CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Inorganic Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
A-type Keggin polyoxometalate sandwich anions as nanoscale building blocks
Jane Gilbertson, Wade A. Neiwert
Alcohol oxidation by metallic benzoquinone complexes
Joey Easterling, Randy Johnston
Analysis of CuGaSe2 films for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Kimberly A. See, Todd G. Deutsch, Jess Kaneshiro, John A. Turner, Scott W. Cowley
Arene-limiting perfluoroalkylation with iron carbonyl compounds
Rebecca L. McMahen, Donald Julien, Joshua D. Lawrence
Paper Withdrawn
C-H activation of cyclic ethers with (PNP)Ir fragment
Samuel D. Timpa, Yanjun Zhu, Chun-Hsing Chen, Bruce M. Foxman, Oleg V. Ozerov
Calcium complexes for stereoregular ring-opening polymerization of lactide
Stephanie Wilson, Osit Karroonnirun, Donald J. Darensbourg
Chemical and lubricating properties of a series of solutions for use as “ionic lubricants”
Latoya Troupe, James Perkins
Paper Withdrawn
Computational study of the reactivity of novel N-heterocyclic carbene complexes
Matthew D Bray, Hector Palencia, James S. Poole
Computer modeling and fluorescence detection of metal DNA binding
Chelsie L. Bartoszek, Allyson C. Young, Matthew S. Ward
Continued development of CPL into a biomolecular structural probe
KimNgan T. Hua, Steven D. Bonsall, Gilles Muller
Coordination chemistry of Group 6 tetracarbonyl compounds with P,P'-1,4-diphosphacyclohexane: A rigid bidentate molecule
Gerard M. Carroll, Monte L. Helm
Copper(II) complexes of pyridine-bis-amide ligands: Exploring copper(II)-based oxidation catalysts
Kevin P. Schultze, Jeffrey J. Bodwin
Design and synthesis of new chiral β-diketimine complexes for asymmetric catalysis
Daniel F Abbott, Catherine F Dignam
Direct NMR evidence for bromide ion coordination to transition metal substituted polyoxometalates in nonpolar solvents
Mariusz Kozik, Mark Makar, Kyle Malstrom, Steven H. Szczepankiewicz
Direct synthetic routes to unencumbered single-scorpionate nickel complexes
Adam Corken, Brian M. Besel, Richard Tarkka, Patrick J. Desrochers
Direct use of molybdenum clusters as precursors in the development of molybdenum blue ceramic glazes
Margaret Fiedler, Steven C. Haefner
Effect of surface modifications on electron transfer in cytochrome c
Stephanie G. Tucker, Kevin R. Hoke
Electrochemical synthesis of an oxoiron(IV) complex in buffered water-acetonitrile (1:2) solution: Spectral evidence of a new intermediate
Mo Zhang, Michael J. Collins
Electronic coupling in metalloporphyrin dimers
Glennis E. Rayermann, Amanda Hickman, J. Andrew Kouzelos, Rachel S. Gabor, Hufsa Ahmad, Victoria Gunderson, Aaron C. Jacobs, Robert J. Cave, Hal Van Ryswyk
Exploring nature of the linking group in copper(II) complexes of bis-amido-acid ligands
Nivedha Manohar, Jeffrey J. Bodwin
Formation of a phosphinomethylamine platinium(II) complex
Scott A. Heston, Monte L. Helm
Investigation of intermolecular interactions by NMR and CPL spectroscopy
Ngoc M. Nguyen, Fitzgerald K. Vo, Gilles Muller
Investigation of low power optical upconversion in the undergraduate research lab
Broc D Smith, Albert T. Lattanzi Jr., Troy Dermota
Investigation of selected rare earth (RE) containing high-temperature superconductors
Luke S. McCage, Benjamin A. Hornbeck, Bryan D. Palmer
Investigation of the chemical components of selected sage species
Stephanie Otema Adu
Paper Withdrawn
Ligand properties of an imidazolium-based ionic liquid
Amy Ng, Benjamin Anacleto, Dr. Rachael A. Kipp
Mechanistic studies of carbonyl insertion at a κ3-[NCN]PtMe complex
Eva H. Smith, Burke Scott Williams
Mechanistic study of iron (III) porphyrin nitrite oxidation and their iron (II) nitrosyl redox reactions
Casey B. Meleney, Stephen K. O'Shea
