward isostructural isomeric benzylideneanilines: A severely nonplanar conformation forced by 2,6-disubstitution
Anthony L. Gerten, William H. Ojala
Toward polyhydroxy substituted verdazyl free radicals
David J R Brook, Xuan Mai
Paper Withdrawn
Tracking the photophysical properties of perylene oligomers as a function of geometry
Stephanie Westcott, Aurora Clark
Understanding antiaromaticity through heterocyclic dianions
Mary H Black, Nancy Mills
Unexpected reactivity of simple alkyl derivatives of 1,10-phenanthroline
Ian M. Klein, Steven J. Kraft, Kurstan L. H. Cunningham
Use of a bicyclo-[3.3.0]-octane system as a precursor for cyclopentane rings containing three contiguous stereocenters
Amanda N. Brenner, Debra K. Dillner
Use of chemostat selection for isolation of microbes for biocatalysis of crude glycerol to value-added products
Alexander T. Hynes, Daniel R. Caprioglio, David L. Dillon
Use of sulfone-substituted ketenes in synthesis of beta-lactams and cyclobutanones
Linda Myers, Jacob Schesser, Theresa Locascio, Kristin Stluka, Aileen T. Beard
Using high speed ball milling to study the stereochemistry of the Wittig reaction
James Mack, Robert A. Schmitz, William Shearouse
Using microwave heating to promote the Heck reaction
Gavin A. Buckholtz, Emily M. Landis, Peter M Smith
Using recycable nitration catalysts as an environmental and economical alternative to nitration of activated aromatic rings
Tyler J Whitcomb, David J. Oostendorp
Virtual screening of carbohydrate processing enzymes against polyhydroxylated pyrrolidines, pyrrolizidines, and indolizidines I: α-galactosidase, β-galactosidase, α-glucosidase, and α-mannosidase
Kenneth R. Overly, Mary M. Barden, Richard C. Kurker

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The 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009