Quantitative analysis of video based instruction to enhance understanding in general chemistry

CHED 1243

Theodore J. Kaiser, ted.kaiser@usma.edu, Marc Franciszkowicz, marc.franciszkowicz@usma.edu, and Dawn E. Riegner, dawn.riegner@usma.edu. Department of Chemistry and Life Science, United States Military Academy, ATTN: MADN-CHM-LS, 646 Swift Road, West Point, NY 10996
In the second year of the program, our methodology seeks to utilize screen capture software to create Video-based Additional Instruction (VAI) for General Chemistry in order to foster problem solving skills and conceptual understanding. The supplemental resource was linked to an online syllabus which allowed students to seek or pull content as needed. Using a log-in based system, we are able to quantify individual usage of particular materials and correlate that usage with student performance on related questions on course-wide graded events. This research also explores patterns of usage, whether students access the material before or after the scheduled lesson date (as preparation or review) and when they access it with respect to the administration of graded events and correlates the relative success of each habit. Additionally, this work analyzes student feedback who either outperformed or underperformed with respect to their anticipated scores, correlating that performance with VAI usage.