CHEDSunday, March 22, 2009

7:30 PM-9:30 PM Salt Palace Convention Center -- Hall 1, Poster
General Posters
Organizer:MaryKay Orgill
First two hundred "Hal's Picks"
Hal Harris
Novel innovative approach of implementing classroom performance systems into a chemistry lab course
C. Michele Turner
Paper Withdrawn
Assessing National Chemistry Week
Lynn Hogue, Andrea Twiss-Brooks
Many faces of National Chemistry Week
Natasha A. Khan, Robyn M. Hyde
Students' perceptions of comprehensive chemistry examination questions
Brooks Williamson, Jerry P. Suits
Having a Ball with Chemistry: Highlights from National Chemistry Week 2008
Robert de Groot, Al Ribes, Analice Sowell, Tracy A. Halmi, Anne K. Taylor
National Chemistry Week 2008 Having a Ball with Chemistry
Carmen Valdez Gauthier, A. Gregory Wall
Paper Withdrawn
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 2009: Air – the sky's the limit
Grace Baysinger, Andy Jorgensen, Frederico Colon
Chemistry night: Formula for a successful program of outreach and recruitment
Jaime Mueller, Roger W. Kugel, Brett Bodsgard, James G. Vogel
Designing outreach curricula to focus on mentoring high school students: The relationship between greenhouse gases and global warming
David A. Laviska, Keisha Stephen, Sarah M. Sparks, Elizabeth M. Pelczar, Robert Spink, Alan S. Goldman
Project CHEMPRO: Incorporating hands-on experiences and simulations in chemical processes to high schools students and science teachers
Vanessa Montalvo-Rivera, Ana M. García-Adarme Ph D, Sergio J. Cardona-Gonzalez
Project ChemBOND, the next generation: Activities for high school science classes developed through the NSF GK-12 program
Donna. M Chamely-Wiik, Deborah W. Louda, Jerome E. Haky, Nancy Romance
Summer enrichment programs to increase diversity in STEM fields
Jeanette Nappier, Sarah Preston
California Teach at UCLA: A campus response to the critical shortage of highly qualified science and math teachers in the state
Arlene A. Russell, Matthew Fox
Research site for educators of chemistry
D. Paul Rillema
Chemistry education research doctoral fellows program
Stacey Lowery Bretz, Michael Bindis, Larry Jackson, Jana Jensen, Cynthia Luxford, Ana Vasquez Murata, Ashley Warren
Paper Withdrawn
Target inquiry: Can professional development change teachers' beliefs and instructional practices?
Karen M. Luxford, Deborah G. Herrington, Ellen J. Yezierski
Investigating children's ideas about chemicals
Mary O'Donnell, Stacey Lowery Bretz
General chemistry students' beliefs about chemistry and learning chemistry: An international comparison
Jennifer M. Duis, Carl Wieman, Laurel L. Schafer
Instruments for assessing practical skill development in a first-year chemistry laboratory course
Jennifer M. Duis, Laurel L. Schafer, Sophia Nussbaum, Jackie Stewart, Mike Carlson
Classroom learning vs. laboratory application: Is there a disconnect?
Catherine E. MacGowan, Lea Padgett
Predicting (non)success in general chemistry for first-year students.
HollyAnn Harris
Introducing the topic of equilibrium in an undergraduate general chemistry class using both thermodynamics and kinetics as bridge topics
Provi M. Mayo, Michael R. Columbia
Students' interpretations and use of an energy diagram showing electron transitions: Examining a common external representation
MaryKay Orgill, Kent Crippen
Implementing tablet PCs into organic chemistry lecture: A blind integrated assessment plan of student use and learning
Andrew N. French, Kyle D. Shanton
What's the problem? An investigation of organic chemistry classroom problems through the lens of several problem-solving typologies
Jeffrey R. Raker, Marcy Towns
Gender differences in the use and effectiveness of personal response devices
Daniel B. King, Shivani Joshi
Quimx: An instrument for assessing cognitive expectations for learning chemistry among Hispanic populations
David J. Sanabria-Rios, Stacey Lowery Bretz
Multisensory learning experiences for students who are blind or low vision in the chemistry and science laboratories
Cary A. Supalo, Thomas E. Mallouk, Dr. Lillian A. Rankel, David Wohlers
A comparison of ACS certified degrees at predominantly undergraduate institutions
Michelle B. More, H. Laine Berghout
Meeting the new ACS accreditation guidelines at a predominantly undergraduate institution
H. Laine Berghout, Timothy A. Herzog, Barry A. Lloyd, Michelle B. More, Edward B. Walker
SLCC Science Resource Center grows
Peter J Iles, Luther Giddings, Neil Bastian, Ron Valcarce, Sesh Seshadri, Casaundra Christensen
Chemistry of wine: A January travel course to Australia for nonscience majors
April D. Hennis Marchetti, Serge Schreiner
Chemistry of global health issues: An introductory course for nonmajors
Cynthia D. Strong
Illuminating biology connections in the general chemistry classroom
Elizabeth Vogel Taylor, Catherine L Drennan
Chemistry of crime scene investigation: Laboratory exercises introducing fundamental principles and instrumentation
Robyn M. Hyde, Paul D Hooker
Use of forensic science to promote chemistry learning
Danielle LaVictoire, Rachel A. Morgan Theall, James W McGill
Why games should be integral to peer-led team learning
Cesar Ramirez, Lizabeth Ronquillo, Laura L. Llanes, Allyssa M. Amaya, Nancy Ulloa, James E. Becvar
Krispy Khem donut races: A chemistry learning strategy
