From the proof of principle to a working prototype


Antonella De Ninno,, Agency for New Technologies Energy and Environment, Enrico Fermi 27, Frascati (Rome), 00044, Italy
Concluding the intensive research performed over 20 years and the hundreds of experiments carried out on low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), this brought researchers working in this field to the shared opinion that it is indeed possible to produce nuclear reactions at low input energies. It is time to envisage a research program with the aim to move from the proof of the principle directing the attention towards a working prototype able to produce sustainable cheaply available energy. Major problems still to be solved are: a) the reproducibility of the effect not yet suitable for use by representative users; b) the structural weakness of the cathodes and the inability to resist on several loading-deloading cycles; c) the design of a "reactor" able to collect most of the energy produced and to transfer it to an engine; and d) the existence of nuclear reactions different from d+d production, other nuclear fragments and its potential application. Even though many questions are still open and many problems are in need to be solved, the LENR research has made significant progress in the past that is to be regarded within the framework of scientific acceptance and as serious contribution to create an alternative energy source for our future.