Oxidation state and electronic properties of ferrocenyl porphyrins

INOR 452

Padmaja Kisari, kisarip@ornl.gov and Gilbert M. Brown, browngm1@ornl.gov. Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1 Bethel Valley Road, P.O. Box 2008 MS-6119, Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6119
Ferrocenyl porphyrins in which the ferrocene moieties are covalently attached directly to the meso position of porphyrins have been of great interest due to the electronic interactions of ferrocenyl groups with the porphyrin ring. We have synthesized freebase, Zn(II), Co(II) and Co(III) 5,15-bisferrocenyl meso substituted porphyrins. The synthesis, electrochemical studies and electronic spectroscopy of these metalloporphyrins and freebase compounds will be reported. The combination of cyclic voltammetry and electronic spectroscopy was used to determine the site of oxidation and to determine the degree of interaction between the porphyrin ring and the ferrocene groups.


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