Microwave assisted synthesis of ruthenium-dmso complexes
Amanda Harvey, Shengkuei Chui, Rian Snell, Mark Draganjac, Ellis Benjamin
Mixed ligand diimine-thiosemicarbazone complexes of ruthenium(II): Synthesis, biophysical reactivity and cytotoxicity
Floyd A. Beckford, Michael Shaloski Jr., Gabriel Leblanc, Jeff Thessing, Navindra P. Seeram, Liya Li
New bidentate sulfur ligand for biomimetic molybdenum and tungsten complexes
Nichole M. Schmidt, John S. Cole III, Eric P. Bergh, Rebecca R. Conry
Ni(II) enolate and carboxylate complexes of tridentate nitrogen donor ligands
Robert Severinsen, Elisabeth Pound, Atta M. Arif, Lisa M. Berreau
Nickel (II) complexes as functional urease mimics
Mahwish A. Hafeez, Amy B. Bethune
Nickel(II) complexes as functional urease mimics
Eric V. Mittelstaedt, Amy B. Bethune
NKU fullerene research: Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of fullerene-bipyridine and corranulene-bipyridine organometallic supramolecular systems
Elizabeth A. Walsh, Craig D. Girten, Joel R. Deye, Keith A. Walters
NKU Tungsten isocyanide research 1: Synthesis of a new ligand to maximize excited-state stability
Stephanie A. Kramer, Rebecca A. Seger, Keith A. Walters
NKU Tungsten isocyanide research 2: Synthesis of isocyanide ligand and tungsten isocyanide complex
Danielle Mazor, Sviatlana Karasiova, Keith A. Walters
NKU Tungsten isocyanide research 3 Photophysical studies of tungsten(0) isocyanides
Sviatlana Karasiova, Stephanie A. Kramer, Danielle Mazor, Keith A. Walters
Organometallic platinum complexes for use as electronic materials
Sarah S. Sullivan, Kent R. Mann, Daron E. Janzen
Oxidation of veratryl alcohol with copper(II)-salen derivatives: Precursors to catalytically active metal-organic frameworks
Deborah L. Pestka, Jeffrey J. Bodwin
Oxygen-activating nickel(II) complexes with bulky oximate ligands
Alyssa L. Young, Craig M Davis
Patterns of activity in cation exchanged Y and USY zeolites characterized by 27Al NMR spectroscopy
Anthony F. Tierno, David J. Aurentz, Kevin J. Sutovich
Photophysics of platinum(II) diimine complexes
Natalie A. Larew, Amber Shiveley, W. B. Connick
Preparation of group 13 ketiminate and β-diketiminate complexes possessing adamantyl groups
Blair Weber, Jason K. Vohs
Preparation of group 13 Schiff base complexes
Jeannine King, Jason K. Vohs
Pseudo-A-type Keggin polyoxometalate sandwich anions as nanoscale building blocks
Timothy Rauschke, Wade A. Neiwert
Quaternary transition metal chalcogenides MPb3Sb4Q10 (M = Mn, Fe; Q = S, Se): Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetism
Pierre F. Poudeu Poudeu, James Eastwood, Arianna Rivera, Chukwuemeka Obiako
Reaction of potassium with selenium in N,N'-dimethylformamide
Clifford E Terrel, Linda D. Schultz
Reaction of sodium cyanoborohydride and semicarbazide hydrochloride in ionic liquids II
Amber L. Goraczkowski, Gary M. Edvenson
Role of the bidentate ligands in asymmetric bimetallic ruthenium (II) complexes and their interactions with DNA
Theresa Yi, Ryan Berns, Matthew T. Mongelli
Ru(II) thioether complexes in self-assembled molecular squares
Marko Bajic, Gregory J. Grant
Self-assembled molecular squares and cubes using group 9 metal ions
Hitesh Vikram Vashi, Gregory J. Grant
Paper Withdrawn
Solar cell capabilities of a porphyrin coupled with fluorescein
Drew Cason, J. E. Bradshaw
Solid-state emission of square-planar platinum(II) 2-phenylpyrdinate complexes
Kelsey M. Skodje, Kent R. Mann, Daron E. Janzen
Solvent-free synthesis of porphyrins
Andrea Orvieto, Tamara D. Hamilton
Spectroscopic studies of mixed-valent complexes based on trans-trans-[ClRu(py)4(L)Ru(py)4Cl]2+
Brian N. DiMarco, Cliff J. Timpson
Paper Withdrawn
Substituent effects on electron exchange in phenoxide-bridged dimanganese complexes
