CHEDMonday, March 23, 2009

12:00 PM-3:00 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 5, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Biochemistry
Organizer:Nancy Bakowski
5-Aminosalicylic acid as an antioxidant: Mechanism of reaction with chloramine
Tegan K. Magsam, Zachary R. Winkler, John C. DiCesare, Gordon H. Purser
5-Aminosalicylic acid as an antioxidant: Mechanism of reaction with hypochlorous acid
Zachary R. Winkler, Tegan K. Magsam, John C. DiCesare, Gordon H. Purser
Acid-catalyzed chalcone preparations
Jennifer T. Nguyen, David M. Doctor, Veronica Marfetan, William N. Tinnerman II, Wheeler Crawford
Acrylamide production in french fries cooked in trans fat free oil or vegetable oil
Shane Guthrie, Jared Bird, Nick E Flynn
Adsorption of glycine conjugated bile acids to calcium phosphate: A theoretical study
John Rus, Lorena Tribe
Allergenic peanut protein digestion and adsorption onto activated charcoal
Trang Van, Randall A. Kopper
Analysis of cytoxicity of hexagonal mesoporous silicates in IEC-18 and MDCK cells for their use as drug carriers
Jordan Shick, Isabelle Lagadic, Robin L. McCann
Analysis of metal content in multidrug resistant cancer cells by ICP-MS
Julie K. Monda, William T. Potter, Matthew D. Hall, Kyle R. Brimacombe, Michael M. Gottesman
Analysis of tetrodotoxin production in Notophthalmus viridescens by ELISA
Jennifer Patterson, Joshua Snyder, Robin L. McCann
Analysis of the high density pool of OXPAT in C2C12 fibroblasts
Brian Christopher Patterson, Sadie R. Bartholomew, William E. Ackerman, John T. Tansey
Analyzing the degradation of actin and myosin in rat muscle as a method of determining the postmortem interval
Corey E. Stilts, Rachel A. Newton
Annotating domains of unknown function in Pfam protein domain DUF294
Sarah M. Beaudry, Ivan Tasovski, Nalin Goonesekere
Anthraquinone in vivo incorporation into PS I complexes of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 phylloquinone lacking mutants
Kayla Smith, T. Wade Johnson
Assessment of ronozyme as a pretreatment option for the dry storage of ethanol feedstock
Jessica Fox Bruhn, David N. Thompson
Biochemical analysis of potential photodynamic therapy agents
James L. Connor, C. Michele Davis-McGibony, Cynthia P. Tidwell
Paper Withdrawn
Biological investigations of natural products from local marine sponges
S. Shea Lott, C. Michele Davis-McGibony
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor role in stress response
Maria Agostina Santoro, Ryan C. Hughes, J. Kegan Jones, Nicole Porter, Nolan A. Jenkins, Allan Harkness, William T. Potter
Cell wall analysis of Neurospora crassa using atomic force microscopy
Stella P. Hartono, Lisa A. Alex
Characterization of hydrogen/deuterium exchange in the amphipathic helices of piscidin 1 and 3
Anna S Kozlova, Myriam Cotten, Riqiang Fu
Paper Withdrawn
Characterization of polymer-membrane based electrodes for suramin
Meghan R. Wagner, Joan M. Esson
Characterizing the degradation of methacholine using LCMS
David M. Furfaro, George R. Dubay
Characterizing the reaction of the arginine side-chain with hypochlorous acid
Greg R. Medders, Karin Brumback, John C. DiCesare, Gordon H. Purser
Cloning and expression of a metacaspase gene from the mushroom-producing fungus Schizophyllum commune
Evan R. Schloss, Shazia Baig, J. Stephen Horton, Kristin M. Fox
Cloning of a potential rubredoxin from anabaena 7120
Monal Naik, Mary A. Kopecki-Fjetland
Cloning the nitrobenzene dioxygenase genes from Comamonas sp. Strain JS765
Jessica A Minke, Matthew B. Neibergall
Color polymorphism in Plethodon cinereus: Mutations in the melanocortin–1 receptor
Danielle C. Kimble, Carly Hyatt, Barbara Pytel
Comparative analysis of antioxidant extraction and reduction potential in nutritive foods and teas and their effects on S. cerevisiae
Lacy M. Simons, Lynika S. Strozier, Ray Torralba, Yvonne Harris
Comparative study of olfactory communication in eulemurs
Caitlin R. Sacha, George R. Dubay, Christine Drea
Comparison of fluorescence signal during bile salt aggregation to a head group labeled vs. tail labeled phosphatidylethanolamine.
