CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Environmental Chemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
1,3-Butadiene and acetylene from experimental burns contained in canisters over time
Kevyn D Gardner
Alternative energy at home
Mark M. Swartz, Seth Eidemiller, Owen M. McDougal
Ames assay of fluorinated fungicides as potential mutagens
Holly Hunt, Kaitlyn Clark, Marcie Baer-Lehman, Daniel P. Predecki
Anodic stripping voltammetry of arsenic
Thomas Kosgei, Jay H. Brown
Attenuation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) from abiotic processes characteristic to southeast Alaska environments
Steffi Schreiber, Lisa A. Hoferkamp
Batch experiments and 1H NMR study of the effect of organic acids and mineral types on tetrathiomolybdate and molybdate adsorption
John P. Lisher, Jennifer L. Morford
Biodegradation of steroidal pharmaceuticals by environmental bacterial isolates
Kevin E. Shuman, Keka C. Biswas, Malcolm J. D'Souza
Biolocalization of lead and cadmium in Bouteloua curtipendula and Cynodon dactylon
Ashley M. Castillo, Tonie M. Tercero, Julian M. Davis
Bioluminescent bacteria as biosensors for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Vanessa Y. De La Rosa, Wen-Yee Lee
Calcite precipitation and water chemistry dynamics in a calcareous fen
Erin L. Kahley, Donald M. Reed, Joseph J. Piatt, Erin M. Stamm
Characterization of fatty acids in fish from the upper Mississippi River using GC-MS
Thomas W. Nalli, Abdalla Khalid Abdalla, Michon Mulder, Matthew Alstad, Lynn A. Bartsch, Michelle R. Bartsch, William B. Richardson
Comparison of silicone-coated paper samplers and polyethylene in Narragansett Bay
Victoria R. Dekany, Rainer Lohmann
Comparison of masking agents for anodic stripping voltammetry of arsenic
Charlotte McMullen, Robin L. Hull, Jay H. Brown
Concentrations of past-use organochlorine pesticides in commercial potting soils
Maureen F. McGuirk, Renee L. Falconer
Copper and iron encapsulated zeolites for cyclohexane oxidation
Nancy E. Montgomery, L Shannon Davis
Copper encapsulated zeolite catalyzed cyclohexane oxidations
Christopher R. Riley, L Shannon Davis
Detection of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in treated wastewater from a waste treatment plant
Anna-May Joseph, Raquel McNeil, Spencer Sims, Kenneth LaiHing
Determination of phosphorus concentration in pinelands clay
Laurel Sturner, Gregory P. Foy, Dennis Gray
Determining the concentration of lead in the soil of a nearby playground
Laura K. Simione, Michael D. Hoops
Determining the efficacy of washing techniques for removing polybrominated diphenyl ethers and organochlorine pesticides from children's stuffed toys
Sara N McMullen
Development of a chemical tracer in urine to assess exposure to wood smoke in humans
Ashley R. Evanoski, Tony Ward, Bergauff Megan
Development of an improved activity assay for the rapid assessment of conditions sought to enhance catalytic activity in the production of biofuels from cellulosic feedstocks
Jessika Pinto, Jeffrey O. Boles
Effect of sample processing and earthworms on soil chemistry
Taryn M. Mancarella, Samantha C. Laustsen, Loren Bryne, Stephen K. O'Shea
Effects of atrazine on embryonic development and hatching of Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)
Jordan Theriot, Thomas John, Matthew A. Tarr, Bernard B. Rees
Electrode, electrolyte, and proton effects on the electrochemical synthesis of ammonia
Laura M. Thoma, Carly R. Dukart, Ted M. Pappenfus
Exploratory studies on the use of B-vitamins as alternative post-column reagents for haloacetic acids
Shen-wei Yu, Paul S. Simone
GC-ECD quantitative analysis of endosulfan soil leachates
Jessica Gonzalez, Howard Holness, Kevin E. O'Shea
Influence of mixture composition on the solubilization of nitroaromatic compounds in micellar solutions of Brij-58
Jessica L. Sims, Ashley N. Waddle, Dianne J. Luning Prak
Interactions among land cover management, earthworms, and soil biogeochemistry
Samantha C. Laustsen, Taryn M. Mancarella, Loren Bryne, Stephen K. O'Shea
Ion chromatography as part of a data cohort for assessment of water quality on lakes
Ryan S. Wible, Matthew C. Casey, Liz U. Gron
Kinetics and energetics of 3,3,3-(trifluoropropyl)dimethylchlorosilane condensation with silica gel
Chandra Richards, Karl T. Mueller, Nancy M. Washton
Levels, fate, and toxicity of environmental contaminants in cigarette wastes
Eda Gjika, Melissa Vittorioso, Lucille A. Benedict
Ligand-dependent moderation of cadmium toxicity in zebrafish, Danio rerio
Ana K Malone Oliver, Kerri S. Warren, Stephen K. O'Shea
Measurement of metal ions to assess water quality and potential shale oil drilling impact on Brewer Lake
Michelle C. Drilling, Matthew C. Casey, Liz U. Gron
Metal accumulation in Nasturtium officinale in aquatic lotic systems from the central part of Puerto Rico
Sergio J. Cardona-Gonzalez, Mario Diaz-Rivera, Vivianette Alicea-Vázquez, Ariana I Calderón-Pagán, Maiella Ramos-Fontán, Jose Arbelo
Paper Withdrawn
Monoterpene emissions of Pinus strobus in response to changes in soil pH and nitrogen content
Katherine L. Hervert, Heather Grunkemeyer, Laurel J. Anderson, Daniel J. Krofcheck
Multicomponent solubilization of nitroaromatic compounds in nonionic surfactant solutions
Ashley N. Waddle, Jessica L. Sims, Dianne J. Luning Prak
Natural organic matter fraction predicts the labile desorption rate of chlorinated organic pollutants found in sediment suspensions
Jake Ginsbach, Frank M. Dunnivant
Occurrence and transport of pharmaceuticals in private onsite waste treatment systems
Erica M. Patterson, Joseph J. Piatt
Optimization of a titania capped packed-bed photocatalyst
Phillip R. Burkholder, John DiCesare
Purifying biodiesel using a bubble column
Eric K Dombrowski, Cheryl Schnitzer, Kristin D. Jackson, Hao Trieu
Qualitative and quantitative heavy metal analysis of Lehigh River water samples using an ICP-AES.
Marie Connelly, Stefanie Geronimo, Beth Slaybaugh, Francis C. Mayville Jr.
Quantitative characterization of particulate matter in Claremont, CA by particle-into-liquid sampler with ion chromatography
Allegra L. Liberman-Martin, Naomi Yonis, Kathleen L. Purvis-Roberts
Speciation of microorganisms found in bovine fecal biomass grown under anaerobic condition
William C. Molina-Pagan, Hirohito Torres, Nicole M. Vega-Cotto, Hugo Roman
Study of effect of solvent polarity on kinetics of hydrolysis of micromolar ferric iron
Amy Rebecca Sims, Hong Zhang
Thermodynamic analysis of inorganic aerosol and gas phase particles in ambient air in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
Ashley R. Evanoski, Derek Straub
Use of coal slurry to produce methane and fossil fuels
Noelle Holmes, Wilhelm Castellon, Andy Cook
Using glycerin from biodiesel production as a co-fuel in a heating furnace: Emissions and efficiency
Cassie J. Patterson, Iwan Setiawan, Christopher H. Schilling, David S. Karpovich
Paper Withdrawn
Water analysis of northern New Mexican ponds for future boreal toad reintroduction
Jessica M. Joslin, Alex Ponce, Renee P. Beeton

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