First-year chemistry course text designed for the 'net generation

CHED 1241

Steven G. Wood,, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Brigham Young University, C-100 BNSN, Provo, UT 84602
For sometime now we have been working on a project to design and provide visually rich and network-delivered general chemistry content. As this project has progressed, we have arrived at a format that allows for the presentation of a talking head video simultaneously accompanied by visual media such as, virtual blackboard presentations, photos, video clips, and animations all designed to support and illustrate the material. In addition, we have created inline self-assessment quizzes and problem solving video tutorials as learning aids. This format provides the student with a concurrent presentation of visual elements and oral delivery of the content as an alternative to the tradition printed textbook. The content and features of a representative sample of these materials will be presented and a brief discussion of their potential impact on teaching and learning.