Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry


J. Texter, Program Chair
Salt Palace Convention CenterSunMonTueWedThu
Structure and Function of Membranes, Proteins, and LipidsDDADA
Frontiers in Nanoparticle and Nanoporous Materials** (NANO)DDADD
Polymeric Microcapsules: Theory, Experiment and ApplicationsDDA  
Detection and Monitoring of Engineered Nanoparticles in Environmental and Biological Systems** (ENVR and NANO)D    
Solvent Free and Almost Solvent Free Nanofluids** (NANO)D    
Molecular Rotors and Motors** (PHYS and NANO) DA  
The Influence of Ions and Osmolytes on Aqueous Macromolecules DA  
Applications in Nanoscience** (POLY, INOR, and NANO) DPDD
Fundamental Research in Colloid and Surface Chemistry** (NANO) E   
National Fresenius Award: Symposium in Honor of Teri W. Odom** (WCC and NANO)  A  
ACS Award in Colloid and Surface Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Jacob N. Israelachvili  P  
Lipid Assemblies: Preparation, Characterization and Applications   AD
Frontier Applications of Nanotechnology in Engineering Extracellular Matrices** (ANYL, BIOT, and NANO)   DD
Co-sponsored Symposia:
Selecting a co-sponsored symposia will take you outside of the current Committee, Secretariat or Division
Frontiers in Imaging Biological Nanostructures* (BIOL)A    
Green Nanoscience* (INOR)A    
Chemistry for Catalyst Synthesis* (CATL)DA   
Polymers and Carbon Nanotubes* (POLY)DDA  
Nano Meets Neuro: Novel Challenges for Nanoscience in Probing Brain Chemistry* (MEDI)D    
Nanotechnology in Catalysis VI* (CATL)PDDD 
Nanoscience: Characterization and Applications* (INOR)PPD  
Frontiers in Imaging Biological Nanostructures* (BIOL)P    
Catalysis for Cellulosic Feedstock Conversion* (CATL) P   
Frontiers in Imaging Biological Nanostructures* (BIOL) P   
Sci-Mix* (CATL) E   
George A. Olah Award in Hydrocarbon or Petroleum Chemistry: Symposium in Honor of Cynthia M. Friend* (CATL)  DD 
Green Nanoscience* (INOR)  E  
Nanoscience Synthesis* (INOR)  E  
Polymers and Carbon Nanotubes* (POLY)  E  
Nanoscience Synthesis* (INOR)   P 
Nanoscience: Characterization and Applications* (INOR)   E 
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
Indicates a cooperative cosponsorship.