Adenosine A2A receptor agonists from Noni leaves

AGFD 130

Bing-Nan Zhou,, Afa K Palu, Chen X Su, Brett West, Claude J Jensen, and Stephen Story. Research and Development Department, 737 East, 1180 South, American Fork, UT 84003
Noni leaves (Morinda citrifolia) have been used in Polynesia as herb tea and for treatment of insect bites, sun burn, and skin diseases for a long time. Recent studies have demonstrated that application of topical adenosine A2A receptor agonists promotes more rapid wound closure and wound healing. Under the guidance of adenosine A2A receptor binding assay, three bioactive compounds, Pyro-pheophorbide a (IC50=1.5 microgram/mL), 10-Hydroxy-pheophorbide a (IC50=7.0 microgram/mL), and Pheophorbide a phytol ester (IC50=23.1 microgram/mL), have been isolated by chromatography on normal and reverse phase columns and identified by NMR spectra and MS. Purpurin 7 dimethyl ester was also isolated. The assigment of NMR parameters of pheophobides were described. Now, the Noni leaf extract containing these active compounds was used in our products for wound healing, skin protection, and skin defenses.