Continuous flow fixed-bed biodiesel production from algae oil

ENVR 178

Ben Wen,, Jessica P Zhang,, and Guang Wen, United Environment & Energy LLC, 111 Ridge Road, Horseheads, NY 14845
This study concerns a highly energy efficient, high throughput continuous flow fixed-bed reactor technology for cost-effective algae oil biodiesel production. Algae oil has emerged as one of the most promising sources for mass biodiesel production to replace all transportation fuel in the U.S. However, the current commercial biodiesel production process (a homogeneous catalyst based transesterification process) has not changed much in the last two decades and is far from being efficient. In addition to the significant capital costs required for this homogeneous alkali-catalyzed process, the neutralization and washing processes, along with the production of waste water, are energy and labor intensive and not environmentally friendly. To achieve the algae biodiesel economy, a new highly energy efficient and high throughput biodiesel production process needs to be developed. In this presentation, the results on the algae oil composition, the fixed-bed reactor configuration and operating conditions will be reported.

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