Anomalous heat generation during hydrogenation of carbon hydride


Tadahiko Mizuno,, Department of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Kitaku kita13 nishi8, Sapporo, 060-8628, Japan
We observed anomalous heat generation during the process of heating a small quantity of phenanthrene that was put in a cylinder with a Pt catalyzer and filled with high pressure hydrogen gas. It is very difficult to explain the total energy generation on the basis of a conventional mechanism that describes the chemical reaction chain, because almost all of the phenanthrene and hydrogen gas remained in the reaction chamber as if it was before starting the experiment. There were no reaction products such as other chemical compounds. The heat generation sometimes reached values of 0.1kW and continued for several hours. Moreover, we have confirmed gamma ray emission at the same time. In particular cases, we observed that both processes, heat generation and gamma ray emission, were running simultaneously as processes correlated to each other. We confirmed the same result that shows good reproducibility by specifically taking care of the temperature and the pressure control within the reactor.