Mary A. Pittman, Laura D. Frost
Comparison of the interfacial behavior of native cholesterol and two oxidized cholesterol derivatives
Grace M. Charles, Evan A. Mintzer
Paper Withdrawn
CYP2E1 overexpression inhibits microsomal Ca2+-ATPase activity in HepG2 cells
Kerry L Evans, Andres A Caro
CYP2E1-dependent increase in mitochondrial DNA content in HepG2 cells
Eric N Joseph, Andres A Caro
Damage to mitochondrial DNA in CYP2E1-overexpressing liver cells
Jonathan Tackett, Andres A Caro
Design and implementation of a method to clone and overexpress serine carboxypeptidase II at the undergraduate level
Megan Garcia, Mary A. Kopecki-Fjetland
Paper Withdrawn
Determination of OXPAT function in c2c12 fibroblasts
Brian Colopy Jr., Sadie R. Bartholomew, William E. Ackerman, John T. Tansey
Determination of amino acid galactation sites in human albumin
Danielle W. Clark, Menashi A. Cohenford
Determination of the membrane-bound structure of the antimicrobial peptide piscidin: Molecular biology and biochemical approaches
Daniel J. Hibbard, Myriam Cotten, Riqiang Fu
Determination of the molecular pathway leading to tight junction disassembly in diabetic retinopathy
Erik Thomas, Robin L. McCann
Determining the ability of resveratrol to inhibit human carbonyl reductase activity
Autumn B White, Christopher K Ewing, Henry A. Charlier Jr.
Determining the postmortem interval through the analysis of decomposition gases in rats via gas chromatography
Corey E. Stilts, Marcia R. G. Wolbert
Development of an enzymatic system to synthesize lyngbyatoxin and its analogs
Minh Uyen T. Huynh, Nick M. Hernandez, David B. Ball, Daniel J. Edwards
Discovery of a novel eyespot-positioning mutant in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Miranda M. Gray, Joseph S. Boyd, Carol L. Dieckmann
DNA damage mediated by a naphthalene diimide bis-intercalator
Donato J. De Luca, Brent L. Iverson, Maha Zewail-Foote
Effect of different oxygen concentration on cell growth and proliferation
Sean M. Zohorsky, Indrani Mitra, Rachel Munk, Hidenori Takahashi, Christa Morris, Dan Longo, Paritosh Ghosh
Effects of alcohol on mitochondrial DNA in CYP2E1-overexpressing liver cells and mice
Tyler Lewis, Andres A Caro
Effects of 6-OHDA, sulpiride and SCH23390 on the dopaminergic system in C. elegans
Robert Gibson, Nicholas Ragsdale
Paper Withdrawn
Estimation of the effects of hormone treatments on the bioavailability of lutein
Alyssa R Merkel, Rachel Rigsby
Effects of ascorbate on oxidative DNA-protein crosslinking
Nicole R Bruner, Brandie Proctor, Amanda Madison, Dr. Eric D A Stemp
Effects of buffer on human-gC-crystallin aggregation
Amy T Trojanowski, Yongting Wang, Jonathan King, Sarah A Petty
Effects of ionization and reduction upon the folding transitions in bovine pancreatic ribonuclease
Kristie M. Jetter, Daniel J. McLoughlin
Effects of pH and cytosine basicity on oxidative DNA-protein crosslinking
Brandie Proctor, April Wayman, Amanda Madison, Eric DA. Stemp
Effects of testosterone analogs on prostate cell proliferation and gene expression
Bynthia M. Anose, Kate M. O'Brien
Electron microscopy studies of desiccated halobacterium
Julie Kelkar, Kelli Hammerlund, Courtney K Robinson, Jocelyne DiRuggiero, Kenneth P. Roberts
Enhancing an analytical biochemistry experiment with 2-D NMR
Aimee L. Miller, Laura J. Anna
Paper Withdrawn
Enzymes within the amidohydrolase superfamily from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Vanessa Y. De La Rosa, Tinh Nguyen, Frank M. Raushel
ErbB/HER receptor signaling in breast cancer cell membrane microdomains
Kayla R. Allison, Kimberly J. Krager, John G. Koland
Evidence for an allelochemical in the berries of European buckthorn
Michelle Penn, Snehal Chavda, Neha Viradia, Gary Mines, Terry Trobec, Carol Ward
Paper Withdrawn
Expression and purification of an RNA silencing suppressor
Cade Fox, Jeffrey M. Vargason
Expression and purification of scp1, a yeast metacaspase homolog, from Schizophyllum commune
