Division of Medicinal Chemistry


J. R. McCarthy, Program Chair
Salt Palace Convention CenterSunMonTueWedThu
General Oral Session Financially supported by Teledyne Isco, Inc.A    
Metabolic SyndromeA    
Nano Meets Neuro: Novel Challenges for Nanoscience in Probing Brain Chemistry** (ANYL, BIOL, COLL, and NANO)D    
First Time Disclosure of Clinical Candidates Financially supported by Sanofi-AventisP    
General Poster Session Financially supported by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery and Nature ChemistryE    
Smissman Award Symposium A   
Latest Developments in Glutamate Receptors P   
Recent Developments in Metalloprotease Inhibitors P   
Novel Targets for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease Financially supported by Bentham Science Publishers  A  
Small Molecule Strategies for Inhibiting Human Viral Infections  A  
General Oral Session Financially supported by Waters Corporation  P  
Novel Antibiotics: Strategies for Discovery of Novel Antibacterial Targets and Inhibitors  P  
From Poor to Rich: Optimization of Oral Bioavailability from Nonbioavailable Leads Financially supported by Advanced Chemistry Development   A 
Targeting the Hedgehog Signaling Pathway for Therapeutic Opportunities in Cancer and Dermatology   A 
Importance and Utility of Screening Collections   P 
Optimizing the Stability of Clinical Candidates During Drug Discovery   P 
General Poster Session Financially supported by American Chemical Society Book Division   E 
General Oral Session    A
Ion Channel Inhibitors for Pain and Atrial Fibrillation    A
General Oral Session    P
Co-sponsored Symposia:
Selecting a co-sponsored symposia will take you outside of the current Committee, Secretariat or Division
Genetically Designed Molecular Materials* (NANO)PAD  
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Medicinal Chemistry* (CHED) P   
New Drug Targets* (BIOL)  A  
Applications of Crystal Structure Information in Pharmaceutical Materials Development: Honoring Frank Allen* (CINF)  D  
Symposium in Honor of Morris Robins* (CARB)   D 
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
Indicates a cooperative cosponsorship.