Michelle A Campos, James E. Becvar
Chemistry battleship: A peer-led team learning activity
Laura L. Llanes, James E. Becvar
Body geometry: A peer-led team learning activity
Lizabeth Ronquillo, James E. Becvar
Cake or death: A peer-led team learning strategy
Allyssa M. Amaya, James E. Becvar
Potential to impact the entire chemistry teaching and learning pipeline: The undergraduate Learning Assistant model
Laurie S. Langdon, Thomas C. Pentecost, Robert Parson, Susan Hendrickson
TA training that integrates pedagogy and content
Thomas C. Pentecost, Laurie S. Langdon, Margaret R. Asirvatham, Robert Parson
About an undergraduate research collaborative for community college students
Morna R. Brothers, Thomas B. Higgins, Tom Dowd, Gregory M. Ferrence, Ray Torralba, Yvonne Harris, Roger House, Willie Hunter
Expanding access to research: The Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Program in Chemistry and Biology at Colorado State University, Pueblo
Sandra Bonetti, Mel Druelinger, David W. Lehmpuhl, David L. Dillon, Chad Kinney, Daniel R. Caprioglio, Jeffrey Smith, Brian Vanden Heuvel
Synthetic organic research with undergraduate students at Washington and Jefferson College
Michael S. Leonard
Tangible experience of chemical concepts using eukinetics
Beatrix Büdy, Jessica Young
Discovering the Hammett equation through classroom exercises
James G. Lindberg
Teach arrow pushing with minimal pain: An activity for the first week of organic chemistry
Heather M. Sklenicka
Deriving the Boltzmann distribution using simple combinatorics
Roger W. Kugel
Teaching quantum mechanics conceptually through situated writing
Samuel Pazicni, Anne V. Vázquez
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
Scanning probe microscopy in undergraduate chemistry courses at SIUE
Joel D. Thomas, Rachel A. Harris, Derek T. Rensing, Leah C. O'Brien, Susan D. Wiediger, Eric J. Voss
Making chemistry real with natural dyes
Carol Ann Miderski, Blair E. Elder
Unique method for general chemistry flame ionization tests: A spectroscopic model
Keaton Bodiford, Johnny L Evans Jr.
Green chemistry, a human issues project
Meshel Mork, James G. Goll
THERESA-THE REtroSynthetic Analyser in the undergraduate classroom
Filip Petronijević, Bettina Quade, Peter Wipf
Modifying general chemistry experiments to encourage student interaction and engagement: Small changes that can transform the laboratory experience
Jeffrey J. Bodwin
Paper Withdrawn
Linking equilibrium and kinetics in the general chemistry lab
William H Steel
Improving the inquiry approach through computer-based technologies in the general chemistry laboratory
Liz M. Díaz-Vázquez, Carlos M. Torres-Díaz, Kai Griebenow, Camille González-Robles, Moraima Morales, Ileabett Echevarria, Alejandra Cruz, Gustavo Acosta, Francisco Colón, Anaís Vázquez, Nioviz Ramírez
Juicing the juice: A laboratory based case study for analytical and general chemistry courses
Michael St. Phillips, Frank J. Dinan, Peter M. Schaber, Renee Larson
Taking organic chemistry experiments one step farther to make them more relevant to the students' everyday lives
L. Liliana Garcia
Technique based projects in the first semester organic chemistry lab
Daniel P. Predecki, Allison H. Predecki
Preparation and infrared spectroelectrochemistry of iron dinitrosyl compounds: Toward an undergraduate research experience
Myron W. Jones, George B. Richter-Addo
Synthesis of triclosan: A multistep organic chemistry laboratory
Michael B McGinnis, Ashley Talmadge
Green, enzymatic syntheses of divanillin and diapocynin
David A. Vosburg, Rachel T. Nishimura, Chiara H. Giammanco
Performing hydrogenation reactions in the teaching laboratory without any risk
Ildiko Kovacs, Richard Jones, Gyorgy Dorman, Ferenc Darvas, Laszlo Urge
Introducing advanced NMR methods in an advanced organic laboratory course
Laura J. Anna
Study of organometallic reaction mechanisms using parahydrogen induced polarization on an Anasazi 60 MHz NMR spectrometer
Anton A. Dubarry, Matthew A. Hamada, Daniel J. Fox
Melamine analysis in baby formula powder: An experiment for analytical chemistry classes
Paul D Hooker, Robyn M. Hyde
Separation and identification of analgesics by reverse-phase HPLC
Keith Baker, Richard M. Hyslop
Instrumental analysis, environmental research and course management software
David Carter
Measuring the compressibility of gases: An experiment for the physical chemistry laboratory
Thomas D. Varberg, Keith T. Kuwata
Research in the classroom: A physical chemistry experience
Alberto Vivoni, Angela M. González
Using NMR to determine the structure of a peptide: An inquiry approach for an upper level undergraduate laboratory
Kimberly J Linenberger, Abdul-Hamid Emwas, Ian Peat, Gary A. Lorigan, Stacey Lowery Bretz
Accurate manometric measurement of catalase-hydrogen peroxide enzyme kinetics
W. Tandy Grubbs
A 21st century biochemistry laboratory integrating discovery, outreach and civic engagement
Ken Cornell, Kelli Pease, DeeAnn Force
Teaching analytical biochemistry with a lab/classroom integrated approach
Mark B. Cannon, Daren N. Heaton
Treatment of coal with molten salts
Dhia A. Habboush

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The 237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, March 22-26, 2009