CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Chemical Education
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
Adapting and perfecting a CASPiE module for Ball State University: Phytochemical antioxidants with potential health benefits in foods
Laurie M. Elmore, Rachel A. Ford, Shawn P. Leary, Lee C. Moores, John M. Seyler, Philip R. Durham, Jason W. Ribblett
Amending the GOB lab manual at Ball State University
Ashley A. Everett, Shea Idlewine, Laura E. Janiga, Kelli L. Zimmerman, Jason W. Ribblett
Assessing substituents' electronic effects using NMR spectroscopy
William Brooke Keckler, James Schreck, David Pringle
Paper Withdrawn
BGB-20 ecoSoap: Utilizing biodiesel glycerin by-product in the large scale preparation of soap to illustrate the principles of green chemistry
Ryan N. Cappa, Gina M. Gioranino, Irvin J. Levy, Kevin S. Quackenbush, Leonard C. Stevenson, Rowan L. Walker, Trevor D. Wright
Building a copper (I) oxide solar voltaic cell
Kristan M. Adams, Heather Hershberger, Jason W. Ribblett
Chemistry curriculum in nonmajor courses
William W. Laxson III, Frank M. Dunnivant
Can adoptively transferred adult CD8 T cell effectors protect susceptible tadpoles against the ranavirus FV3?
Cassandre Noel, Heidi Morales, Jennifer Gantress, Jacques Robert
Chemical bingo
Spencer Bremer, Neil Bastian, Luther Giddings, Peter J Iles, Sesh Seshadri, Ron Valcarce
Creation of learning goals and assessment tools for majors' and nonmajors' introductory chemistry laboratories
Matthew C. Casey, Liz U. Gron
Collective virtual notebooks: A new approach to knowledge content integration in a peer-led team learning environment
Juan C. Noveron, Victoria Eugenia Loya
Comparison of upper-level chemistry majors' and chemistry experts' knowledge of physical change and environmental topics
Alexandra Rose Brandriet
Creating a biodiesel experiment for physical chemistry students
Kristin D. Jackson, Cheryl Schnitzer, Eric Dombrowski, Hao Trieu
Determination of arsenic species in grape-based beverages
Leilani M Chirino, Tielian Xu, Kevin O'Shea
Determination of multiple equilibrium constants by photometric titration in the physical chemistry laboratory
Joshua D Gilbert, Brent D. May
Developing bioanalytical laboratories: Real students testing published procedures for efficacy
Sarah R. Laughlin, Ashley Brown, Laura D. Frost, C. Michele Davis-McGibony
Paper Withdrawn
Development of an undergraduate laboratory: Identification of an unknown tripeptide
Devin S. Harrison, Susan J. Kohler, Joanne D. Kehlbeck
Development of hands-on science modules that connect science with everyday life
Jacki Hein, Christina M Ragain
Paper Withdrawn
Distribution and stereochemistry of halide exchange of tetrahedral and octahedral complexes as observed by Al-27, Nb-93, and Sn-119 NMR spectrometry
Bridget M. Dixon, Craig M Davis
Efficient ways to teach “like dissolve like” using column chromatography
Anabel Gonzalez, Christian Oliveros, Mayra Exposito
Embracing the liberal arts: Chemistry and art history make good lab partners
Victoria Bolton, Jennifer A. Goodnough
From chemophobia to green chemistry: An analysis of marketing claims in National Geographic Green Guide
Jessica A. Gephart, Mary O'Donnell, Stacey Lowery Bretz
General ELISA protocol for incorporation into undergraduate lactate dehydrogenase purification regimens
Timothy Joseph Pegg
Geocaching as a way of engaging students and the public in chemistry
Daniel J. Swartling, Jenny Threet
Going green in Idaho
Aubrey N Johnston, Michael McCormick, Don L. Warner, Karen Hammond, Mark M. Swartz
Green chemistry alternatives for an introductory chemistry lab
Utah State University Chemistry and Biochemistry Club, Christina M. Hansen, Robert Severinsen, Sara A. Huefner, Brooks Marshall, Robert McMahon
Greening the Wittig reaction for the undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory
James A. MacKay, Nicholas R Wetzel