Marti J Gabriella, Syed Amal Hussnain, Kristin M. Fox
Expression of a proposed amphotericin B dehydratase
Ryan Lausted, Noelle Beyer
Expression of HtrA1 in ovarian cancer cells upon 4-hydroxyestradiol treatment
Amanda M. Titler, Matthew A. Fisher
Expression of lipid droplet proteins in monocyte-derived macrophages
Michelle L. Hobbs, Tracy M. Ander, John T. Tansey
Fluorescence microscopy studies of halobacterium salinarium
Jessica N. Bearden, Courtney K Robinson, Jocelyne DiRuggiero, Kenneth P. Roberts
Genetics of stress and cortisol response
J. Kegan Jones, Agostina Santoro, Shreela Palit, Benjamin W. Quick
Hydrolysis of creatine ethyl ester
Nicholas S. Katseres, David W. Reading, Luay Shayya, John DiCesare, Gordon H. Purser
Inhibition of tyrosine kinases: The influence of protein flexibility on ligand design
April Fields, Alden Clemments, Eamonn F. Healy
Identification and cloning of a second putative metacaspase gene in Schizophyllum commune
Shazia Baig, J. Stephen Horton, Kristin M. Fox
Identification of stereospecific crotonases in the ethylmalonyl-CoA pathway of Rhodobacter sphaeroides
Michelle M. Tigges, Tobias J. Erb, Georg Fuchs
Identification of the copper ligands of NosL from Achromobacter cycloclastes
Rowena R. Manabat, Jeannine M. Chan
Identification of virulence genes in plant pathogen Fusarium verticillioides
Naresh Pandey, Nalin Goonesekere, James Jurgenson, Tracy Bruns
Improving the design of a chimeric (βα)8 barrel
Will Proffitt, Jens Meiler, Birte Höcker
In vitro evolution of strictosidine synthase
Ken Loh, Peter Bernhardt, Sarah E. O'Connor
Inhibitor design by Trojan horse attack on the model cysteine protease papain
Maely Cabral, Edward J. Brush
Paper Withdrawn
Interaction between lanthanide chelates and quadruplex DNA: An NMR study
Deanna Snyder, Swarna Basu
Investigating biological role of chloro-p-benzoquinone in ribonuclease a modification
Albert Vaughn, Min J. Kang, Jisook Kim
Investigating the role of carbonyl reductase in anthracycline drug resistance
Ryan Morton, Christopher K. Ewing, Cheryl Jorcyk, Henry A. Charlier Jr.
Investigation of the effect of gene II Shine-Dalgarno mutations on protein expression and the rate of propagation in M13 bacteriophage
Evan H. Tallmadge, Marilena F. Hall
Investigation of the feasibility of using 295 nm to monitor RNA triple helix denaturation
Michael J Rau, Dr. Jason Holland
Investigation of the flexible loop of metallo-β-lactamase CcrA from Bacteroides fragilis
Katherine Bender, Michael W. Crowder
Investigation of the ligand-binding mechanism of methionine sulfoxide reductase A of E.coli
Nikhil R. Kesireddy, Virginia F. Smith
Ion channel properties underlying voltage insensitivity in rod phototransduction
Joshua L. Schwartz, Anita L. Zimmerman
Isolation and purification of human centrosomal protein
Anixa Hernández, Daniel Narváez, Ana Maria Gómez1, Belinda Pastrana–Ríos
Kinetics and mechanism of thiolesters
Stefan M. Hailey, Brian P. Mahon, Darneisha N. Reed, Malcolm J. D'Souza, Dennis N. Kevill
Knockdown of retinoblastoma family proteins in differentiating 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes
Sara Jane Love, Sean Daly, Rachel Brown, Timothy E. Hayes
Measuring the reduction potential of superoxide dismutase
Rose Bustos, Kevin Sea, Michael G Hill, Harry B. Gray
Methyl p-benzoquinone induced ribonuclease modification
Steve W. Ledford, Caitlin B. Redman, Jisook Kim
Miami University: A thriving SAACS chapter
Chris Chan, Lauren J. Spadafora, Katherine Bender, Alison Herrick, Sasha Ivanov, Jane Oh, Jim Hasel, Ilya Budik, Colin Turney, Jerry L Sarquis
Modeled molecules bind best
Seth Eidemiller, Daniel Quapp, Logan Zemp, Owen M. McDougal
Modified synthesis of orotidine 5'-monophosphate
Melissa Wilkerson, Gillian E. A. Rudd
Molecular modeling of taurine adsorption to calcium phosphate
Tyler B. Garner, Lorena Tribe
