CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Medicinal Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
Analysis of volatile chemical constituents in Cacalia descomposita (Matarique), Geranium robertianum (Hierba San Roberto), and Tecoma stans (Tronadora) used in Mexican folk medicine for the treatment of type II diabetes
Christopher Vasquez, Alexandra Arambula, YuYu Chu, Patricia P. Gonzalez, Alakananda R. Chaudhuri, Edward E. Gonzalez
Analysis of volatile chemical constituents in Cnidoscolus chayamamsa (Chaya), Cecropia obtusifolia (Chancarro), and Dichondra argentea (Oreja de Raton) used in Mexican folk medicine for the treatment of type II diabetes
Yu-Yu Chu, Christopher Vasquez, Alakananda R. Chaudhuri, Edward E. Gonzalez
Analysis of volatile chemical constituents in Lupinus albus L. (Altramuz), Rhus packyrrachis (Lantrisco), and Chlorophora tinctoria (Palo Amarillo) used in Mexican folk medicine for the treatment of type II diabetes
Damian Carrillo, Alexa Garcia-Dena, Alakananda R. Chaudhuri, Edward E. Gonzalez
Analysis of volatile chemical constituents in Vaccinium myrtillus (Arrandano), Nasturium officinale (Berro), and Taraxacum officinale Weber (Diente de Leon) used in Mexican folk medicine for the treatment of type II diabetes
Alexa Garcia-Dena, Wendy Flores, Janki Bkakta, Patricia P. Gonzalez, Alakananda R. Chaudhuri, Edward E. Gonzalez
Bioassay guided fractionation of anthelminthic compounds from Paulownia tomentosa
Joanne D. Kehlbeck, Zachary C. Smith, Felicia L. Spector, Michelle Wu, Kathleen LoGiudice
Cell growth inhibition studies of potential tyrosine kinase tumor growth inhibitors
Cheryl L. Klein Stevens, Iris Alao, Ryan Graham, Shawn Haron, Thomas Wiese
Chemistry research for biology majors: Assessment of plant antibacterial activity at the Green Field Station in southeastern Wisconsin
Walter J. Baehr III, Kevin McMahon
Computational docking studies of nitroanisoles and nitrophenols with CYP2E1
Dax Demaree, Martin D. Perry Jr., Grover Paul Miller
D-Aspartate has been found in the frog nervous system and activates excitatory amino acid receptors
Nathan Gonzalez, George Fisher, Alice Holohean, John Hackman
Design of simpler analogs of a novel antimalarial agent to assist in pharmacophore identification
Clare E. Gutteridge, Michael C Baxter, Brett W Sadowski, Michael T O'Neil, William F McCalmont, Lucia Gerena
Development and validation of a dried blood spot assay for chitotriosidase, an important biomarker for Gaucher Disease
Miriam Merzel, Marie Grace, Manisha Balwani
Development of quantitative structure-activity relationships for sulfonamide inhibitors of the Hsp90 chaperone protein
Bradley Hill, Jason A. Morrill
Dietary linoleic acid and butyrate suppress apoptosis by enhancing Bcl-2 expression
Caitlin Cozby, Yang-Yi Fan, Laurie A. Davidson, Robert S. Chapkin
Different drying methods have an effect on the release of naproxen from microcrystalline cellulose beads
Stephanie Hartman, Erin Remaly, Francis C Mayville
Effects of antioxidants from pomegranate juice on DNA-protein crosslinking via guanine oxidation
Kasey E. Rodgers, Liana Marzvanyan, Dr. Eric Stemp
Evaluating the utility of the Kevill-D'Souza aromatic ring parameter (I) to correct for dispersions in LFER's
Anthony M. Darrington, Malcolm J. D'Souza, Dennis N. Kevill
Genetic studies of adenosine deaminase in the rodent malaria parasites Plasmodium yoelii and Plasmodium berghei
Batya M. Herzberg, Li-Minh Ting, Agnes Mwakingwe, Matthew M. Croken, Dennis Madrid, Sarah Hochman, Kami Kim
How atrasentan effects docetaxel protein binding
Renee R. Stewart, Terence J. McManus, William P. Petros
Hydrogen bonding acidities of monohydroxyflavones determined by NMR
Laura B. Rogers, Ekua Okoso-amaa, William L. Whaley
Identification and development of a novel series of antimalarial agents
Clare E. Gutteridge, Brett W Sadowski, Michael C Baxter, Michael T O'Neil, William F McCalmont, Lucia Gerena, Gettayacamin Montip
Identification of phenolic acids in medicinal herbals from Puerto Rico using HPLC technique.