Sarah E. Kelley, Monica Soler, Lynn Cargill, Dong Guo, James K. McCusker, Vanessa P. McCaffrey
Substitution and isomerism in polyamine tungsten carbonyl nitrosyl complexes
Joseph M. Keane, Samantha A. Burgess, Steven E. Kalman, John L. DiMeglio
Superstructured metallotetraazaporphyrins as O2 activation catalysts
Andrew J. Wright, Jeffrey P. Fitzgerald
Suspension of zeolite particles within an aerogel matrix
Bradley W Davis, Evonne A Baldauff
Synthesis and 1H NMR structural characterization of a series hexanedione bis-thiosemicarbazone ligands and their Pd(II) complexes
Harry Z Taylor, Keith Steelman, Edward C. Lisic
Synthesis and characterization of a new series of palladium compounds with water-soluble 5-formyl-2-furan thiosemicarbazone ligands
Erik P. Hoy, Edward C. Lisic
Synthesis and characterization of high aspect-ratio gold nanoparticles
Marilyn E. Weiss, Scott H. Brewer
Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes of theobromine
Judith A. Walmsley, Emily T. Pohl
Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes supported by three-coordinate ligands
Philip S. May, Matthew B. Jones, Cora E. MacBeth
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of a lanthanide double-decker metallacrown single-molecule magnet
Katelyn E. Moore, Curtis M. Zaleski
Synthesis of amphiphilic polyoxometalates based on P2W17O6110-
Jonathan White, R. Carlisle Chambers
Synthesis of bulky monodente phosphine ligands and some of their group 10 metal complexes
Lindsey Dodd, Ingo Schranz
Synthesis of fluorescein-appended perfluoroalkyl iron compounds for use as potential biofunctional imaging agents
Danielle J. Crouthers, Ashley E. Rawson, Joshua D. Lawrence
Synthesis of Group 8 metals with a tridentate phosphine ligand
Paul R. Vorce, Monte L. Helm
Synthesis of novel single-molecule magnets
Brian M. Emerich, Curtis M. Zaleski
Synthesis of single-molecule magnets using S-phenylalaninehydroxamic acid, 4,7-dimethanoic-1,10-phenanthroline, lanthanide metal ions, and transition metal ions
Phillip D. Pickett, Curtis M. Zaleski, Daniel P. Predecki
Synthesis of the p-type semiconducting ternary oxide CuAlO2 using a low temperature Pechini method
Richard H. Jarman, Julie Bafia, Tsige Gebreslasse, Brian J. Ingram, J. David Carter
Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of copper and ruthenium complexes of a series of thiosemicarbazones derived from piperonal.
Floyd A. Beckford, Jeff Thessing, Michael Shaloski Jr., Christopher Robertson, Navindra P. Seeram, Liya Li
Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of transition metal complexes of 2,6-pyridinedicarboxylic acid
James R. Jeitler, Anthony DeSimone
Synthesis, characterization and optical limiting properties of thallium and lead tetraazaporphyrins
Ian A. Brenner, Jeffrey P. Fitzgerald
Synthesis, characterization and studies of ferrocene derivatives
Mirna Rivera-Claudio, Ileana Martínez, Mara Acevedo, Benjamín Acosta, Jorge Castillo-Ramirez
Toward the synthesis and characterization of copper(I)-arene compounds using phenyl- and naphthyl-appended NS2-macrocyclic ligands
Rebecca R. Conry, Thora R. Maltais, Cedric P. Owens, Michelle S. Kim, Paul J. Lee
Trace element and mineral analysis of Native American pottery from the upper Susquehanna River valley
Miranda J. Lahr, Susan M Young, John B. Dudek, Dr. Eric L Johnson
Tridentate terminal ligand effect on binding of asymmetric bimetallic ruthenium (II) complexes to DNA
Rustam Vachhani, Matthew T. Mongelli
Turning over oxoiron(IV): Using electrolysis to convert oxoferryl from stoichiometric reagent to "catalyst"
Angela A. Hebda, Michael J. Collins
Paper Withdrawn
Water system of a fossil/hydro power plant and the work behind it
Dominique E. Williams, Everett E. Carpenter

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