Molecular modeling study of flurbiprofen, naproxen, and piroxicam in the presence of 4 and 4' substituents of diphenylsulfone within the active site of cytochrome P450 2C9
Jarrett S. Aguilar, Eric Danhart, Megan Kopp, Jason Brown
Monitoring acid-induced conformational changes in horseradish peroxidase
Daniela M. Vasquez, Mini Gupta, Bradley J. Schmersahl, Scott M. Tremain
Monitoring glucosidase kinetics with a glucose meter
Vivian Ting, Paul W. Baures
Muscle phosphatidylcholine lipid profile changes in response to exercise
Aaron C. Miller, Danny R. Sims, Brad Roberts, Steven G. Wood, Craig D. Thulin, Matthew R. Linford, Allen Parcell
Nicotoinamide cofactor affinities of human oxidative 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (RODH / 17βHSD Type 6)
Diane R. Meyer, Mahboubeh Papari-Zareei, Dario Mizrachi, Richard J. Auchus
Observing bacterial cell-membrane disruption through induced extracytoplasmic stress responses
Kyle D. Checchi, Tammy Domanski, Shirley Lin, Daniel D. Isaac
Olive oil produces less acrylamide in french fries compared to lard as analyzed by HPLC and SPE
Jared Bird, Shane Guthrie, Nick E Flynn
Parameterization of small molecules that interact with the dopamine active transporter
Jonathon D. Gibbons, Jeffry D. Madura
Pepsin digestion and adsorption of peanut proteins onto activated charcoal
Annie K. Ahn, Randall A. Kopper
Polar localization of a conserved ATPase required for mating of the conjugal element ICEBs1 of Bacillus subtilis
Maria A. Levicheva, Erin Cross, Emma-Kate Loveday, Lina Atehortua, Emily McDonald, Morgan A. Turano, Alan D. Grossman, Melanie B. Berkmen
Potential role of Escherichia coli ribosomal proteins in Zn(II) storage and transfer
Lauren J. Spadafora, Mart P. Hensley, Tyler J. Richards, Michael W. Crowder
Paper Withdrawn
Preliminary development of quantitative immunoassays for mitochondrial proteins
Adriann Hovey, Joseph Katzenmeyer, Edgar Arriaga
Paper Withdrawn
Probing the changes in properties of mutant Rieske proteins from Thermus thermophilus
Sarah Muellner, Anika Schwander, Mary Konkle, Laura M. Hunsicker-Wang
Paper Withdrawn
Probing the tRNA binding properties of lysyl tRNA synthetase anticodon binding domain
Joel O. Melby, P. Tsang, Sheng Liu, M. Marei, Christian Robinson, Mike Howell
Production of bioplastics using various biofuel by-products
Robin D Bruce, Neeta Singh
Protein binding to activated charcoal under simulated gastrointestinal conditions
Connie J. Yue, Randall A. Kopper
Protein modification that may lead to new cancer therapy, specifically the p27 protein tumor suppressor.
April Rose Briggs, Robert Sheaff
Paper Withdrawn
Purification and characterization of the putative copper chaperone TtSco, the Sco protein from Thermus thermophilus
Jennifer Robicheaux, Porsha Shaw, Laura M. Hunsicker-Wang
Purification of a prolyl endopeptidase from Aspergillus oryzae and evaluation of its ability to digest gluten
Heather M. Riggle, Matthew A. Fisher
Purification of TtCuA and the in vivo investigation of the functional role of TtSco
Lindsey Handley, Laura M. Hunsicker-Wang
Reaction of hypochlorous acid with resveratrol
Jacob M. Cantu, Karin J. Brumback, John DiCesare, Gordon H. Purser
Redox regulation alters tertiary structure of the tumor suppressor p27
Luisa C. Velasquez, Robert J. Sheaff
Redox regulation of the tumor suppressor protein p27kip1
Rebecca M Bedford, Robert J. Sheaff
Reducing growth stunting in children in the hilltribe villages in northern Thailand with zinc sulfate coated rice seeds
Julie E. Hammons, Linda A. Swift, Dr. Rich Benner
Reduction-oxidation of the tumor suppressor protein p21cip1
Eleanor Rose Lewin, Robert J. Sheaff
Regulation of matrix matalloproteases by sodium hydrogen exchanger isoform 1
Andrew J. Haak, Joseph Provost, Glenn Dorsam
Release of protein from peanut and binding to activated charcoal
Ara Kim, Randall A. Kopper
Roles of γ-glutamyl transpeptidase in the cellular response to reactive oxygen species