Coralis Mercado, Edgar Pérez, Jesús Garcia, Sonia Rivera
Imidazole-4,5-dicarboxylic acid libraries: Alkanamines and alcohol substituents
Erin Chuck, Rachael Johnston, John C. DiCesare, Paul W. Baures
Investigating the molecular dynamics of oxidative metabolism of 4-nitroanisole with CYP2E1
Abby Brumley, Martin D. Perry Jr., Grover Paul Miller
Molecular dynamics studies of substrate interaction with the iron(V)-oxo species of CYP2E1
Matthew Clarkson, Martin D. Perry Jr., Grover Paul Miller
New benzophenone glucoside from Hypericum ellipticum
Elyse M. Petrunak, Andrew C. Kester, Geneive E. Henry
Pharmacophore elucidation of a triple reuptake inhibitor
Heather C. Collier, Maralea Gourley
Prevention of oxidative damage through the usage of resveratrol
Bianca Wilson, Zoila Valdez, Jessica Franks
Promethazine stability in normal saline
Steven Mullins, Neil Bastian, Peter J Iles, Luther Giddings, Sesh Seshadri, Ron Valcarce
Rational design and study of carbohydrate mimetics
Caitlin M. Madigan, Karen T. Welch
Sequence modifications of peptidyl allyl sulfones as inhibitors for clan CA cysteine proteases
Kevin K Chung, Marion G. Götz
Small molecule inhibition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa secretion of exoenzyme S
Stephanie A. Shola, Matthew A. Fisher
Stereochemical analysis of peptidyl allyl sulfones as clan CA protease inhibitors
Hannah L. Main, Marion G. Götz
Structure/function relationships responsible for the inhibition of human type 1 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3β-HSD1)
Katie L. M. McQueen, James L. Thomas, Kevin M. Bucholtz
Studies investigating the nucleophilic activation of aziridinomitosenes for the formation of DNA adducts
Katherine M. McHail, Stacia M. Rink, Don L. Warner
Studying the inhibition properties of brown algae Padina gymnospora
Edelmiro Rodriguez Gomez, Guido Peńa, Madeline Buttler
Surface complexes of histidine on montmorillonite: A theoretical study
Annette K. Slutter, Lorena Tribe
Synthesis and bioactivities of novel analogs of 2,5-di-tert-butylhydroquinone (BHQ) as inhibitors of the sarco/endoplasmic reticulum calcium ATPase
Robert Ratliff, Justin Purnell, Josh Abell, Benjamin Rutledge, Christopher Elam, Joel Deye, Michael Lape, Kayla Evans, Robert Kempton, Stefan Paula
Synthesis and evaluation of novel indane derivatives of 3-iodothyronamine as regulators of TAAR activity
Kevin A. Maupin, Katelin Krummrey, Matthew E. Hart
Synthesis of an isothiazole antimicrobial
James J. Stokman, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthesis of prodrug esters for folylpolyglutamate synthetase inhibition
Prabash C. Bandaranayake, Jacqueline R. Nortman, Andy R. Mastay, David M. Bartley
Synthesis of spermidine and spermine derivatives as potential inhibitors of Trypanosoma cruzi trypanothione reductase
Thomas Edd, Mark Saric, Michael St.Phillips, Nicholas Karney, Mary O'Sullivan
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