How guided inquiry classes affect student's learning chemistry
Brendan P. Roggow, Jeffrey R. Pribyl
Impact of curricular innovations on spatial ability of chemistry students
Heather D. Beers, Renee S. Cole
Implementation of a research component into the general chemistry lab curriculum
Regina M Strong, Evonne A Baldauff
Implementation of 2-D electrophoresis and analysis in biochemistry laboratories for undergraduate education
Sharis Ashley-Evette Erwin
Incorporating electrochemistry into undergraduate inorganic chemistry laboratories
Paul T. Czech, Andrew J. Massetti
Integration of public outreach into a college biochemistry laboratory: Detection of West Nile Virus overwintering sites as a service learning project
Kelli Pease, Kate McHail, Ryan Fox, Mariona Nadal, Alice DePayne, Kelly Katula, Andrew Ormond, DeeAnn Force, Ken Cornell
Investigating first year chemistry major students' ideas about chemicals
Lindsey Rose Bullinger, Mary O'Donnell, Stacey Lowery Bretz
Laboratory ranking of household oxidizers using spectroscopy
Jacob Rosenbaum, Richard C. Ulsh
Lighting up general chemistry with photosynthesis experiments
Scott J. Donnelly, Leigh Rexius, Tim Whittier
Paper Withdrawn
Modification of the green chemistry laboratory manual for a homeschool environment
Sally A. Henrie, Jessica M. Guastadisegni
Metabolism of simple and complex sugars in glycolytic and fermentative pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A laboratory approach
William A. Deutschman, Blake Gillespie
Modern sport and chemistry: What a golf fanatic should know
Scott McKay, Timothy J Robbins, Renee Cole
Modification of the green chemistry laboratory manual for homeschool highschool students
Sally A. Henrie, Tiffany M. Parrish
Making nanoparticle "stained glass" in the general chemistry laboratory
Ashley S. Hyme, Chris M. Brown, Andrew Yu, Trevor Sams, Dean H. Johnston
NMR experiments for freshmen
Courtney Meason, Andrzej Kwater, Diego Aviles, James Doan, Carlos Vences, Vania Phuoc, Megan M Nunes, Amy Knutson, Thomas B. Malloy Jr.
Novel method for utilizing a falling-ball viscometer using digital videography
Seth M Huff, Johnny L Evans Jr., Beth Lackey
On implementing virtual office hours in a large class that uses the peer-led team-learning model
Juan C. Noveron, Alma Miramontes
Optimal procedure for the synthesis of biodiesel
Jared S. Scata, Eid A. Alkhatib
Paper Withdrawn
Perchlorate uptake by garden vegetables
Susan Komanetsky, Neil Bastian, Luther Giddings, Peter J Iles, Sesh Seshadri, Ron Valcarce
Powering up the general chemistry curriculum with solar energy
Scott J. Donnelly, Kourtney McClellan, Mary Edmonds
Production of biofuels: Methane generation from manure in a nonstirred anaerobic batch bioreactor
Hirohito Torres, Madeline Martínez, Aracelis Soto, Yashira Cabrera, Alejandro Medina, William Molina, Moisés Montalvo, Wilfredo Vélez, Zayrín Molina, Benjamín Arroyo
Proposing an unknown mechanism via a question-driven laboratory exercise: Grignard formation and reaction in hydrocarbon media
J. M. Teixeira, R. W. Holman, K. W. Housley
Paper Withdrawn
Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde: A green chemistry laboratory experiment
Irvin J. Levy, Erin J. Thames, Rowan L. Walker
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Using eye gaze analysis to investigate problem-solving strategies of novices and experts
Megan Kreitzer, William S. Harwood
Using NMR spectroscopy to identify alcohols in esterification
Joey Lucero, James Schreck, David Pringle
Use of automated hypertext markup to access the interactive periodic table of the Chemical Education Digital Library
Kyle E. Yancey, Robert E. Belford
Westminster College chemistry placement exam assessment
John J Riott, Martha R. Joseph
Women and minorities in forensic chemistry
Jennifer Arthur, Rachel A. Morgan Theall, James W McGill

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The 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009