Women Chemists Committee


A. S. Hinkle, Program Chair
J. M. Iriarte-Gross, Program Chair
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia MarriottSunMonTueWedThu
The Merck Index Women in Chemistry Award Symposium** (PROF, MEDI, ORGN, CHED, CMA, and YCC) A   
The Merck Index Women in Chemistry** (PROF, MEDI, ORGN, CHED, CMA, and YCC) P   
Chemist and Consumer: Women in the Pharma Industry** (CHED, MEDI, ORGN, PROF, CMA, and YCC)  P  
Co-sponsored Symposia:
Selecting a co-sponsored symposia will take you outside of the current Committee, Secretariat or Division
Project SEED: Cutting-edge Research with High School Students* (CPS) A   
Metals in Biochemistry* (INOR) D   
From Test-Tube to Start-Up Companies* (YCC) P   
Project SEED 40th Anniversary: Crossing Generations and Energizing Minds* (PRES) P   
The Use of New Technologies in Finding Employment* (PROF) P   
Women in Chemical Technology Professions* (TECH) P   
The Academic Employment Initiative* (AEI) E   
The C. Ellen Gonter Awards* (ENVR)  P  
Opportunities and Challenges for Non-Tenure Track Faculty* (YCC)   P 
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
Indicates a cooperative cosponsorship.