Mark E. Mason, Thomas Frielle
Seasonal variation of characteristic scent compounds in eulemurs using gc/ms analysis
William W Kesler III, Caitlin R. Sacha, Christine Drea, George R. Dubay
Site-directed mutagenesis and iron binding in l-DOPA 2,3-dioxygenase
Andrew Markham, Keri Colabroy
Specificity of p19 protein for DNA
Flora Yong, Jeffrey M. Vargason
Spectroscopic and metabolic characterization of deciduous leaf senescence
Sarah M. Gregory, Virginia F. Smith
Steric accessibility of the heme center in cytochrome c′ and its effect on molecular recognition
David A. Pixton, Cherry A. Davis, K. Wade Elliot, Elizabeth M. Garton, Jamie L. Arnst, Colin R. Andrew
Structure-function studies of the neuropeptide processing enzyme EP24.15
May Fern Toh, Laura E. Parmentier
Paper Withdrawn
Study of green fluorescence protein in ionic liquids
Courtney L. DaBronzo, Luke M. Haverhals, Jamie Schlessman, Hugh C. De Long, Paul C. Trulove
Sulfhemoglobin: Factors affecting its formation
Darya Marchany-Rivera, Rose M. Hernandez-Mercado, Elddie M. Roman-Morales, Juan López-Garriga
Susceptibility of guanine multiplets toward oxidative DNA-protein crosslinking
Zitadel Anne Perez, Amanda Madison, Christine Diana Norashkharyan, Eric D. A. Stemp
Synthesis and reaction of succinanilic acid analogs with glycosylasparaginase
Amber M. Young, John Risley
Synthesis and characterization of fluorescently labeled ribonucleic acid ribozyme substrates
Thomas L. Freeman, Christopher E. Rohlman
Synthesis of 2-methylquinoxaline
David Stevens, Haivan Bui, Wheeler Crawford
Synthesis of 4,4'- and 3,3'-disubstituted chalcones and the effect of substituents on their proton NMR, IR, UV and mass spectra
David M. Doctor, Carlos Vences, Jenine Zaibaq, William N. Tinnerman II, Wheeler Crawford
Synthesis of fluorine labeled etheno adenosine analogs as tools for characterizing protein structure and folding
Marites T. Woon, William T. Brooks, Daniel J. McLoughlin
Paper Withdrawn
Thermodynamic characterization of inosine-adenosine base pairs
Molly C. Burke, Matthew S. Alexander, Brent M. Znosko
Thermodynamic characterization of inosine-cytosine pairs located within Watson-Crick helices
Daniel J. Wright, Christopher R. Force, Brent M. Znosko
Thermodynamic characterization of naturally occurring RNA hairpins of four nucleotides
Justin Patrick Sheehy, Brent M. Znosko
Trace metal characterization of soils by X-ray fluorescence
Toi Padrea Burton, Graham T. Cheek
Transition metal-mediated oxidative DNA damage by photoactivated daunomycin
Whitney Johnson, Maha Zewail-Foote
Understanding genetic characteristics of the human stress response
Ryan C. Hughes, Kegan Jones, Agostina Santoro, Allan Harkness, Robert J. Sheaff, William T. Potter
Uptake kinetics for the closed form of alpha-2-macroglobulin
Rebecca Estrada, Maria C. Linder
Use of a novel ELISA technique to characterize the zinc binding of phage-displayed peptides
Gina M. Ciovacco, Marilena F. Hall
Use of surface plasmon resonance technique for screening novel compounds with application to Autism treatment
Hilary S Schwafel, Marvin K Schulte
Using a novel approach toward the determination of protein dynamics using pulse electron paramagnetic resonance
Chris Chan, Gary A. Lorigan
Using an improved method for the detection of estradiol in an ELISA
Amanda E. Louiselle, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Using photodynamic therapy to treat crown gall disease in kalanchoe plants
Holly M. Galonis, Chelsea J. Patton, Corey E. Stilts
Using RNase H to improve RNA secondary structure prediction
Ryan J. Campagna, Chantal B. Bartels, Andrew D. Kauffmann, Jessica L. Childs-Disney
Variations in IC50 values of mushroom tyrosinase may be related to purity of the enzyme
Elizabeth Neeley, William H. Flurkey III
Visualization of montmorillonite-catalyzed RNA polymerization
Amanda J. Rennig, Emma Kathryn France, Lorena Tribe

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